Friday, October 31, 2008

more of the same..

Abby is modeling a hat her mom is knitting.. she's not using a pattern.. the yarn is some left overs that I had spun a few years back (merino/silk) held together with one strand of rowan's kid silk haze... it's so soft....

I'm an inch away from the armholes on my baby sleep sacque... I'm still feeling under the weather and have just been knitting and going to work and trying to make it through each day...
Maybe I'll watch some hulu halloween!!!
I've just about given up on deciding who is the better man for the job... maybe I'll go with Ralph Nader..!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

brain fog

I'm was feeling a little better and went to work for 2 days.. but now I'm feeling the consequences of that decision.. I feel weak again and just not myself.. the cold weather isn't helping either.. I have brain fog today... oo no.... I'm still undecided as far as who to vote for.. the more I hear the more undecided I become... so before work today I'm looking over my ballot again and getting in a few more hours of knitting.. maybe I'll feel better later.. maybe my brain fog will lift..(^_^)

Monday, October 27, 2008

man I started another project!!

Well... after I realized that my other baby project was way too big.. and would probably be used when the baby was about 9 months old haha... I decided to make the Modernisth stripe sleep sacque kind of looks like a hat at this point. The yarn is from various yarn in my stash.. most of it is patons classic wool merino and the rest is phildar lenox and lenox superwash... What you see in the picture was knit this afternoon.. I came down with what I think might be the flu.. or a really bad cold... I felt so bad yesterday that I couldn't even think of knitting and had to call out from work.. today was my scheduled day off and I'm hoping that by tomorrow I will feel a lot better and my nose will stop running my life and the sneezing fits will stop.. !!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just not right

I have been working on another baby sweater.. and got this far and realized that it will be way too big for a newborn... so I'm doing something I usually never do and I'm putting it aside to finish at a later date ... and now I'm hunting around for more of a layette type sweater.. I have some really old phildar baby knitting books(and yarn).. maybe I'll go vintage... There is definitely enough yarn here to knit with in just the right baby colors.. I can probably make baby gifts for quite a few babies without ever leaving the house..!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

sneak a peek @_@..!!

I live in Florida now.. but I was born in NYC and some of my family still live up north... My grandpa was a hardened yankee fan.. and he took my brother to see the yankees play in the old yankee stadium when he was a boy.. I'm posting these pictures for him...(my son took the pictures while at work).. a sneak peek.. just for u Rich..!!... And I love this picture of the Bronx sky line..!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

something new..

I started something new yesterday and will give the details in a day or two..when ever I get the energy... while I was knitting I watched some episodes of Kath and Kim on and the premiere episode of Crusoe .. I thought it pretty entertaining.. Kath and Kim was just silly.. sometimes you need .. just silly..!!

Fallen leaves....

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's finished and blocking.. I took these picture late in the afternoon when the sun was hitting this room so the color looks a little washed out.. it turned out a little bigger than I thought it would.. you really can't tell what size it will be all squished up on the needles... and right now it is all pinned and stretched out and I'm just letting it dry..

So beautiful... pictures of autumn... that's my niece... hiking in NY.. (^_^)

Friday, October 17, 2008

today might be the day!!

Woo hoo.. today might be the day that I finish the hemlock ring.. the cast off is very time consuming but very pretty and worth it.. yesterday I watched a few terrible movies on while knitting.. maybe I can find a few more to watch today.. I'm excited about finishing this today so I can start working on something else..that shouldn't be a problem since my queue on ravelry is gigantic.. I do have a few unfinished projects too that I could work on.. and more baby gifts.. humm...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

have u noticed!!

Have you noticed lately that you can find knit wear in the stores that look almost exactly like patterns found on ravelry..!!!...
(Grace lace beret)(moss stitch beret)(star crossed slouchy beret)(headband with flower)

(rose wrist warmers)..hummm ..

