Thursday, November 30, 2006

Progress is being made slowly but surely... I put one coat of black paint on the bed.. finally !!.. we are going to let it dry ... set it up in the room and then I'm going to put a final coat on it.

the second sock is also growing a bit slow.. but it IS growing!!..

the flowers I planted a while ago are starting to fill in and are pleasant to look at .. they are lining the entrance to my house... little Jayden is getting a weee bit better everyday.. he is off the respirator and they are giving him his mommy's milk every few hours.. I will go and see him again tomorrow. I saw him last night and he was breathing on his own and was very relaxed.. It was wonderful to see.. I have to thank u all for your prayers.. good wishes .. hope and kind words..they have ment a lot to us at this time of great stress for our little one.. thank u .. thank u .. thank u.. !!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

iT's A wRaP+*+

It's a man sock!!.. and it fits..!! Until recently this sock has been my purse project that I carry around with me and work on here and there.. but after I finished the frilly wrap... it has become my main project.. my cast on was a little tight on the first sock (because i have mostly been making smaller socks for girls).. so i made sure i casted on extra loose for the second..I really like this yarn (the color is granite peak) which I bought a year ago.. (these socks were supposed to be for Christmas last year.. 0.0) some how they never got made.. and they were my socktoberfest sock and some how never got finished in time.. but as u can see in the second picture .. sock #2 is moving along quickly and I'm already up to the gusset.. :D I wish I was like they yarn harlot.. she can make a sock a day.. I really don't know how she does that...I don't feel I could ever make a sock a day..

and here is my finished frilly wrap.. made with lion brands moonlight mohair.. the yarn seems a little rough in the ball but after u knit with it .. it gets soft.. I'm pleased with how it turned out..

I'm off to run to the hospital and visit little Jayden.. knitting in bag.. .. I'm ready!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

soO tiReD

I was so tired last night when I blogged that I couldn't see straight.. I had wanted to post this picture of Jayden so that Brit could see it from the hospital..the nurses had removed the tubes from his nose for a minute before putting a larger one in and they let me take a picture. Jayden was blowing some bubbles and still had one tube end in his mouth.. but mostly tube free. This picture is for u Brit..

In the midst of Jayden's birth... running to two different hospitals.. and much stress.. I forced myself to finish the curtains for the upstairs bedroom.. shew this room is almost done.. I just need some brown pillow shams that i haven't been able to find anywhere so I might have to make those too... and I still have to paint the mate to the bed that is there black..

Little Jayden is doing better than he was yesterday but is still a sick little guy.. he is off the respirator but is still connected everywhere else. I got to touch his little hand and his soft hair...Brit is going to be released from the hospital tomorrow and mommy and baby will be reunited again ..I'm sure both of them will be comforted by this. This little guy needs lots of luv right now....

and.... yes .. I have been knitting.. I've finished a sock and started the second one.. and finished my frilly wrap.. its still lying on the coffee table where i left it yesterday.. It just needs a touch of steam to block it... knitting is a good stress reliever..yay for knitting..!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Baby Jayden was born today at around 12:45 in the afternoon.. a beautiful baby boy.. 7 lbs 5 oz.. His mom Brit had to have a c-section because he was in distress.. Unfortunately he was in contact with group b strep from his mom and is very sick now. She got to see him for about 20 minutes and got to touch him.. then he was taken to the baby ICU in Orlando... we are praying for his quick recovery.. so mom and baby can be together as soon as possible.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm running here.. sitting there.. running here again.. sitting over there.. I guess it's multi tasking.. but one thing at a time.. Ive been sewing curtains... painting furniture that was once royal blue.. to black... and yes .. I'm binding off my frilly wrap.... I actually got the furniture finished today... but I still have all the hems to finish on the curtains... I'm still debating over rod pocket tops or just use cafe curtain rings that clip right on to the curtains.. I can think of that tonight .. I have to run and get dressed to go to and Irish pub at down town disney called Raglan Road tonight.. for some good songs and some beer.. (^_^)..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

o mY.... piE..!!

Yummy!!!.. I made my pies tonight.. and they smell so good.. The knife I checked it with was a little big .. 0.0... but all is good.. I can't wait for turkey day!!!.. everyone have a good thanksgiving.. (^_^) spinning and knitting and pies.. OOO my

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

well.. there is progress.... first I have been working on my sock.. the sock i started for socktoberfest... I turned the heal and I'm working down the foot.. second i finished spinning 200 yards of white fleece for megan... it's somewhere around a worsted weight.. no guarentees on that though.. and third.. I've worked a little on my frilly wrap.... I also finished painting a room upstairs in preparation for family coming to visit for the holidays..
and today was the the day I delivered the WUA blankets to Project Cope...(^_^)
(there are more blankets in the works..more squares to put together)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

nOthiNg gRaNd....

well... my batteries died in my camera... this is the picture I got right before that happened... I'm actually spinning after many months of baby knitting and other projects... I'm using my louet .. the one I got for Christmas last year and I haven't put many hours of spinning
on it yet .. I don't even think it has the require amount of spinning hours on it to consider it broken in.. and I'm certainly not used to it ..all of my spinning experience has been on my ashford traditional single drive wheel...the louet has it's own personally.. and I'm really trying to make it my friend..I think it's a bit bossy.. My goal is to make some worsted weight yarn... I have a tendency to spin a little thinner than that.. but I'm trying..!!! .. the other 2 projects I'm working on are... (and there will be pictures when I get some batteries).. my octoberfest sock.. (oh my).. I'm up to the gusset on the first sock.. and a frilly wrap knit on size 15 needles with lion brand moonlight mohair in grey and black tones... I'm sort of doing the round robin thing with my projects..

