Thursday, February 28, 2013

Picture view of the the last two weeks..

 Above is a picture of a little boo boo that I fixed on the Simple Sprinkle #3. I had split the yarn and wanted to fix the stitch. I use a double sided crochet hook to fix garter stitch which works well. 
Below is a picture of the BF's two new grand daughters. One is one day old the other just a few hours in this picture. Pretty little cousins.  How presious!
 This ball of Rasta has been hanging around in my stash for quite awhile. I have been hording it for just the right project. It was a gift from a good friend. I decided on a pattern called Leaving on the edge which others have made with Rasta. So far so good.

 A trip the local Old town Black Rock Minerals. I love all the imported instruments. They are very pretty and have unusual sounds.
 As you can see Simple Sprinkle #3 is all fixed and is moving along. I did come into another problem with the two darkest colors being knit together as stripes. I was trying to work it out so they wouldn't be next to each other by using one of the other colors but then they would have to be knit together at the ends. So I just will knit them as stripes. I ran out of colors to substitute. I just need to finish it now so it can be used before the weather warms up.
 Well as you can see I ran out of yarn with 2 rows and the bind off left to finish. Not sure what I am going to do. I guess just pull out 2 rows and hope it looks ok. 
I have had a few weeks of extra hours and one week with only one day off. This explains my absence. I would just come home from work and zone out. Read and go to sleep. There was a construction make over at my job and some of the associates had to work over night leaving just a few of us to work during business hours. It was very hectic and tiring. That is now over and hopefully things will get back to normal and knitting will get done!! (^_^)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

knitting today...

 My Left lace cardi is moving along. I finished both sleeves and grafted the shoulder seams and picked up the stitches for the right fronts. They will form a wrap style front. The directions were a little confusing but I figured it out. There was a little mistake where it said to pick up all the stitches around the right front, back of neck and left front. But it should say to stop on the center of the back neck because that is where you start  to pick up the stitches for the left front after you have completed the right front . Below is a picture of the grafted shoulder seem.

 I started another Simple sprinkle infinity scarf a few days ago. Probably more like 5 days ago haha. This one will be a man scarf. I had an issue with two of the yarns I purchased being too thin and had to hunt around the house for something that would work better. I had to replace the black with a yarn that has shades of grey to black. It looks ok but I would have preferred the black. They no longer had that color at the yarn shop and we tried to substitute for something similar but it didn't work. Now I have a ball of black and cream dk that I will have to find a project for. This is now my travel project.
This is a little doggy sweater and a matching hat for the doggy's owner that my daughter knit. I thought it was so cute I had to share.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

a day off ... a day at the beach

 Today I had a day off and the bf said what do you want to do and I said .. go to the beach and then eat Italian food. So that is what we did. Even though it was 80 degrees it was pretty windy and  felt a little cold for us Floridians. The beach was still wonderful. I sat and knit and then put my feet in the water and watched the waves go in and out. Why does the ocean make such a pleasant sound. There were also all these little jelly fish washing up with the tide so you had to watch where you stepped. They were a pretty aqua blue color. Like little aqua blue bubbles. Almost the color of my knitting. After the beach we ate at Big Italy in Orlando.. So yummy and they have a $2.00 special every day. Today it was a glass of wine for $2.00. (^_^)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

on and off the needles..

The little woodsy association mitts are finished except that I need to make the badger paw and find little rings to attach them to the mitts. They are super cute and I love them and have worn them already. They are just perfect for a cooler Florida evening.
 I finally finished my mulitdirectional scarf. The Malabrigo yarn is very soft. Then of course on to other projects. I get these ideas in my head and have to act upon it right away. I saw a picture of a quilt and thought that could be done with yarn so I ran to the store with a few dollars and picked up my first ever supersaver yarn and whipped up a quick little blanket on the knitting machine. As of now I am adding two rows of double crochet to the edges and plan to duplicate stitch and embroider the rest on to the blanket. I used a loose tension and it helped to make the yarn a bit softer.

Like everyone else I had been sick what seemed like forever.. took a couple days off from work after a trip to the er..Then went straight into a 7 day work week and yesterday was my first day off... yay... worked on all of my knitting projects and went to my knitting group last night... so....
 Here is the progress on my little Lace cable shrug. I'm working the sleeves flat two at a time. The fronts and back are finished. There is a long story connected to this shrug and I will get into it next time. There is a yarn issue. Getting in a few more rows before work. (^_^)