Sunday, March 30, 2008

a minute to share..!!

So much white!! Sorry for the bad picture... I was so excited I just had to share... and I'm about to run off to work... I finished all the knitting on my diamond shawl last night..!!!! All that is left now is grafting the 2 ends of the border together..and then a little gentle washing and blocking.. I can't wait to see the " after blocking" version..(^_^)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

All iN A dAy....

All in a day of knitting....
Here is the on the road.. in the purse.. any spare moment knitting project.. sometimes at night to go to sleep project.. (almost to the heal)

The sit at home.. and knit group knitting project..( I've been listening to Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey while knitting this at home.. and up to Chapter 11 now..This happens to be read by Elizabeth Klett..of A Mingled Yarn..I absolutely love her reading!!)(on the home stretch)

Here we have the at work and in the dark project (this one is crochet).. also worked on at night to go to sleep..

I've been kind of doing a round robin on these projects.. never a dull or boring moment..just another project to pick up and work on.. (^_^)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

knitting with Jane..

Today is a quiet knitting day.. I'm working both old and new projects.. yes you have seen that shawl before.. and no I didn't finish it... I put it down on with just the border left to do.. there is one border side and 2 corners left.. I'm working on it a little a day... some day it will all add up to a finished shawl... and yes there is my new addiction... 2 at a time toe up socks.. who knew they would be so fun... so along with knitting there is probably going to be some movie watching.. I just watched The Jane Austen Book Club and of course I loved it (there was knitting being done in the movie..!!) along with Becoming Jane.. so now I want to read more Jane Austen books... although it is hard to read and knit lace at the same time.... guess it's time for some audio books.. (^_^)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

My current project... I'm addicted and just had to make one more pair of toe up socks.. The yarn is patterning differently on each sock even though I rewound the yarn and cut off a small part to where I thought was the same color striping on each one.. well it wasn't...but I still like them... This yarn came from 2 different sources .... 2 different people had one ball or part of a ball left over and gave it to me without labels .. they probably aren't even the same dye lots.. but I still like these socks... On this pair I'm probably going to do the afterthought heal just because I haven't done that heal yet.. and of course I will take a picture.. I'm actually a little farther along than when I took this picture... I'm still working on my shawl.. a couple pattern repeats a day... little by little.. it's adding up.

Happy Easter to you all.. have a wonderful holiday.. ( This is my first Easter wreath.. I really don't think I would have made a wreath for Easter if I didn't work at Michaels.. all the supplies right at my finger tips.. hey.. I don't even have to make a special trip there.. so convenient.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

sPriNg iS CoMinG..!!

Spring is around the corner.. and ... I felt like making some happy stitch markers for the occasion.... happy stitch markers for happy knitting and or crochet..

Guess what this is..!!!... did I really need to start another project... NO.. but I did it anyway.. I'm on the home stretch of this project already and hope to finish it up in the next couple of days..
There have been some froggings also... 0.0... I decided that... with the purchase of my new knitpicks circular needles and noro kureyon sock yarn.... that I would like to make the Annetrelac socks with the kureyon sock yarn on my new size 1 needle.. so.. I frogged the Annetrelac sock.. I also ripped back part of the hooded baby cape to adjust to a larger needle.. I work on the baby hooded cape a little every day.. very little .. but every little bit counts... right?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today was a long day.. I worked my cashier shift at Michaels then took a dinner break and then back to the store to teach my last knitting class there... I was ready to plop down and work on some knitting and play a little Wow by the time I got home.... did my routine check of the mall box... and was happy and surprised to see my knit picks circulars already have arrived... I'm am now the owner of size 1-47" and size 2-47" circulars...YaY!!.. I have sock fever right now and want to make a gazillion socks.. (I'm sure I wont make that many as I still have a few projects on the needles that I need to finish) I've also decided to frog my Annetrelac sock down to the ribbing and star the entrelac portion over again on a size 1 needle. I think I will be happier with it. I still need to decide on a sock pattern for my noro kureyon sock yarn too..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

my FaVoriTe!!

