Sunday, September 30, 2007

One baby blanket finished.. I will be donating it to charity.(I mentioned this before in a previous post) I was looking around for some little kitty or bunny dolls to make and give with the blankets. (some time in the near future there will be 4 blankets finished) Lion Brand just happened to all of a sudden have this little kitty pattern.. how convenient... Perfect for my project.

OMG new yarn... this is for a project I'm working on for my classes.. more on this later.

More yarn!! There was this really cute little kitty cat purse from lion brand also.. and I just had to make one..There were some other cute purses and little critters to crochet... check it out..(^_^) I start a new job tomorrow .. so the time I can spend knitting is going to decrease. I'll have to see how this effects the amount of projects I can finish before Christmas.. I will probably be adjusting my to do list very shortly.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

no expiRation DaTe

It's a good thing that yarn doesn't have an expiration date...I think I might hold theworld record for the amount of time a yarn has been horded in a stash...the yarn store where I bought this yarn no longer exists and has been replace with a novelty toy store years ago... gezz I might be the only person in the world that still has this yarn... 0.0.. anyway.. after all this time .. years and years .. you would think that I could figure out what to make with it.. but no.. I haven't.. and I don't have any idea what to do with it... the yarn harlot mentioned some time ago that she waits for some yarns to speak to her from her stash.. ( something like that anyway) well this yarn is mute.. but you know what.. I will continue to horde it anyway.. some day.. sometime.. I will make something with it.. I will..!!

And as if that wasn't enough.. there is more!!!.. bags more.. at least I have a project in mind for this yarn... more than likely a sweater of some kind for Jayden.

yes this is from the same non existent yarn shop.. don't ever tell a child you are making a sweater for her/him and then ask them to pick out the yarn... this is what u get... well there was one good thing about this yarn and it wasn't the color.. at least it was on sale... and that's probably the reason I ended up purchasing it against my better judgement .. who can pass u yarn on sale... I just could never get myself to knit with it though.. I did make a sweater for the child that picked out this yarn.. I think it was gray, red and black.. and he wore the sweater often. Occasionally he asked me where his orange sweater was.. 0.0.. and.. yet I still have this yarn and have no idea what to do with it.. maybe if I get a job in construction or a school crossing guard .. I can knit a vest..

Well anyway.. here is my progress on the Mosaic Mitts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here is my project of the day. Mosaic Mitts from the IK Holiday gifts 2006 issue. They are surprisingly easy although they look intricate. I'm using 4 different color yarns left over from other projects.. but the pattern calls for only 2 colors... so far I love these mitts and if i can scrounge up more yarn will probably make some more for presents.

These are the machine baby blankets I made the other day on my knitting machine. I'm trying to use up all the left over yarn in my stash... I still have to crochet the edgings on all of them.. and when I'm done.. I plan to donate them to Project Cope ... I'll work on them here and there..crocheting the edgings is the mindless type of work and I can do this while watching a movie or something... Anyone interested in making one or some .. here is the pattern I'm using... Although I used a knitting machine.. these can be knit by had also..I hope to donate them near the holidays so there is plenty of time to get one finished (^_^)

Monday, September 24, 2007


Someone has a new sweater..!!! I didn't sew the buttons on so she could adjust them to fit just right. It fits a little big which gives her room to grow.

I've been purging my stash..the knitting machine helps a lot. I can knit up large pieces of plain knitting really fast. This is a tote being knit up.. that I later felted.. and of course I didn't use a pattern...

The top edging was knit by hand and I added a pocket to the outside.

Here it is somewhat finished. I put it through one cycle in the washing machine and unfortunately I over felted it.. I should have checked it every few minutes.. I have felted this yarn before and it took 2 machine cycles to felt it to the size I wanted it to be... oo well.. I've been thinking of adding to the top somehow and of course handles. I would have liked the tote to be deeper and not as long... so it's just sitting there while I stew over it. The color is nice though. (^_^)

Last night I casted on The Mosaic Mitts from the IK Holiday gifts 2006 issue. This is another pattern I have wanted to make since I got magazine and it's so much fun. I'm using my left over yarn from the pinwheel sweater I made last year.. 0.0..!! pictures soon..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

haPpy FeeT

I've been working hard to get some projects done the last couple of days. I need to get working on holiday knitting... here it is again.. "that sock".. one down.. and one to go but I don't think there is enough yarn.. (I told u that yesterday.. gezz .. I'm repeating myself now)