...all ready for winter.. (^_^)..!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I finished this cravat (scarf).. but for some reason I couldn't get a good picture of it. I looks better in person... and there is the creepy glass head again.. hehehe.... I actually got carried away and made the scarf bigger than the pattern called for... well.. I had purchased 2 skeins of moda-dea cache' and figured I might as well use it up.. I hate all those little balls of yarn I now have stuffed in my closet that are left over from all my projects... some day I'll find a use for them... cough.. cough.... and right now I'm hooking up another one..

one for the road...
I knit these up last night .. another pair of booties for Project Cope..for these booties I used lion brand watercolors and I got the pattern free from the lion brand web site... I would have liked to make more of these but they were a little hard on the hands to knit.. its a bulky yarn and the pattern calls for a size 5 needles (us size).. ouchy.. maybe in a day or two I'll work up another pair...they use less than one ball of yarn and I have 6 more balls of yarn.. 0.0
I'm off to put together some baby stuff.. a bassinet and other stuff like that.. (^_^)

Monday, November 13, 2006


Yesterday was the day to sew up the warm up america blocks. There was almost a box full of blocks ..compared to the other day when I checked and there were only a hand full. A thank u goes out to all the ladys that participated and made blocks. Unfortunately... yesterday was a no show.. Maybe because it was on a Sunday.. so I sat and crocheted the blocks of one lap throw together. I'm still working on tucking in the ends but it's finished. In the picture u see a beautiful blue blanket that was knit by a very generous person. .. its beautifully knit (what looks like a baby blanket) and next to it is the blanket that is just about finished... I'm hoping to get the other blocks sew together this week so they can have be given to a local charity by the latest next week.. this gives me the warm fuzzys.. (^_^) One of the chosen charities is Project Cope.. I'm also donating the few booties that I was able to make. There is still time if u want to make some booties and or help sew up some baby blankets.. (^_^)

Some recent projects.. 2 cravats from " Oneskein " .. I'm still trying to get some christmas gifts finished..and these work up really fast.. I don't know about u.. but i think that glass head is creepy hahaha..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

ooo tHe BaBy SoCks*+*+*

Finished baby girl socks..!! The little boy socks I finished a while ago. I was comparing the sizes of both because I wanted the little girl socks to be just a weee bit bigger. Which they are!!!.. I'm really starting to like this sock pattern.. they are made as if u were making a tube sock and somewhere in the middle u knit in a piece of waste yarn.. then remove that when the sock is complete and knit in the heal. The heal is shaped exactly like the toe which makes it super easy. These are made with worsted yarn and start in size 6 to 9 months.. which is the size I made.

If what I said about the heal is confusing here is a picture..this is the part where I just removed my waste yarn and picked up the live stitches to complete the heal. This pattern is from the book "Cozy knits for cuddly babies".. if U find u just have to make a pair!!!

How many projects do u crochet at the same time.. 0.0" ... today I'm working on the cravat from "Oneskein" and one more block for warm up america.. If anyone is interested in participating.. tomorrow Michaels craft stores will be sewing up the blocks (that people have donated) into blankets to give to a local charity. These blocks knit up very quickly(or crochet.. I made one of each) .. U still have time to make one and drop it off at your local Michaels.. or if u are interested in sewing up the blankets stop in between 1 and 5 pm tomorrow ( Sunday).. u can even make a block then if u want. here is more info.. (^_^)

until next time .. happy knitting..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

YAY!! today is a day of finished projects..!!! The nursey is almost there.. a few finishing touches are needed.. curtains and the throw rug.. maybe some pictures.. as u can see the chair rail didn't make it...I painted 95% of it and it didn't look right so I painted over it and just left one biege stripe... I'm pleased with it now.. baby cloths are being washed.. crib sheets.. and blankets all washed and put in their places.. everything just about ready.. (^_^)

I'm sure u are sick of seeing these glove and that scarf.. hehehe.. but I had to show u that they are really and truely finished.. !!!! how long does it take to knit a tiny finger..!!! It seemed like it took me so long.. and there has to be a way to stop those little holes from developing inbetween the fingers.. I casted on the amount the pattern told me to at each finger and I still got little holes that I had to darn up after. Gloves are not my favorite thing to knit but I actually liked knitting these for some reason.. Now I'm thinking that every one should make at least one pair of gloves..!!!.. (^_^)

Monday, November 06, 2006

My project of the day... I'm painting a baby nursery.. shew... I've been painting all the little stripes on the border by hand.. I actually just finished painting the last stripe..this picture was taken earlier today. The top portion of the room is a creamy beige and the bottoms is a soft greem with darker green stripes as the border... for tomorrow I'm thinking of adding a faux chair rail..well thats a maybe.. in the mean time.. there is time to knit some fingers on my last glove.. man I'm tired.. heheh

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm matching up yarn and projects with projects to be. This hat will have some matching mittens knit in of course the same yarns used for the hat... some manly mittens!!

