Friday, September 29, 2006

Lots of pretty mohair yarn from my stash... it finally yelled out .. pick me..!!! pick me..!!! The yarn I used for the felted purse was also from my stash ..originally for an icelandic sweater... definitely not something I will be needing in florida.. as I was checking out the lionbrand web site yesterday I saw a pretty crochet half moon shawl.. I think my purple mohair will like it..

The last 2 days have been all about the hats...this is Marnie Maclean's halley's comet hat pattern that I'm working on now and I'm using mano del uruguay yarn in the blush color.. I luv the subtle changes in color.. u can't really see it in the picture.. I luv this pattern too.. it's knitting up really fast and for lace its very simple.. OMG even i can do it...!!! (my brain doesn't like lace.. it rebels) definitely will need to be blocked when its finished..

and.... my finished FO's... two hats... a baby hat and a guys hat .. or so I thought until I tried it on and it fits my little head.. so now it's a girl hat ... I broke down and bought some bernat camouflage yarn... and the pattern is from happy hooker book.... im not really a fan of this type of yarn because of the way it feels... its kind of hard.. so im thinking of going up a size hook.. to a size K ..and see if that will make if feel a little softer.. there is a whole lot of yarn left over so I'm going to make a few more beanies.. hopefully they will end up being man size..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

*+*iT's All aBoUt tHe AcCeSsoRieS*+*

It always feels good to finish projects.. here are my 2 one skein felted clutches and the one skein scarf from the happy hooker. Last night was knitting group and I was actually able to crochet almost the entire scarf the at meeting.. now that's a quick project..!!

Lots of knitting going on...many projects finished and shown.. ( i got there a little late and wasn't able to take pictures of everyones FO.). Jody had wonderful fibers to show and tell..and 2 children sweaters..

And of course here is Abigail.... wearing her alpace hand dyed lacy bolero.. she is already for the cooler autumm weather.. I guess its time to start making little mittens and hats.. (^_^)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Many days later.... my one skein felted clutches are dry and i can add the button embellishment.... so many buttons... there just has to be 18 buttons that look good together... this could take all day... or longer than it took to knit the clutch.. 0.0'

yes.. the the lace up fingerless gloves again...I haven't been able to put these down .. I like looking at them and trying them on..don't ask me why..(click if u want to see a bigger picture)... and no I haven't made it to the store yet for ribbons... the pink and brown ribbon are temporary until I can find just the right ones.......on the needles... and almost done... is another one skein wonder in the same yarn.. a matching set!! matchy matchy is sometimes a good thing.. after these projects are finished I'm off to make another hat and bootie set.. I think im falling behind....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Autumm is here.. and this picture reminds me of it. The leaves are starting to turn .. only a few flowers are left and some of the plants are turning brown.. and definitely a chill in the air.. the wood pile is preparation for some colder weather... unfortunately in florida we don't get to experience the change in seasons like the northern states do... but some how it still feels like autumm....

and to the knitting....
my one skein wonder is finished.. and just perfect....I think i have to make another one...

This is what's on the needles right now... Lace-up fingerless gloves from alterknits.. and yes.. i finally found a pattern for my patons SWS yarn....the yarn is very soft and fluffy.. the pink part reminds me of cotton candy for some reason when i knit with it ..... i had some sheer brown ribbonin my stash and used that to lace up the glove for now ... but i might run to the store to find some thicker green satin ribbon....or if i can find some silk ribbon .. that would be even better...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

WiP and FO

Some of my work in progress... here is my One skein wonder... I ordered the pattern a few months ago but haven't gotten around to knitting it up until now.. how fun!!!... I'm using white caron simply soft first because i wanted a little white shrug to wear in air conditioning and second because u can purchase caron simply soft just about any where. I deviated from the pattern by adding some lacy designs ( i got these from the lacy leaf pullover pattern in loop-d-loop) and added a longer 2X2 rib on the edge of the sleeves instead of the seed stitch edging the pattern called far I'm liking this..There is a KAL for this on i haven't joined it... there are some really cute ones in the thread if u want to look.

The finished booties!!... I haven't found a hat pattern yet that i like to go with them... I'm still looking..

And here ... ... are 2 more clutches ready for felting. This pattern is from One skein. These were super fast to knit... this would be a good pattern to use if u needed a quick knitted gift...I used more of my old lopi yarn from the bottom of my yarn stash. Lopi shrinks up a lot.. so i will have to keep an eye on these during the felting process... I'm not trying to make doll purses... 0.0'

My mind is on christmas presents right now and thanks to nicole.. i joined socktoberfest 2206!..n
icole keeps me up to date on all the KALs...hehehe...