Happy feet.. one sock and a pair of slippers finished...yay!!.. I've been going out on interviews for the last few weeks.. sadly the pay rate seems to be going down instead of up.. I should stop before it gets any lower... 0.0.. I have loads of experience but never went to college... I would like to go college now that all the kiddies are gone... after I get settle in a job I'll look into my availability for school. I had wanted to go full time so I could finish faster.. but ... the thought of no money, electric or no food made me look for the job part first... so as I keep looking and going on interviews..(hopefully they will get better) .. I'm working on getting as many Christmas gifts finished as I can..

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've been working on a number of different projects lately. Here are a two of them. The first are the crochet slippers from IK holiday gifts. The yarn I'm using is of course from my stash. Some old some new. The older yarn is phildar pegase (sorry, all the links are in french)and the newer yarn is crystal palace Taos.
So far I have one finished and I just started working on the foot part of the second slipper. The fit is a little big for me so hopefully they will fit the person I'm making them for. I've been wanting to make these slippers since I got the magazine. I think they are kind of cute. Would I make them again.. yes.

You have seen this sock many times before. I really haven't spent much time on it. I carry it around in my purse and work on it here and there. This is sock #1.. getting closer to the toe.. But the closer I get to the toe... the more I realize that I do not think one skein will do it.. I hope my LYS has another... this yarn was purchased quite a while ago and I don't think its a popular color.. ;_; I'm also working on a felted tote.. that didn't turn out exactly as I would have liked and 4 quick machine knit baby blankets that I have to add crochet trim to. All that will be in the next post.

Movie report. This week I watched Ghost Rider which I thought was pretty good and The Last Mimzy which was very good(then again I'm kind of weird) and a documentary called God Grew Tired of Us, which is a true story... also very good and worth seeing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Machine knit dishcloth Pattern

Knitting Machine Dishcloths

Just in case someone would like to make these, I cleaned up the pattern and explained what I did in more detail. These are so fast and easy to make. Everyone on your Christmas list can have a stack of new dishcloths!!


2 balls 100% cotton yarn your choice ( I used Lily Sugar'n Cream, 1 solid, 1 varigated)

(This will make 2 dishcloths by reversing the color of the cloth and trim for the second one)

Larger gauge knitting machine (100 needle bed)

size H crochet hook

Tension 6.1

Gauge (16 ½ sts = 4”)

Cast on 35 sts using the cast on of your choice. I used the backward loop. Knit one row. Set row counter. Place weights.

Knit 57 rows. Bind off. I used a knit cast off rather than a chain off for more flexibility since cotton doesn't stretch. If you have trouble with that just slip the sts off the machine onto a size 9 needle and bind off by hand. Do not cut yarn.

Place remaining loop onto a crochet hook.


(RS,working on side of dishcloth) Chain 1, sc in same space , sc in next row end.* Skip 1 row end, sc in next 2 row ends,* rep to corner.

2 sc in corner. Sc in each st across, 2 sc in corner.

Continue around, repeat the same as other side of dishcloth.

1 sc in same space as first sc. Slip st to join.

Next row (change color)

*Chain 3 , skip 1 sc, sc in next st. * Repeat around. Slip st to join.

Friday, September 14, 2007

diSh cLotH DaY

I've been busy using up all my scraps of cotton making dishcloths... the count is now up to 10!!(you don't see them all because some have been used already) You are wondering how could I have made 10 in less then 24 hours.. well .. my old friend .. the knitting machine.. I just casted on about 35 stitches and knit about 57 rows in off all sts ... To finish them off.. first I did 1 round of sc... thenI added various crocheted edgings.. my favorite one ended up being *Chain 3, skip one st, sc in the next st.* repeat around... very easy.. very fast..and.. I got rid of a bag of odd bits of cotton yarn... yay!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm still plugging along on unfinished projects. I finally picked up my copy of Interweave knits , fall 2007 last night and crochet today... both magazines have wonderful projects... so many projects to choose from.. 0.0Last night I taught a crochet class at Michaels. I was impressed with my students progress and recent projects. It makes me feel good to see them excited about their projects and their success... next time I'll remember to bring my camera to share these happy moments with you. (^_^)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the brown bag

