Sunday, June 18, 2006

tO bE or NoT tO bE...(opps wrong story)

Question:.. can this end up being this ? I shall know in about an hour or so...I was reading some posts on some possitive and some negative about this baby hat... my oun opinion is that the directions were written very well..the execution was a bit tricky... lots of knit 4s tog, cast on sts and bind them off.. and so on...(u need knitting needles with a good point) "if" i make another miss dashwood..I will know what to expect.. as far as the yarn I'm using.... its soft but not droopy.. just right for the hat..

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Brena said...

I can see where it's going to turn out like that. Although I don't know if I can see any more Abigail cuteness!!!!!! It's beginning to make me want kids! My mother thanks you.

P.S. I really do want to see a picture of her in that hat. I'm sure it will be adorable beyond belief!