Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday knitting progress

 I had the day off today and besides the usual laundry, dishes and what not.. I worked on my knitting. The top picture is the Wild Thing sweater. Body and sleeves are finished, sleeve sewn in and I sewed one side up. I took a break from that for a little because that was a lot sewing. I might work on that some more tonight.
 I actually started this little wrist warmer about a week ago and have been picking it up here and there. I finished one and you can see it in the picture at the botton of the page. The name of the pattern is Elf Clobber. I liked it because it is worked in both knit and crochet. There is a finer yarn inside that pops out the top. For that I used some very old stash yarn that has lost the label. I believe it is a Phildar yarn of some sort. As you can see I'm making these to go with the Stiller infinity scarf. Now I need to make the second one.
 Ok.. I'm obsessed with this little Foxy scarf. I started to crochet the head by looking at a picture and then decided to experiment with the body of the scarf on the knitting machine. It was a little tricky and I had to rip it out in a few places and rework it. Finally it started to look good and I finished the body part on the machine, did the tail decreases by hand and then sewed up the very long side seem.. shew.. too much sewing today. All that is left are the legs. I'm debating on making them on the machine and sewing up the seams or crocheting them for more texture. I'll think that over tonight and of course he needs ears. Tomorrow we are going out to look at the ginger bread houses at Disney and I'll bring some projects along to work on in the car. For now I'm taking a knitting break haha.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sponge Bob!!

 Guess who was at our house on Jayden's 5th birthday.. Sponge Bob. He was hiding in the fridge. My son-in-law made this cake from scratch and it was the first time he had decorated a cake. Not only did it look good.. it tasted really good too. The best birthday cake I have tasted in a long time. For the occasion the Fam dress up.. I love this picture.. hehe.. Happy 5th birthday Jayden!!!
 The holiday knitting is progressing. I am making a Wild thing sweater for Cameron. It is not going to be exactly like the one on the pattern. I'm using 2 different patterns so I can do most of the knitting on the knitting machine. Right now I have the back and the 2 fronts completed. I love the ribbing on the original pattern so I'm doing the ribbing by hand then hanging that on the knitting machine and doing the bulk of the knitting on the machine. While I'm at I have been doing what is the equivalent of a 3 needle bind of for the shoulder seam. This looks very neat when finished. Well running off to work. If I'm not too tired tonight I'll try to get at least one of the sleeves finished...!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Projects.. flying off the needles!!

 Pattern: Stiller. 
Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing
Started this project Tuesday and finished it Wednesday. I really like this pattern yarn combo. There was a little yarn leftover so I decided to make some matching wrist warmer. Adding this to my collection of finished holiday projects.
 Pattern: Cat Cuddler scarf pattern. 
Yarn:Vickie Howell Sheep(ish). There isn't much I can say about this scarf except it is just too cute. The eyes I picked up at Joann's Fabric.

 I loved the Kitty scarf so much I want to make the little fox scarf. Unfortunately the etsy shop is closed for holiday so I'm trying to work it out without the pattern. I saw a little fox scarf in Anthropologie (I believe this is the scarf)last year but it was a little too pricey for me. I thought it was awesome and I really wanted it.. so now I'm making a cute little fox scarf just for me.. (^_^)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday knitting progressing...

 A quick update on my Holiday knitting progress. The Slouchy hat finished..This was a super fast project and the result is super cute. I hope the recipient of this gift likes it. I knit this hat to go with the Entrelac infinity scarf and purchased the yarns together. The true life colors are rich jewel tones that the camera doesn't seem able to capture. Both patterns are available as PDF files. I snatched them from ravelry.

As you can see my other gift projects are very slowly growing. I work on each a little everyday even if its a row or two on my break at work and before bed. Not to disturb the man at night I started using my crochet lite... so fun to use.

I want to thank anyone that pops by my blog and takes a peek. Sometimes I wonder if anyone would be interested in my daily knitting and silly thoughts. Thank you all for stopping by. 
The Holidays are upon us.. retail is picking up big time... more hours at work.. less knitting time... the crunch is on!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


 Working at a shoe store has its benefits. I was doing mark downs last night at work and this hand bag was marked down 50% and I had wanted it because  it matches my boots. It's a Poppy Jones which is our brand. The scarf was marked down too and I liked it since it first came into the store..They are both now mine at great prices!!
The last 2 weeks have been a little rough. The whole family got sick with a nasty cold that turned into a cough.. while sick I had jury duty and work plus a lot of early hours after a lot of late or closing hours. So you can say I have been pretty miserable lately. It was nice to treat myself a little.
 Slowly the holiday knitting is creeping along. I have 7 lacy center squares finished on the entrelac scarf and my goal is to finish 11 total. If I work on this every day it will be finished in 4 days.  Yay!! The yarn took another turn to the dark side but right after this dark section there are some brighter colors. I love this scarf and knitting it is really fun. I would like to make another with different yarn in the future. 