Here is the finished bag/purse.. made totally of recycled grocery bags. I think it took about the same amount of time to cut up all the bags and wind them into a ball .. as it did to crochet the bag. If u wanted to make a project using grocery bags.. I think the way to go about it would be to cut them and start making your bag-yarn as u get them and tuck it away until u have enough for your project. This way u don't have to cut a gazillion bags at one time... It is a great way to recycle your grocery bags though. Just think... a water proof bag.. maybe a crochet or knit rain hat.. a grocery bag crochet flower necklace.. or head band.. (I think the last might be a bit uncomfortable though).. I like the brown bags because they look like straw.. but if u can get bags of all different colors that would be fun stuff!!!

Nothing new in my knitting world today.. I'm working on old unfinished projects before I dive into the holiday knitting frenzy..

Movie report: I watched The Peaceful Warrior.. it was a bit abstract for me and I just couldn't get into it. It's in the mail heading back to netflix already.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I finished these little ducky slippers last night. I'm pleased with how they turned out.. so cute..I made them with some recycled 100% cotton yarn on size 6 needles. The pattern was in a larger size than I needed and called for worsted yarn and a larger needles. I'm really not sure of the weight of the yarn.. the label was missing, but it was very soft. Pattern link here .. I think this is discontinued.. not sure though.

Well u can see what has happened to my bag-yarn bag.. I wasn't happy with the shape and ripped it out. It is now rolled back into balls of bag yarn.. sigh...

So of course I started a new bag in a different shape.. It looks a little wompy but I think it will be ok once it's finished with handles. The bag yarn kind of fun to work with anyway. A good way to recycle.. as it takes quite a lot of bags to make enough yarn. (^_^)

I want to thank everyone for your kind and encouraging comments on my patterns. I'm a newbie designer and writing patterns is something that does not come easy for me. Probably the reason it takes me so long to write them and the fact that on some of the items that I designed .. I had used weird methods to attach the knitting to the crochet parts... So.. anyway.. thank you. I'm so excite..!!

Movie report. I watched 300 with my bf.. it was good.. he loved it and watched it twice.. I have 2 more movies from netflix waiting for me to find the time to watch.. Peaceful Warrior and The Last Mimzy..

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Reverse Cable Rib Baby Hat

Reverse Cable Rib Baby Hat
I made this to match the Reversed Cable Rib Baby Jacket
1 Ball of Lion Brand Cotton-ease
207 yards per ball
Size 7 circular needle 16” long, 4 ½ mm
Cable needle

Gauge 18sts = 4” or 10 cm in st st

Fits about size 12 months size
K – knit
P – purl

K2TOG – knit 2 sts together
CN – cable needle
DPN – double pointed needle
ST ST – stockinette stitch
PM – place marker
LC – left cross
RC – right cross

Reverse cable rib stitch pattern 
(modified to knit in the round)
Rnd 1. *P3, K8* rep from * across, end P3
Rnd 2. Repeat row 1
Rnd 3. Repeat row 1
Rnd 4. Repeat row1
Rnd 5. *P3,(4st-RC) slip 2 sts to CN, hold in back, K next 2 sts. K2 sts from CN,(4st-LC) slip 2 sts to CN, hold in front, K next 2 sts, K2 sts from CN
Rnd 6. Repeat row 2.
Cast on 88 sts loosely. PM set up to knit in the round.

Follow Reverse cable rib stitch pattern for a total of 4 repeats.
Knit 2 more rnds in pattern.
Purl 2 rnds.
Next rnd –[ knit 9, K2TOG] across
Knit 3 rnds.
Next rnd –[ knit 8, K2TOG] across
Knit 3 rnds.
Next rnd –[ knit 7, K2TOG] across
Knit 3 rnds.
Next rnd –[ knit 6, K2TOG] across
Knit 2 rnds
Next rnd –[ knit 5, K2TOG] across
Knit 1 rnd
Next rnd –[ knit 4, K2TOG] across
Knit 1 rnd
Next rnd –[ knit 3, K2TOG] across
Knit 1 rnd
Next rnd –[ knit 2, K2TOG] across
knit 1 rnd
Next rnd –[ knit 1, K2TOG] across
Next rnd –[ K2TOG] across (8sts)
Repeat last rnd one more time.(4sts)
Place all sts on a DPN.(start I-cord)
Slide work to the right side of needle. Do not turn
Next row – K1, K2TOG, K 1. (3sts)
Slide work to the right side of needle (do not turn) and knit i-cord for 4 rows or as long as you would like continuing to slide sts to right side of needle and do not turn work.
Next row - K1, K2TOG (2 sts)
Next row - K2TOG (1 sts)

