Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the cutest!!

 The same day I finished my Burning stripe sock I started these super cute penguin socks. A couple of years ago I saw this book at the book store and fell in love with it and kind of forgot about it for awhile until I saw it again on sale and purchases it immediately. Knitted socks by Anna Tillman. My friend invited me to the Four Purls knit shop the week after... I picked up some pretty sock yarn and couldn't wait to start. These socks are knit on straight needles up to the heal and then they are knit in the round. I am at a stopping point on the first sock and I'm starting the second sock and knitting up to the same point where I plan to knit them at the same time from heal to toe. Did I say these are fun to knit.. 
Working at a shoes store can get you into trouble. These super cute little flats were 40% off so I couldn't resist the cuteness. They feel like I'm wearing slippers. I got a half size bigger and I'm going to put padded inserts in them which will make them super comfy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ta da... finally finished.

 Right off the needles... first look.. finally finished...Burning Stripe socks!! I don't know why they took me so long to finish but they are finally off the needles and the fit is perfect. I love the seem detail and will probably make another pair. The BF says he would like a pair. I'll have to find a manly color for his. 
So this means I get to start another project today. A couple of weeks ago I bought more sock yarn with a particular pattern in mind and I think I'm going to cast them on. Also in the works are more wire bracelets and I'm still working on transferring black and white photos onto little plaques of wood. More pictures will follow later. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

silly little things... and a sock

 Today was a fun day. We went to the local flea market. I haven't been to a flea market in a couple of years. It was really fun. I found an awesome case for my i-phone at a really good price. It's pretty substantial and has a cover that can clip onto the back or front of the phone. It also has a little clip that can be used as a stand. I don't know why I love the flea market... I love the dollar booths and the shoes and cheap pajamas and the watches and jewelry and hair accessories and the handbags. There was one shop that had awesome handbags the I might have to go back to. A handbag has to have a nice lining or I don't like it and the ones in this booth had really nice linings, besides being pretty.
  And of course I always love all the Betty Boop stuff at the flea market. I couldn't resist. I also picked up a couple of readers for $1. After that we were hungry and went to Wholefoods Market to eat some good stuff.

 This is a very pretty building some where between Orlando and Sanford... and yes there was knitting in the car. Only one more little stripe before I start the toe. (^_^)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a crafting day...

 Today I had off and declared it a crafting day. I started off with applying mod podge to some little wood plaques and small canvases that I picked up the other night at Walmart after work. I had limited funds for this project and went shopping late last night after work. So I coated each canvas and wood plaque with a good coat of mod podge and carefully applied the pictures face down onto both canvas and wood. I smoothed out each to make sure there were no bubble and the entire surface was adhered to the surface. These have to dry for a few hours so it was on to a different project. 
Next on the list was to finish up the memory wire bracelets that I had started the other day. I was making them before work and didn't like the purple one so restrung that one adding some different bead and stones to the ones I had before. These take quite a while to finish for some reason.  I must be a slow beader.
 Back to the photos. Later in the day some time after 5pm I started removing the paper from the photos.. Ok this also takes quite awhile. At first I was using my fingers as I had seen in some of the videos but then decided to try a wet wash cloth very gently and it seemed to work better. They still need a little paint and some varnish or sealer and I was thinking of using a heavy velvet ribbon to hang them. I will see not sure how I will finish them.
 It's always nice to see the fake arm modeling the bracelets .. hehe.
 I took this picture right after work in the parking lot. The daily rain was about to start. I did make it home before it started.. (^_^)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

starting something new

 The color of this yarn caught my eye plus it has a silky texture. I have been seeing a lot of these on ravelry. They look fun so I wanted to give it a try. This one will be a gift. The yarn btw is Starbella by Premier yarns.
 More beads and I have already made some bracelets. These are so fun. More pictures later.
 I guess it is going to rain again. This is an everyday event now. The sky gets so dark and scary.
Today I was looking through all my picture files and organizing and I came across this picture of my son. It's my favorite picture of him I think. The whole family was at Ikea and he was taking pictures of everyone all day and then this one of himself.  This picture is a couple of years old but he still looks the same.

Friday, June 08, 2012

feeling like crafting!!

 Feeling better  today and actually feeling like crafting again. Too bad I'm going back to to work today.. but later, so I did have time to whip up two memory wire bracelets. These are super easy and fast so I will just have to make some more.  Here is the link for the instructions that I used for these.
Above.. I felt like  spinning and I have had a couple of pretty rovings in my little stash for quite awhile that are calling my name.I purchased this at the Florida Fiber in 2010. The label said it is Gale's Art Alpaca Silk roving. Anyway I split it 5 ways and spun one little ball last night before bed. So pretty and very relaxing.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

the sock saga...

 So as you can see in between resting I have been knitting. I hope to finish off the second part of the boomerang heal today and will probably watch some Kdrama while I am doing that. Then I will be on the home stretch. I really like these socks and love the color changes but I think I'm ready to start knitting something else. I have been going through all the patterns I have on my queue looking for the perfect thing to knit next. I don't even need to buy yarn because I have yarn and patterns in zip lock bags ready to go. Some even have the needles included. 

 The good news today is that my pain and prickly feelings are fading and blisters are finally drying and I feel a lot better.  Yesterday and today I got ambitious and made some juice. This is what is in my juice today.
 This morning it rained really hard and there was so much thunder and lightning and now it has been cloudy all day. That set the mood for a quiet and slow kind of day. The little ones playing and resting... just chillin..

Monday, June 04, 2012

A very busy week..

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy. It seemed like an uphill battle all the way. Little did I know I was sick. In my last post I mentioned that I was painting the family room and kitchen and I was so tired but just kept going. In the mean time there was a visit from my family and a trip to Disney. My cousin's son Derek tried out at Hollywood studios American Idol and won the finale on his second try. He is now the proud owner of the golden ticket that gets you to the front of the line at any American Idol audition.. So proud!!
Yes we have started our rainy season here in Florida and with that comes some really pretty sunsets. As you can see in the picture below... progress has been slow on my socks, but I am now up to the heal on sock #2 and right now I'm am home sick this week and hope to finish them. My hand has been hurting and I  thought what I had was poison ivy on my wrist. The other day at work my hand was still hurting so bad I went to the ER after work to see if I had somehow fractured it. It turns out that I have shingles.. which would be the reason my hand hurt so bad and there is a rash on my wrist. I was wondering why I was also experiencing the sensation like I was wearing itchy wool all the time. That is a pretty accurate description of the prickly itchy feeling. I didn't realize how hard I was pushing myself and ignoring my fatigue and pain. Now I am paying for it. Two days of rest has helped a little. I think the pain in my hand will go away eventually as will the prickling sensations. As for the rest of this week... I will be resting and knitting slowly and taking lots of hand resting breaks.

Another little silly drawing from DrawSomething. (^_^)