I started out working on two project at a time and then somehow I ended up working on four.  Ticking them off... 1. entrelac scarf, 2. cabled cowl, 3. crochet kitty scarf, 4. another machine knit lacy scarf. I better get knitting there is still a pile of projects left to get through!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

holiday knitting underway!!

 I have been attacking my holiday knitting pile lately. I whipped up another scarf on the knitting machine yesterday. This one is an alpaca blend and the scarf turned out very light and silky. There is enough yarn left over to make another scarf exactly the same and maybe a small set of wrist warmers. 
I actually worked on the cabled cowl a couple of days ago while watching a few good movies. One of the movies was The Trip and for some reason I really enjoyed it. The movie was pretty mellow with lots of silly banter. Maybe that's why.
Today I had jury duty and needed a project I could work on in the court house. They are very strict as far as what you can bring into the building. Even more so then the airlines. So I chose a project that I could use a little plastic crochet hook. The hook was clear and it actually broke when I was trying to break my yarn. (no scissors or nail clippers)  Then all that was left was the little hook tip but I was able to work with it. At this stage this project looks a little weird but some day it will be a cute little kitty scarf.
 Yesterday was my son's birthday. I haven't been able to visit with him in over 5 years and for 3 of those years we couldn't find him. Well about a month ago we found him walking in town and have resolved some issues from the past and are now trying to renew our relationship. Yesterday was the first day we went out together and one stop was the bookstore where we both found books we liked for only $1 each. We giggled all the way to the car. (^_^)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

so speedy!!

 My machine knit lacy scarf is finished already. This was just a fun and fast project to knit. The finished scarf came out a little too long so I ripped out about 10" which makes it about 70" long. It hasn't been washed yet so these pictures are right off the knitting machine. The pattern is my own ( here ) and the yarn is bernat mosaic. For an acrylic yarn it is pretty soft and had the feel of cotton. I like the yarn and pattern combo. I think I might make a few of these scarves as Christmas gifts. I was also thinking of adding little pom poms to each end.. not sure about it yet.
 My son-in-law baked this super duper chocolate cake from scratch. It has homemade marshmallow filling.. it was so rich I couldn't even finish a small slice.
 The sun looked like gold when I took this picture. Time for the beautiful fall and winter sunsets we get in Florida.

Saturday, November 05, 2011


 Here are my Wips for the week. The Lacy entrelac scarf is growing. One of the balls of yarn I bought for this project was very dark and the other one is more colorful even though they were the same dye lot. If I ever use this yarn again I will keep that in mind. Anyway I got tired of the ball of yarn with all the very dark shades and just cut it off and attached the other ball. I kind of wish I had started with the more colorful ball. My progress on this seems to be doing one lacy square a day. So that would equal one whole pattern sequence a day.

This week I did some cleaning up and took down my sewing machine and set up my knitting machine. I have been wanting to make this scarf for a while and after I started it and saw all the bright pretty colors I think I will have to make more. The pattern is mine. It's a simple lacy scarf pattern for the knitting machine. It can also be hand knit by following the chart. So fun! BTW this picture is about 2 hours or so of knitting. The yarn is Bernat Mosaic.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

new projects!!

 After finishing some kiddie knits I casted on some adult knitting projects. The first picture will be a gift for my son. Instead of a scarf he choose a cowl this year. The pattern is from Lion brand yarns called Cabled Cowl. The yarn is Wool of the Andes Tweed from Knitpicks. The yarn is really nice to work with and very soft. The whole project is very fun. I haven't knit cables in a long time and I just love how they look.

This next project is called Lacy Entrelac infinity scarf and it is from the knitpicks web site for a minimal price. This project isn't only fun to knit but addicting. When I picked the yarn out for this I pictured it looking very differently. The outside of the ball of yarn was very colorful but I started knitting with the end in the center and it's very dark almost black.. a lot of dark with just a few spots of jewel tones popping out here and there. The yarn is super soft lightly spun but has no spring. Even so the project is soft and lofty. 

 The ball of yarn fell apart already into a big mass of yarn so I rewound it into a ball. The colors totally remind me of a Night Elf from World of Warcraft hahah. I think I'm going to call this project The Night Elf cowl!!