Work 3-bobble cluster as follows
Starts with one st
Row 1(RS) – [K1, P1] twice, K1 in same st (5sts)
Row 2 and all WS rows – Slip 1, P4.
Rows 3,5 and 7 – Slip 1, K4
Row 9 – K2TOG, K1, K2TOG (3sts)
Row 10 – P3TOG, turn. Fold bobble in half, WS TOG.
Insert right hand needle into very first stitch and K it TOG with rem st of bobble (1st)
Rep rows 1 to 10 twice more, leaving last st on needle. End off. Weave in ends.

©Adrienne Medrano 2007

Reverse Cable Rib Bady Jacket

Reverse Cable Rib Baby Jacket
(This is a modified version of Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket)
Size- 12-24 months
2 Balls of Lion Brand Cotton-ease (3 balls if your are making the matching hat)
207yards per ball
Size 8 circular needle 24” long, 5mm
Size 7 circular needle 24” long, 4 ½ mm
2 shorter size 7 circular needles for sleeve edging
Cable needle

Gauge 17sts = 4” or 10cm

K – knit
P – purl
PU&K – pick up and knit
CN – cable needle
DPN – double pointed needle
ST ST – stockinette stitch
PM – place marker
LC – left cross
RC – right cross

Reverse cable rib stitch pattern
Row 1. (RS)*P3, K8* rep from * across, end P3
Row 2. (WS)*K3, P8 * rep from * across, end K3
Row 3. Repeat row 1
Row 4. Repeat row 2
Row 5. (RS)*P3,(4st-RC) slip 2 sts to CN, hold in back, K next 2 sts. K2 sts from CN,(4st-LC) slip 2 sts to CN, hold in front, K next 2 sts, K2 sts from CN
Row 6. Repeat row 2.

Back, Front and sleeves (worked in one piece)
With size 8 needle cast on 60 sts. Beg with a knit row, work 44 rows in st st.

Shape sleeves
Cast on 5 sts at the beg. of each of the next 8 rows. (100sts)
Cont. for 26 more rows.

Divide for fronts
Knit 40sts and leave these sts at end of needle or on a spare needle for later. Cast off the next 20 sts. Knit to end. Cont on 40sts of left front only. Work 26 more rows.

Shape sleeve
Cast off 5 sts at beg of next and 3 following alt rows. 20sts.
Work 44 rows in st st. Bind off.
With WS facing, rejoin yarn to remaining unworked sts for right front, purl to end. Work 27 more rows. End at sleeve edge.

Shape sleeve
Cast off 5 sts at beg of next and 3 following alt rows. Work 44 rows in st st. Bind off.

Change to size 7 needle.
RS facing PU&K 146 sts evenly along edge of sweater. (multiple of 11+3)
(62 sts on right front edge, 22sts on back of neck, 62 sts on left front edge)

Pattern foundation row(this row is worked only once to get to right side of work) - (WS)*K3, P8 * rep from * across, end K3

Work Reverse cable rib pattern
Continue and repeat reverse cable rib pattern a total of 4 times.
Work 2 more rows in pattern
Bind off in rib pattern
Sew up side seams.
Weave in ends.

Sleeve edging.
(I used 2 size 7 circular needles for this. It can be done on dpn also)
PU&K 44sts. Place 22 sts on each needle PM.
Start with row 1 of reverse cable rib pattern and work pattern for a total of 3 repeats.
Work 3 more rows of pattern.
Bind off in rib pattern.

Complete other sleeve edge.
(optional) I added one row of sc evenly spaced along bottom of sweater (RS facing)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well.. this is my bag so far.. its kind of misshapen .. I was following an old pattern that called for raffia which I substituted with my bag yarn and I ran out of bags so I have to wait to get more... and.. blah.. I'm not so happy with it..

Then.. I wanted to practice on my knitting machine and make some swatches.. my knitting machine is kind of old and the pattern mechanism is not functioning anymore .. it seems to miss changing colors in many places so that pattern doesn't look like anything.. or not like it's supposed to look.. well I found a good use for the swatch anyway..