I finished this a week or so ago and didn't have time to take a picture of it.. This is my favorite knitted item to wear as of now... would I make another.. definitely!!.. The yarn is very soft and nice to wear.. it's warm without being hot... if that makes sense.. the actual cardi-wrap is very versatile and can be wrapped around a few different ways or left to drape open...over all I'm over joyed that it turned out so well... on the off side of this story.. working with this yarn was not fun.. it has an awful tendency to kink up.. and the little core thread start poking out here and there.. which makes me think that... this yarn will not wear well.... which makes me think... I will NEED to make another.. the pattern I used is the Cardi Wrap from Stitch-divas studios... and the yarn is Debbie Mumm transitions..(another yarn story there).. in the mean time.. I'm going to enjoy wearing it as much as I can.. (^_^)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it feels like spring

Spring is on the way....and it makes me want to do some knitting spring cleaning.. So I've been working on 2 older projects that have been sitting around and I plan to finish both of these probably by next week if I can... I've been cleaning up some areas of my house too.. one was my plant window.. there were some... umm.. dead plants and dusty items that I got rid off and replace them with some new plants and a cute little bird's nest from Michaels.

Here is another view of my toe up socks..(pointy toe socks) I think he likes them... I actually think they almost took the same amount of time as making one sock.. don't ask me how.. and now I can't wait to make more.. the hunt for the right size needles has led me to order some from Knit Picks.. they have the really long circular needles in size one and two... but they wont be here for a week ... so......

I'm taking on this pile of knitting and cleaning up my knitting wips.. this consists of ... the Highlands Zip mens sweater from Knitscene magazine.. fall 2007, the large rectangle shawl with center diamond pattern from the book Victorian Lace Today.. and the Annetrelac socks from IK Holiday gifts 2007.. I might frogged these socks and start them over on the new size one needles that should be arriving soon... and besides all that.. I'm still working on the crochet hooded baby cape... good thing tonight is NYGK group... hopefully my fingers will be flying along.. (^_^)

Monday, March 10, 2008

sAd fACe...

My blog is broken.. I haven't been able to upload pictures for 3 days.. not sure why..
I keep getting an error message.. hopefully it will be fixed soon..

Friday, March 07, 2008

hApPy.. noT hApPy.. hApPy

Yes.. I'm still here.. yes.. I'm still working on projects.. and starting new projects.... remember the baby yarn I bought the other day.. well.. I just couldn't wait to start my project.. It's a vintage baby hooded cape.. I made this many many years ago for a friend of my mother who was having a baby.. it was actually the very first garment that I crocheted.. and now ... many years later.. I'm making it again.. and it looks like it will be just as pretty and so soft.. this yarn is super soft.

I'm not very happy with my annetrelac socks.. I think I should have used a size 1 and not a size 2 needle. I tend to knit on the firm side so I chose a size 2 needle.. but I really did need the size one for this.. the other problem was the first 3 pattern rows I was knitting backward instead of purling and my stitches are looser and some are bigger.. that makes me unhappy.. but thinking all will get better ...I knit on... I decide to just knit the knit parts and turn my work and purl the purl parts.. which is looking nicer.. so now.. I have to decide .. should I frog the whole thing.. get a size 1 needle and start again.. or just frog the whole thing and used a different yarn and a size 1 needle and start again.. or just keep going in hopes that when it's finished you wont see the looser stitches... ( sad face)

and yes... my first toe up two at a time socks are just about finished.. the soon to be owner tried them on and they fit just right.. I'm not sure about the ribbing though.. I might rib a few more rows.. I let these rest for a day while I decide on more ribbing or no more ribbing..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

socks and more socks

My 2 toe up socks are coming along... I've never knit socks from the toe up and I'm not too sure where to begin the heal.. this looks about right to me... so I'm going to plunge ahead and start the heal.. I have the option of and after thought heal or short row heal.. so many choices.. not sure with one I will end up doing.. I needed the recipients foot for sizing.. so while I was waiting..

I casted on the Annetrelac socks from Interweave knits Holiday Gifts 2007.. These have been on my to knit list for a while and I finally decided on the yarn I would use for them.. I ended up picking Schaefer yarn company's Anne.. This was a gift from Eve.... well .. who knew this yarn was going to be so soft.. with a little bit of soft fluff to it.. Thanks Eve!!