Monday, July 21, 2014

What is on my needles..?

 This project started as a very large thrift store find. It is a Mossimo supply co. sweater, 70% acrylic and 30% wool. The yarn is also think and thin. I really like the tones of grey. It took quite a bit to unravel. A few sweaters I have unraveled use two different balls of yarn switching them every other row which takes longer to unravel.
 The beginning of Leksak Lady...

 Body finished and picking up the front edges...
 Some very dry grass.. we are due for some rain I think..
 On to the crochet edging.. this is eating up a lot of yarn but I'm positive I will have enough to finish.
 One sleeve almost complete. Hopefully I will finish this sleeve tonight and pick up the second one. I'm cleaning up the apartment today. We are going to have an inspection.. what ever that is. This place is small and clean. I just need to organize some stuff to look pretty ..
 I cast on Something Silver . I love the color of this yarn and it is a wool, acrylic,
nylon, rayon blend, also very soft and was a vintage Old Navy sweater once upon a time. I love the sweat yarn combo and my fingers are itching to work on it. As always I will concentrate on finishing Leksak Lady first.

The Pacific Northwest is where I knit..

I haven't blogged in so long.. Family issues and other stresses made me require a little quiet time to think things out. In the mean time I went on a few day trips on my days off. The beach is really close to where I live, only a 10 minute drive. The little city of Edmonds is very pretty and sits right on the coast overlooking the ferry and ocean. The above picture is a pretty little shop in the city. Below is a field of flowers that  I walk past on my way to work. Believe it or not we have had no rain in over three weeks. There was a little drizzle last night so all the grass and flowers are starting to dry up. 

 These flowers are so unusual looking. I have no idea what they are and this is the first time I have seen them. Not quite a succulent even thought it looks like one.
 The beautiful Pacific Ocean.
 Another bus ride... where I get a lot of my knitting done these days.. Almost finished.
 My Saturday morning walk past the baseball field and this pretty field of flowers.
 Yes!! Finished! I still have to wash it and block it. It turned out just a little bit big for me even though it is the size small. I love it all the same. It's so soft and cozy. This was knit with recycled yarn from a Ralph Lauren size large sweater. There is enough yarn left over for a nice big scarf or another more fitted sweater.  Wool, acrylic, rabbit hair.. omy!
 And another finished project. I LOVE Noro yarn. If I had my way I would have a room full of it and would knit all my projects with it.... This chevron cowl was featured on the cover of the Noro Knitting Magazine issue 4. It only requires one skein of Noro Taiyo that I was able to find on sale. 
 Another day trip to Seattle with my son. We were in west district and visited a large Asian market. Our means of travel the awesome public transit. I have never seen so many buses.

 And of course.... lunch.. yumm my favorite.
 Next time we go I'm going to pay more attention to the architecture which is really pretty.  That is all for this post. I'm actually going to post another with all the info of my wip's for this month.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A nice day off

 Walking to Trader Joe's today we passed by these really pretty bell like flowers. The very pretty white tree from my last post has started to turn pink. I was a beautiful day out... on the cool side and nice and sunny.
 I decided to make a little log of all the sweaters I have recycled for yarn. This is temporary until I get a nice book or folder. So as of now I have recycled 12 1/2 sweaters. I still have one sitting on the couch in the works. I have been really surprised at how nice the yarn is from these sweaters. I even seemed  to find the colors I that I was looking for.

 Another recycled sweater finished. This is a linen/cotton blend.
 This sweater I actually finished last year and every time I try it on.. I take it off because it just doesn't look right. So I made a decision to rip the front sections back to look more like a cardi instead of a wrap sweater. It looks a lot better and I think I will actually wear it now. The front just didn't fall right and after trying many different ways to wear it, I think I found the answer.
I cast on this little Noro cowl with my Taiyo yarn. It is so soft and colorful. Just a pleasure to knit and so much fun to watch the colors form the pattern.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Finally time to blog

 Beautiful Washington state. Every time I go walking I see such pretty trees and flowers. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a beautiful garden. Such a pretty tree should be in a fairie's garden. Below are flowers I see every day on the side of the road as I walk to work. Just to think some day in the future these flowers will be some kind of wild berries!  I could get a snack on the way to work.
 More beautiful road side flowers.

