Saturday, November 28, 2009

plugging along...

Man I'm knitting so slow... I think I was exhausted from all the company and was actually too tired to knit after work this week. I picked this up two days ago and have been knitting a row here and there. ( I added the picture of the concept sweater below.) This needs to be finished by Christmas which it coming really fast. I'm using a stretch yarn for this and it looks like the sizing is good. I just need to get knitting. Thank goodness I have a knitting machine for some of the other Christmas presents I have to knit before Christmas. I have off on Monday and plan to work on the pattern for the simple lace scarf that I knit on the machine. (a few posts ago) I plan to make 2 more Simple lace scarves as gifts. My economic situation is actually worse than it was last year so all I can give this year is stuff that I can knit up from the stash and a few jewelry pieces from my bead stash. That means I have to get really creative for the guys in my family and there are a lot. While I think about.. I'll use the time to put in a few more rows before work.. (^_^)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not on a Rolll- Knitting Machine Scarf

This scarf doesn't roll.. I knit this in a little over 2 hours on the knitting machine. It is composed of stripes in alternating rows of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch that change with each color. I used a worsted weight wool so that when I blocked the scarf it lays pretty flat without the rippling effect.

Machine: Singer 155, 110 needle bed machine.
(If you want to hand knit this scarf use a size 9 needle)
A garter bar
Tension: 7.1 ( gauge- 17 st = 4 inches)
This fabric is light and airy, not dense.
Yarn: Phildar superwash lenox 083 (any worsted wool yarn will work but it must be wool for blocking)I chose 3 colors but this can also be made in a solid color or with as many colors as you like.

Using the crochet cast on, cast on 42 stitches.(color 1)
Set row counter to "0"
Knit 10 rows. Cut yarn.
Use your garter bar to turn the knitting so that the knit stitches are facing you.
Change yarn (color2).
Knit 10 rows. Cut yarn
Use the garter bar to turn the knitting so that the knit stitches are facing you.
Change yarn (color3)Knit 10 rows.
Continue in this manner until the scarf is the length that you like.
I have a total of 25 stripes.
Cast off. I used a crochet cast off.
(For hand knitting, Cast on 42 stitches,* knit 10 rows st. st., change color, purl 10 rows, change color*. Repeat until the length that you want it. Cast off loosely.)
Tuck in ends.
Wash your scarf in cold water and smooth out the ripples.. let it dry.
My finished scarf measures 9"x49 1/2" after blocking.

This scarf will also work with larger stripes of stockinette and reverse stockinette and is a good stash buster. That will be my next scarf!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a quick beanie

Started this beanie yesterday and finished it today. The pattern is Ribbed beanie by Wooly wormhead.
The yarn is my handspun. The gauge worked out perfect for this pattern. This will make another check off of my Christmas knitting list. On to the next project..!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today my family had an early Thanksgiving dinner. While the food was cooking the little ones were playing outside enjoying the day. It's so nice to have them all here. My son in law Andrew cooked the turkey and all the fix'ins. It was absolutely delicious. Three of my children each made a pie.. Brooke made and apple pie, Devin made a pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin, and Hui made a pecan pie.(pictures will come later),

Last evening I was experimenting again on my knitting machine. I started a simple lace scarf on my Singer 155 knitting machine. I had to do the lace part manually but the scarf still went fast. I finished it in an evening while watching some movies. (more pictures coming later) I used Lion Brand fisherman wool for this and used about 3/4 of the skein. Thats all for now.. it's been a long lovely day..(^_^)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

one project

Can you believe that I'm only working on one project. This is a top down raglan I'm knitting for Abby. I found pattern in an old book in my closet. I remember purchasing the book because, up to that point I had only knit a top down raglan on my knitting machine. I loved the way the sweater was constructed but couldn't find any patterns for hand knitting until I found that book. I'm changing it up a little by not adding the ribbing to the sleeves and bottom of the sweater and eliminating most of the ribbing around the neck. My family is visiting with me for another week and I'm not sure how much knitting time I will have. So for now I'm just working on this sweater.
I read a lot of blogs when I have time and one I love is bluepeninsula. Bonnie is releasing a new pattern in a few days and I can't wait to see what it is. Take a look.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

for abby

Little Abby is visiting me in Florida, well actually my whole family is visiting me. So she stood still for a minute and I actually got to take this picture of her wearing her 2 summer, summer dress that I made her a for her birthday.
Her mom told me that she picked this sweater out online and said that she liked it(the sweater in the picture). So I looked a round and I am making my version of it out of stretch merino yarn. It is a neck down raglan with a garter rib cable pattern. The brown isn't as warm as the brown of the picture sweater.. it's a little more expresso color. It's moving slowly right now but I plan to do some serious knitting when all the company leave. Until then I'm enjoying every minute.!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


All the painting is finished and the hardware has been replaced .. 2 strapping young men moved it into the family room and it now houses the family tv and movies. Not bad for a hand-me down + lots of elbow grease. Once it was in the room it looked a lot bigger than it did when I was painting it. Now I just have to organize all the stuff that we took out of the other tv cabinet. I was a hiding spot for all my knitting needles and magazines..

Text Color

I was able to cast off the socks the other night at my knitting group.. time to start the next pair and and work on the sweater I started.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

yay the cast off!!

Finally... these socks are all ready for the cast off. They were started on August 12th, but these were my traveling around project so I only worked on them here and there. Now I have to start the next pair of socks in earnest because they are part of my Christmas knitting list. I hope I can complete them before Christmas. This last month I've been cleaning out and getting ready for all the family to arrive. My son arrived about a week ago and has been helping me move and organize stuff so that everyone will have a place to sleep. There will be 7 adults and 3 little ones and all should be here by this coming Tuesday. As we were cleaning old stuff out of the garage my daughter suggested that I could paint some furniture that was given to here and use it. So on top of all the organizing I'm trying to refinish a tv cabinet and desk in like 2 days. I painted all day yesterday and put the second coat on this morning. It's all drying or rather is probably dry and ready for the top coat. I should probably go and do that now. Later this evening is my knitting group.. I might just cast off my socks there and start the next pair. Did I say I was also knitting a little cable sweater for Abby.. omy!!