Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Big, bigger, biggest. It's growing a little each day. Right now this is the only project I'm working on. I had planned to start on some socks but then I would be splitting my knitting time between 2 projects and I would rather just finish Andrea's shawl first. When this is finished I will probably cast on some socks and a baby sweater and work on both.. or maybe just one more shawl. I'll think about it. The last picture is a little anime style picture I drew of the man.. hehe

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

beautiful days...

 Beautiful days in Florida lately.. yes it's hot too!! We are down one car so there is a lot of driving to and from work. I drop him off, drive home, drive myself to work, drive home and then pick him up and back home. The ac is fixed in the car and everyday seems to be so pretty that all the driving isn't that bad. I also get a little knitting time on Andrea's shawl. I completed the lace edging and border and started on the stripes. It's a little more stripy than I thought it would be.. I knit on....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

So excited!!

 Finished the edging lace last night and was excited about starting the lace border. I decided to go for the larger version after reading others say that their shawl turned out too small and I have enough yarn for the large so might as well use it. I had originally planned to knit the medium size. It took me a while to decide on whether or not to use a solid natural yarn for the lace border or the noro that I plan to use for the striped portion and as much as I like how the creamy color looks in the lace pattern I'm going to use the noro. I haven't been excited about knitting anything for a while, but this pattern has renewed my excitement for knitting again. I think I found my knitting mojo again! Thanks to ravelry I also found the perfect sock pattern for my schoppel-wool crazy zauberball yarn. It is the Burning Stripes sock pattern by Susan Luni. I just love the heal and hope to cast these on in the next couple of days and a carry-a-long project.
Last week on our way to the store we had to turn around because a little playground in the neighborhood was on fire...I felt bad seeing this because it seemed to be deliberately set and there are not very many playgrounds for the kids in this area. Now there is one less.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So fun to knit!!

 Finally finished my Coquille shawl. It took me longer than I anticipated probably do to less knitting time the past 2 weeks. We are down to one car working around two different work schedules which means a lot of driving. This is also the reason for no posts in a while.. I really had nothing new to show you as far as knitting goes. There was a lot of home and car repairs during that time not sure you want to hear about that.. hehe. Good thing is now I get to start a new project and I have pretty new yarn to work with. There is a pattern I have wanted to knit since I first saw it and that is Kristen Kapur's Andrea's Shawl. This shawl has a very unique construction that makes it pretty interesting to knit.. So here I go, I casted on and started working on the first step which is the bottom edging using some charcoal bamboo sock yarn. For the body I'm going to use my noro 
taiyo sock yarn. More pictures to come as I progress.

For now I leave you with some nice knitting music.. (^_^)