Here u can see that the patterns don't look like anything.. they are missing bits here and there..

This seems to be the only thing that has turned out right in a couple of days.. little ducky slippers for Abby.. she likes duckies.. I used a basic slipper pattern with a smaller needle than what the pattern called for and then made a ducky head instead of the bunny or kitty cat thats in the pattern.. and now everyone wants some ducky slippers.. oo nooo.. Guess I'll be making a few more ducky slippers in the next few days. (for these I used some 100% cotton yarn that was left over from a half finished baby romper.. that had been unfinished for .. ummm .. a very long time..)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


More bag action..I use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut the bags into 1 1/2 " strips to make "bag yarn"..

This will give u bag rings.. that u loop together like a big chain.. and then u have bag yarn.. more about bag yarn tomorrow.. This is the all time shortest post ever.. 0.0

Monday, September 03, 2007


What do u do at 1 am in the weee hours?...hum .. I'm sure u don't cut up plastic grocery bags and crochet with them.. what kind of craziness is this..!!

And in case u didn't get a good look here is a picture during that day also.. 0.0
and an endless amount of bags.. soon to be cut into more stips .. it's actually fun to crochet with and kind of feels like rafia..and has a crinkly sound when your working with it.. guess I'll get back to it..and the many other things I have planned for today. (^_^)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

KNit MooGle PaTTerN

Quite a bit later.. but as promised .. here is my knit moogle pattern. This pattern was inspired by the crochet moogle designed by Amy Shimel. As a lover of Final Fantasy XI.. I just had to have my very own knit Moogle and now you can have a knit moogle too KUPO!!
Knit Moogle Pattern


k - knit

F&F - front and back of stitch

K2Togtbl-knit 2 stitches together through the back loop

K2Tog - knit 2 together

PU - pick up

PM- place marker

sc - single crochet

dc- double crochet

hdc- half double crochet

slst- slip stitch


worsted weight yarn: 1 skein cream (mc), 1 skein peach (cc),small amount of purple for wings, a small amount of black.

1 piece of tan felt

Brown embroidery floss

5 inch piece of wire

yarn needle for sewing moogle together

1 set Size 5 dpn ( I used 5 inch long needles)

G crochet hook

Gauge: 22sts = 4 inches (exact gauge is not important but you don't want to be way off)

Body:(make 1)

Using a circular cast on (picking up stitches with a crochet hook and placing them on your knitting needles)

Cast on 6 sts., 2 sts. on each needle. Join to knit in the round.Pm (place marker) to mark beginning of row.

Round1. Knit in F&B of each st. (12sts).

Round2.* K1,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (18sts)

Round3.* K2,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (24sts)

Round4.* K3,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (30sts)

Round5.* K4,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (36sts)

Round6.* K5,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (42sts)

Round7.* K6,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (48sts)

Round8.* K7,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (54sts)

Knit even for 14 rounds.

Round 23.*K7,K2tog * rep 6 times. (48sts)

Round 24.*K6,K2tog * rep 6 times. (42sts)

Round 25.*K5,K2tog * rep 6 times. (36sts)

Round 26.*K4,K2tog * rep 6 times. (30sts)

Round 27.*K3,K2tog * rep 6 times. (24sts)

Round 28.*K2,K2tog * rep 6 times. (18sts)

Bind off all sts. Leave a long tail to sew head a body together.

Head:(make 1)

Using a circular cast on (picking up stitches with a crochet hook and placing them on your knitting needles)

Cast on 6 sts., 2 sts. on each needle. Join to knit in the round.Pm (place marker) to mark beginning of row.

Round1. Knit in F&B of each st. (12sts).

Round2.* K1,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (18sts)

Round3.* K2,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (24sts)

Round4.* K3,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (30sts)

Round5.* K4,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (36sts)

Round6.* K5,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (42sts)

Round7.* K6,Knit in F&B of next st * rep 6 times. (48sts)

Round8.* K7,Knit in F&B of next st,K17,Knit in F&B on next st * rep 1 time more. (50sts)

Knit even for 10 rounds.

At this point divide sts. Equally on 4dpns. 12Sts. On each of 2 needles and 13 sts on each of 2 needles.

Round19.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (46sts).

Round20. *Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (42sts).

Round21.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (38sts).