Hopefully a few pairs of socks will end up as Christmas presents... this one " Thuja" is on my list at the seems like a good guy sock..

and of course this---->

I'm going to make some booties and hats for Project Cope.. a school for pregnant teens... most of these girls can't afford much.. so anything would be greatly appreciated.. let me know if u are interested in joining me..25 teenagers are joining the already over crowded program this month.

Friday, September 15, 2006

aSsEmBly ReqUirEd

Yay!! it's done...I don't think I can call it the big ugly anymore... it's no longer big and not really ugly .. just a bit wierd.. hehehe...The flowers are....not what I expected but I used them anyway.. Each one was hand tacked to the bag with sewing thread. I also had to steam each flower after they were felted so the pedals would curl..and I had to pin each pedal into a curl until they dried. Hopefully their shape will hold up in the hot humid florida weather..

The new knitty is out.. and there really wasn't anything that made me say.. wow.. I need to make that right now.. although there are a couple patterns that caught my eye .. intolerable cruelty.. and tamarah..but neither pattern is on my list if things to be knit right now..they are nice to look at..

in the picture above there is a little hot pink bootie...more assembly was required for that.. the knitting part was very easy and fast but the sewing part was a bit more intensive for such a little item. the sole is knit separate and has to be sew together with the foot part stitch by stitch..but since it is so small it wasn't bad.... well I'm off to knit and sew up bootie #2 and decide on which little hat I want to make to match it..
everyone have a happy knitting day.. (^_^)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

nOt sO biG.. oR uGly

Here are some pre-felted flowers... I decided to felt the flowers and the purse separately and I'm very glad that I did...and this is the reason.. the yarn I used for the purse shed a very large amount of fibers in the washing machine... I think the flowers would have been covered in matted fiber clumps.... I just finished felting the flowers a little bit by hand and now they are in the dryer for the rest of the process.. at this point they look nothing like the picture on the instructions..

The bag on the other hand .. did not need to be put in the dryer for additional felting.. it felted quite a bit in the washing machine and is hanging on the dinning room chairs to block and dry. Two chairs.. back to back made the perfect shape for this bag.. I'm liking the big ugly right about now.. the after felted version is looking a lot better... but .. it will probably need a hair cut before i can use it..

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

tHe BiG UgLy

I've been calling this the big ulgy... but after I sewed up the side seams and knitted the handles.. and started making flowers to embellish it with... its not too ugly after all.. the weird creature looking things in the left hand corner are supposed to shrink up into pretty curly flowers. I will find out very soon if this is true..each flower will get 3 green bobbles in the center.... after that i have to decide if i should felt the flowers and the bag together or.... felt the flowers separately and sew them on the bag after... so many decisions..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

a qUiCk uP dAte...

Eve and I spent a day knitting and discussing WoW... and she brought more gifts!!!... this hot green sock yarn.. its really beautiful yarn... thank u Eve!!.. the wierd thing is .. that I seem to attract green yarn like a magnet...for some reason.. heheh..

well .. this is my current knitting project.. quite ugly i think.. but I keep knitting on.. u ask .. "what is that!!".. I will tell u.. it's going to be a felted purse.. but I used 2 different types of yarn.. and I'm not sure if it will felt at the same rate..( this is left over yarn from other projects and recycled yarn) so this purse might get even uglier.. and I didn't do a felt test swatch..eww.. but I keep knitting on..maybe after I add the flowers it will look a bit better.. (^_^)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I've been working on a few baby items to donate to Project Cope...My plan is to make a hat and bootie set inbetween each knitting project i finish and then donate them once a month... I'm using yarn that i have sitting around.. and left overs.. i made the monkey hat with the left overs from my lil monkey afghan and hat.. I can probably squeeze one more hat out of whats left... the little babyboy hat and booties are knit and crochet with lion brand microspun... its very soft ..perfect for a new baby..if anyone wants to make a hat and bootie set they are welcome to join me.. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated..

Well here are my finished footies... I like them....and waiting in line ... more yarn I'm planning to make some felted flowers with.. that might used on a felted bag... that......>

I just casted on today...they are being knit with recyled yarn from some very heavy icelandic sweaters I knit a very long time ago... a time before florida.. all that yarn just sitting in a storage box.. yes I did .. i unraveled them and hopefull now they will have a new life as felted purses....

Monday, September 04, 2006


So you can see the color faded into fuchsia again at the toe.. a nice ending. For footie #2 I didn't rewind my skein to the same color as my first footie but just started knitting as is.. with the colors as they were... and this is what came out...I like that they are different .. but the same..I'm at the toe now and am finishing this up as I type despite the trouble I had with the heal yesterday... for some reason I just could'nt knit it correctly.. I had to rip it it out 4 times.. how hard can it be to slip one, knit one ..I think my brain got disconnected yesterday some how.. thank God it is somewhat re-connected today..this will be Christmas present #2 finished.. yay me!!!