 Another sweater story... This sweater started out as a thrift store find. The brand was Woodstock international by Bernard. This sweater yielded over a 1000 yards of yarn. Price was $4.99 and fiber content is 55% linen and 45% cotton. You can really feel the linen and see the sheen on this yarn. All the sweaters I recycle have just a tiny bit of damage. Either a little hole or a stain somewhere. This had a tiny hole and a few stains.

 The beginning of the knitting, knitting on the bus and almost a month later... finished. I still have to go to buy some buttons and give it a good wash and light blocking. The style of this sweater is a little boxy and I'm hoping after a little blocking I can reshape it a little. It has nice drape due to the linen.
 I can't seem to stay away from the thrift store. Another good find. I love the color of this sweater and the yarn is slightly thick and thin. This sweater is by Mossimo Supply Co. 70% acrylic and 30% wool, XXL and only $6.99. I think there will be lots of yarn from this sweater to make something wonderful for winter. (^_^)
 This is the first time I found some shirts. Both in almost new condition. I think the coral shirt was never worn.
 After long week of work I needed a little relaxing and unraveling the sweater while watching tv is perfect.
 I splurged this week and purchased a Noro magazine and one ball of yarn ( the cost of one ball equals the price of four thrift store sweaters). I just wanted to make a small project because I love Noro colors so much. This little cowl is going to be so pretty and colorful. Perfect for the cooler weather in the fall. This is going to be my new travel project.

 I have never seen new pine cones grow.. this is how they start!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

keeping busy

 A happy little girl with her new sweater. I think it just fits.. so I'll have to make the next size bigger for her next time. 
Thrift store finds. I found these beauties on my last trip there. The two aqua sweaters are vintage old navy with the old labels they don't use anymore. The middle sweater is so nice I may not unravel it. It is size small and fits.
 Spotted these beautiful plants walking to Trader Joes on Sunday. I have never seen plants this color.
 I cast on this sweater right after I finished the little blue sweater and it hasn't gotten very far. Every few rows I make a mistake and have to rip it back. The yarn is recycled cotton/linen blend and feels really nice with nice drape, so I rip and knit on.  Some day it will be the oriel lace cardigan. I had high hopes of finishing this fast, but I now see this isn't going to happen.
 More WIP.
 I'm finding that unraveling sweaters is a good stress relief. It had kind of gotten addicting. Both of these yarns are cotton acrylic blends with a little rabbit hair. So soft.
 A picture of my beautiful daughter who had grow into a beautiful women. She is going through some hard times right now. I will be returning to Florida for the summer to help out and will hopefully be able to make it back to Washington before fall to start school and continue to make a better life for myself. Back to the heat.. sigh.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finished and cute!

 Yay.. Finished in just about two weeks. This pattern is called Leksak. The ravelry link is here.
 As I stated the last time, this is my favorite type of sweater construction. Top down, seamless, one piece. The yarn I used was a light cotton/acrylic blend recycled from a large thrift store sweater. I actually used less than half of the yarn, so there is enough for another small sweater or shrug. I think is a perfect summer sweater for a pretty young lady.
 Next... a new thrift store sweater to take apart. This sweater is actually in really good condition and pretty. I loved the black and white tweed yarn. This sweater is also a cotton, acrylic, poly blend. Very soft and light. I will probably use this yarn for a fall sweater. I'm hoping to be able to use the sequins too! For today I will be casting on another summer cotton sweater I can't wait. The little navy blue cardi is getting a bath and will get a light blocking. That will dry over night and I'll mail that out on Thursday. I'm hoping it will fit.