Round22.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (34sts)

Round23.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (30sts)

Round24.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (26sts)

Round25.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (22sts)

Round26.*Knit to 2sts. Before end of needle 1, k2tog * rep 3 more times. (18sts).

Bind off all sts.

Arms: (Make2)MC

Make slip knot and put it on a dpn.

Knit F&B of st.(2st)

(Do not turn)slide work to other side of needle, bring yarn across back and knit in F&B of both stitches. As if making an i-cord.(4sts)

(Do not turn)slide work to other side of needle, knit in F&B of first and last st.(6sts)

Divide sts. Equally on 3 needles.PM

Continue knitting in round,knit F&B of first and last stitch each round until there are 12 sts.Equally divide sts. On 3 needles.

Knit 7 rounds even.

Bind off all sts. Set aside.

Legs: (Make2)CC

Make slip knot and put it on a dpn.

Knit F&B of st.(2sts)

(Do not turn)slide work to other side of needle, bring yarn across back and knit in F&B of both stitches. As if making an i-cord.(4sts)

(Do not turn)slide work to other side of needle, knit in F&B of first and last st.(6sts)

Divide sts. Equally on 3 needles.PM

Continue knitting in round,knit F&B of first and last stitch each round until there are 12 sts. Equally divide sts. On 3 needles.

Knit 3 rounds even.


Knit across needle 1 and 2, turn.

Wrap slip first st. purl to end of needle. Wrap slip first st. knit to end of needle.PU & knit in back of bar between needle 1 & 2. Knit to end of needle 2. PU & knit in back of bar between needle 2 & 3. Knit across sts on needle 3.(end of round)

Knit to end of needle 1.

K1(K2TOGTBL)2 times. Bring first st. from needle 3 to needle 2 and knit.

Knit 4 rows change to MC,Knit 4 rows.

Next row.

Inc row. Inc in bar between first and last needle(knee)and one more time to equal 5 sts on each needle.

Knit 4 rows more.

Inc on both ends of needle #2 on 9th row of MC.

K1 row

Bind off all sts.

Wings (Make 2)The wings are crochet

With small amount of purple yarn and size G crochet hook

Chain 6, sc in second chain from hook, sc in each chain across.(5 sc)

[Chain 1, turn, sc in each sc across] Repeat 2 more times.

Chain 3 , turn, sc in next 2 chain sts and in each sc across.(7 sc)

chain 1, turn, sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in last st. (8 sc)

Chain 2, turn,sc in next chain st and in each sc across. (9 sc)

Chain 1 turn, sc in the next 7sc,

Chain 4 turn, sc in the next 3 chain sts and in each sc across.(10sc)

Turn,do not chain 1,sl,st in first sc, sc in the next 8 sc, 2 sc in the last sc. End off.


With dpn cast on 6 sts. Place 2 sts on each of 3 needles. Join to knit in the round.PM

Round1. Knit in front and back of each st.(12 sts)

Round2.[knit 1, inc in next st]repeat this 5 more times. (18 sts)

Round3-7 knit.

Bind off all stitches. Leave a tail to sew nose to head.

Ears (make 2)

With CC cast on 5sts.

Knit in garter st for 3 rows.

Dec. row. K2TOG, k1, K2TOG.

Bind off 3 sts.

With MC sc around sides and top of ear. End off . Leave a tail to sew ear to head.


With a little bit a black yarn and size 5 dpn, make a 3 stitch i-cord that is 1 ½ long. Leave a tail to sew to head later. Set aside.

(Make 2)

With CC and size G crochet hook

Round1. Chain 2, make 6 sc in second chain from hook.PM in last sc.

Round2. 2 sc in each sc.(12 sc)

Round3. [1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc] repeat around. (18 sc)

Round4. 1 sc in each sc around.(18 sc)

End off leaving a tail to sew together.


Lightly stuff legs with poly-fil. Sew to body with a whip st.(sew the legs a little towards the front of the body so the moogle will sit). Fill the toe of an old stocking with poly-beads, make a knot and insert into the body.Lightly stuff the rest with poly-fil.Lightly stuff arms and sew in place with a whip st. I placed one arm a little forward so he looks like he is waving.

(The facial features, eyes, nose, ears are added after stuffing the head)

Carefully thread wire through center of the i-cord so that equal amounts of the wire are at each end. Insert one end of wire end into top of head, bend and loop wire inside head. Sew a few stitches to secure i-cord to top of head.