Hemlock update.. I'm now on row 97 in which at the end of I will have 472 stitches... maybe I will bind off at row 102..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The honeymoon was a success..they really enjoyed them selves and came home with lots of great pictures to remember it by..everything is kind of getting back to normal every day now... I worked some shifts at both of my jobs...Michaels and DSW..some how I'm trying to get enough hours from both jobs to equal almost full time.. hummm... if that is possible.. I had yesterday off in which I actually put in some knitting time.. I am now on row 94 of my hemlock ring blanket. It's really hard to see how big it is because it's all squished up on the needles.. and I'm not sure at this point how much bigger I should make it.. time to check out ravelry and see how many rows everyone completed.. what would we do without ravelry..!!

Since this is my knitting blog.. I like to post mostly knit related topics...but today I will deviate a little.. as some of you know I do have children of which I love very much and of course I'm very proud of... they are not doctors..lawyers or indian chiefs.. but I'm proud of each of them just for the people they have become.... so..
This is a picture of one of my sons at exciting... cuting through metal..

and more work..hum .. could that be NYC or some where..

OOO and a picture of my other son... lounging and enjoying a day in Seattle...(sure do wish I was there too!!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

round and round everything is round!!

I don't think that I ever posted a picture of my razor cami completed... probably because I never did get a good picture of it...This is about the best picture I have.. I was hoping to get some better ones... it never did happen so here it is..

It seems that everything I'm making right now is round.. and is knit or crocheted in a circle.. hummm... well here is the latest picture of the hemlock ring.... it's going very slowly and is now divided between 3 circular many needles !!! It's a good thing Michaels had a 50% off coupon... I might need at least one more before I finish.. what is one to do with 5 size 10 1/2 circular needles... 0.0....

I started a little girls crochet sweater called Circle in the Round.. hum.. I saw this on ravelry and needed a diversion from my hemlock ring.. I'm using sock yarn and a size E crochet hook .. which is rather hard to find for some reason (some how mine disapeared)... any way it's starting to get ruffly around the edges and I'm not sure it's supposed to do that..

Thursday, October 09, 2008

OOO baby...

Yes.. here I am... babysitting a 22 month old.. he is so busy all the time... and his little motor just keeps on running and running.. on the other hand... my motor is all pooped out.. he also eats non stop..!!! Just keeping the food going is enough to poop you out.. OOO it's almost 1pm.. nap time!!!
I think I need a nap too..

There has been just a little progress on my hemlock ring throw.. just a little. I've reached row 80.. and I'm not sure how many rows I will do. At this point it's not very big... and since I have only worked on hemlock ring in the last few weeks with very little progress.. I'm getting the itch to make socks.. and my sock stash sitting right next to me in a little container... calling my name..I don't know if I can hold out.. 0.0

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A daY of ReSt

Today I declared a well needed day of rest.. between my new job and the wedding.. I've been running and running everyday for 10 days straight. I'm actually so tired today that it's hard to relax.. anyway.. I plan knit and read today.. I also need a more comfy pair of shoes for work so I'm going to look at shoes today and use my new job discount to purchase a pair.. (^_^)

Oh hemlock ring.. oh hemlock ring.. I see you growing daily.. hehe.. the last 2 nights after work I have been plopping myself in front of the computer and watching Lipstick Jungle on (I'm addicted now) That has helped me knit a few more rows on my hemlock ring and now actually looks like it has grown a little in the last 2 days.

The wedding cake has been wrapped and will now be frozen.. not to be opened until next year for the 1 year anniversary.. here is the last look until next year!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

so BuSy..!!

Well.. the wedding is over....

everyone went home.. we cleaned up.. things are kind of getting back to normal.. I've been mia the last few days because I started a new job.. in a new store and have been working either there or at Michaels every day..If I have knitted 10 rows this week.. that's a lot... I'm not even going to take a picture of my hemlock ring blanket because it looks about the same as the last picture.... I will be home next week babysitting a 22 month old active little boy while the newly weds go on their honeymoon.. wish me luck.. !!!