The scarf and gloves will have a matching hat knit in SWS in a little different color but still matching

This scarf will have a set of coordinating gloves knit in wool-ease in a color called chestnut heather... in r/l it looks more towards rust than color looks in the picture. I don't know.. but I just like looking at yarn and touching it...I like to group different yarns together just to look at them.. hehe..

well .. I'm off to do some painting.. I have to paint 2 rooms in my house and a bed still.. and of course my friends on WoW are waiting for me.. so I better hurry up "0.0"..!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


I don't know about u.. but I like to start my day with a yummy cup of delicious java.. and this is how I make it.. I use the expresso blend of coffee and I prefer the spanish brand.. after the coffee is brewed I add a generous amout of vanilla flavored coffee creamer.. next I add the coffee.. then pile on a large amount of foamed milk and last a nice dash of cinnamon.. ta-da..!!! the most yummiest coffee .. to start the day...

Yes.. there is knitting!!!.. a few of you have asked about the pattern for the gloves.. I'm using the the unisex glove pattern from the book Oneskein. The pattern is written in 3 sizes and I'm using the medium size. This will be the third pattern that I'm using from the book and I have plans to make at least two more for Christmas gifts.
I don't know about this.. thank u so much Nicole.. I'm speachless...(blush)..heheh

As far as my other projects.. ( painting the bed and recovering the doggy bed) I'm still on it..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gloves!!! or one glove at least..I've made lots of mittens and one pair of gloves through out my knitting career.. I never liked knitting the fingers because they were small and close to each other and everything seemed to be in the way and hard to handle... but then!!!... I noticed there were these stubby dpns at my LYS .. so.. I bought some.. (you can never have enough knitting supplies) because you just never know when u get a brain storm (like Saturday night) to knit the most fabulous project and u find u don't have the right size needles.. and your LYS will not be open again until sad is just incase I bought stubby dpn in the 2 sizes I use most for little items.. and... that just happened to be the size I needed to make the fingers on these gloves.. and they were wonderful and I didn't feel like I needed to have 3 hands to be able to knit them.. so this has totally changed my mind about knitting gloves.. they are no longer on the list of items I hate to knit...on to the next glove.. (^_^)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

pictures pictures pictures..!!!

Yay pictures... I don't know why I couldn't upload them before.. but in the mean time I defragged my computer.. and now I was able to upload pictures.. a mystery!!..
Here is the bed all ready to be painted...

And this is my second harlot scarf.. a few rows before it was finished...

and little bitty's bed.. the pillow had been recovered in fancy leapard print faux suede.. and the old fabric is on the side.. I'm still working on picking out the seems..

and I'm working on a pair of gloves at the moment and will show u my progress tomorrow.. (^_^)
until then happy knitting..
...Well... since I haven't been able to upload any pictures for 2 days... and u know what they say "a picture is worth 1000 words"...yesterday I had lots of projects planned..
first.. I finished my second harlot scarf .. and yes there is a picture floating in cyberspace somewhere waiting to upload...
second.. Bitty needed a new little bed... but it was really just the fabric that covered the foam form that was icky.. so (i never throw anything away) there was fabric a-plenty in my stash.. so I decided to pull the stitching out of the old doggy bed cover and use it as a pattern to sew up a new cover.. the fabric I found was a faux suede type in a leapard pattern and a contrasting fabric in a cream color... I got as far as recovering the pillow for now.. and I'm still picking out stitches on the other part.. that is taking way longer than I thought it would.. but I can't turn back now so I keep picking...
the third project lined up is a bed frame that I want to paint black to match its mate that is already painted black..( it's the second bed syndrome) has been lightly sanded, laid out neatly on a drop cloth in the garage and is all ready to be painted.. ( I didn't get to that yesterday and it's still already for a coat of paint)... the third project I had lined up to do yesterday was.. a pair of gloves to be kntted to match the harlot scarf I just finished... I actually worked on the gloves and I'm up to the point where I start the fingers on the first glove.. Yay... the pattern I'm using is from One skein..and im making the meduim size in wool-ease.. yes I know.. why did I use wool-ease.. out of all the yarn I have ever used.. I really dislike wool-ease.. especially for sweaters.. but for some reason it makes a decent glove..besides the fact that the gauge is perfect and it was the only yarn with a matching color..or close to matching the color I used for the scarf. I guess every yarn has a purpose.. sometimes u just have to find out what that purpose is..
today It's raining.. so I think painting the bed is going to have to wait for another day... so it's back to picking out stitching and finishing up some gloves.. (^_^)