Sew the 2 bobble parts together leaving an opening. Stuff bobble bend and loop end of wire and insert into bobble add more stuffing. Sew up the rest of the seam. Sew a few stitches to secure i-cord to bobble.

Stuff head. Stuff nose. Sew nose to head centered between the 2 bars of increased sts.

Make eyes by making 2 slanted stitches with black yarn.

Sew ears to top of head with a whip st, secure ends and tuck ends inside head.

Make little face feathers.

Right side feather.

With front of face, facing you, use a crochet hook and pick u one loop of a knit st along lower side of head about 4 stiches up from neck.

Chain 3. dc in same st. hdc in loop of next knit st. Sl st in next knit loop.Fasten off. Tuck ends inside head.

Repeat this on other side of head with back of head facing you.

Sculpt head.

Thread a large yarn needles with about 18”to20” of yarn. Put through the neck opening and exit about 4 sts from center side head. Push needle in about 4 stitches away(should be about center side of head) and push needle out on opposite side of head. Give a little tug to make an indentation on side of head, push needle in about 4 stitch away and exit on opposite side of head one stitch away from first long st made. Bring yarn around back of head. Push needle into head one stitch away from long stitch made and bring needle out of the neck opening. Tie ends together. This will give the head just the right moogle head shape.

Whip stitch head to body.

Whip stitch wings to back about 4 stitches down from neck and about 4 stitches apart.

Moogle messenger bag

Cut a piece of felt 1 ¾ inches X 8 ½ inches long.

Cut 2 small rectangles 2”X 1 1/2”. Round off 2 corners on longer side of each rectangle. Center one bottom (rounded end) to middle of felt strip. With embroidery thread, use a blanket stitch to sew bag side to strip. Line up other side of bag and repeat. Try bag on moogle and adjust straps. Over lap and attach straps together with a large X stitch. Repeat this on both sides of bag for a decorative feature.

I think you have it now KUPO.. your own private moogle to watch over your treasures.. Enjoy.

© Adrienne Medrano 2007

I liKe mY yaRn..!!

As promised the reverse cable rib hat has been ripped and redone.. I like this version way better... also I'm neatly typing out the pattern so it can be posted some time today or tomorrow.. I might go out for a bit today.. have to see how the day goes. I've been doing some job hunting also and that might be on the schedule for tomorrow.. but some time before Tuesday I'll try to have the patterns up...The jacket is a modified design and I will post the modifications I made..

I guess if u grow up around a knitter... u can't help but love yarn!!!...future knitter in the making..!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

fiNisHed.. baBy..!!

Finished..!!!.. My version of the Ribbed baby jacket..I came about this after realizing that I had made a boo boo on the sleeve length.. and decided not to rip it out but to add ribbing on the sleeves to add to the length .. then.. I thought why not add a pattern instead of ribbing and make it a little more interesting.. and well .. you heard that story before.. anyway here it is.. I really like how it turned out although my knitting wasn't the best on this project..I 've been under some stress lately and it shows in my knitting..oh well..

This story isn't finished yet... there was almost a whole ball of yarn left .. and I don't need to add to the pile of stray balls on yarn in my closet.. so .. I'm making a matching hat.. here it is so far. but this is not how it's going to look when done... I tried this on a willing 2 year old and it needs to be a little bit longer .. which means .. ripping it back and adding a few more rows in between the decrease rows.. but as I was looking at the hat next to the sweater.. I did'nt really like the stripes.. in this case less is more.. so since I'm going to rip .. I might as well rip out all the pink and just make it one color.. and this is what I am going to do as soon as I finish posting this.. I will also be posting my modifications in the next couple of days with the pattern for the matching hat.. Both sweater and hat knit up pretty fast.. I made the largest size.. the smallest size will be very fast knitting.. I need to shut up now.. don't post right after u drink a large cup of cappuccino.

I think I'm going to start a movie report.. I have netflix and watch a lot of movies.. I like comedies.. romances.. documentaries..anime.. and mysteries.. I'm not fond of horror..
I have the 2 movie at a time plan.. I just watched step up and really enjoyed it.. I like dance movies too .. and kiki's delivery service an anime which was cute.. not as good as Spirited away .. but cute.. (^_^)