Monday, April 30, 2012

knitting update..

 I actually thought that I would knit more when in NY, but obviously that didn't happen. There was lots of visiting and traveling to see my Mom and going out at night. Good stuff.  My sock grew a little and I am now up to the boomerang heal. Never having made this kind of heal before is going to take a little bit of figuring out. Hopefully before I go to my knitting group tomorrow night I will be able to work it out. My poor Seascape shawl has seen very little progress. At this rate I will have this finished by the fall of this year.. sigh.
Today all I have done is catch up on cleaning and deleting emails and doing laundry. Tomorrow it is back to work and then knit group in the evening. Tonight my son in law is cooking up a storm.. MMMM smells good. He recently started to attend a culinary school. Looking forward to all the practice cooking. (^_^)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

NY part 1

 I went to NY state this week to visit with family. The change from the already hot weather was nice even though it was cold. A view of the trees from the air. I love the hilly winding roads. There are no hills in Florida.
 I stayed with my sister and the first place she drove me to was the Montgomery yarn mill. Such beautiful yarn. I wanted to dive in the pounds and pounds of bulk yarns. I was unable to purchase anything that day and then we never made it back because of limited time and a busy schedule.
 The next day we stopped at DWS in the Galleria Mall in Middletown, NY. My sister was in need of a new handbag and shoes. I bought her a pretty black patten Guess bag that she loves. Unfortunately there were no shoes her size because she has such small feet. At least we found a nice handbag on sale.
 My sister lives in a quaint little town in NY full of history, beautiful old buildings and little museums. On Saturday morning they were taking out all the antique fire trucks.
 A picture of some cuties.
Music to enjoy......

Saturday, April 21, 2012

such a mess

 Ok no one said that Crazy Zauberball gets all crazy and tangled up all by it self. I think I'm spending more time untangling than knitting. As you can see I started my Burning stripes socks that I actually purchased this yarn to make. I love the colors so far, it's just the tangling issue I'm unhappy with. I might have to wrap it up or something. Below is a little picture I painted. I don't know how I feel about it haha. I looks nice I suppose and I actually have a place to hang it. Well off to work again.
music to knit by..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a quicky

 Super fast update before work. I knit a few rows on the Seascape shawl and last night was my knitting group. Debra, one of our group, hosted the meeting at her home and cooked us a dinner, gave us wine and desert. I don't think I need to say much else. I don't think we wanted to leave. I did start a pair of socks from my knitting queue that I have been wanting to make.
I drew this little Hobo guy on my iphone .. hehe
And a picture of the little ones.. omy they are getting so big. I will get to see them in less than 2 weeks..(^_^)

Monday, April 16, 2012

frogged yet again..

 For some reason I have been starting lots of projects, not liking them and frogging them to start something new. Who knows.. anyway I started to crochet a top and realized I would be very close to not having enough yarn for the project, then discovered this very easy knit top in the same style and decided to make that instead. I actually knit it on my knitting machine in an afternoon and then sewed up the seams the next day. TaDa!! I actually finished something. Well it turned out like I thought it would but it is a tad big for me. Yes it is supposed to be over sized but it's a little over over sized on my petite body. I used Lion brand Recycled Cotton and the pattern is Linen top by Kat Coyle. I love this pattern because it is so simple and wearable plus no fitting good for a beginner. I think I will make it again in a lighter yarn when I get a chance to go to a yarn shop. Something summery I think.

 This is part of what I do at work... picking up shoes and trying to keep the store pretty and clean for the next day shoppers..

Monday, April 09, 2012


 Celebrating spring with fresh updates..above is my new kitchen set .. Finally!! I had some issues trying to get a table for this room, I had put one on layaway, paid it off, it never came in, got a refund, had start shopping all over, found this one, picked it up and the table was damaged, brought it back and got another table, and finally here it is. I still have to paint and I would like to replace the light with a white globe style light.
Below are some new spring fashion updates to my work wardrobe. I just love these big square shirts for work. They are easy to move in and comfy. I wear tank tops under them and black legging with either sandals or wedges.
 Spring to summer sandals: I chose either nude colors or black for spring and summer as they seem to go with everything and I wont have a problem matching. Of course I bought them all at DSW.
As far as my knitting.. I'm still working on my seascape shawl (nothing much to show) and I'm going to start a crochet top. I scratched one project and going to start a new one probably tonight after work.. More to come on that.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/Spring holiday. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look (^_^)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


 Last night I went to my knitting group right after work. It was a busy day both yesterday day and today. We have a new district manager and she has been visiting our store the last 2 days. So that means lots of cleaning and making stuff just right. It was nice to sit and knit with the ladys last night. One of my friends travels a lot and she brought me back a beautifull skein of Rasta from her last trip!! I have been admiring rasta on ravelry for a while and the cozy projects that people have made with it. So I have my first skein of RAsta now! Thank you so much Debra.. I don't know what I did to deserve such a gift.. Now I have to decide what to make with it..
Having our knitting group at a book store has benefits like the two in the picture above. Sooner or later some good knitting/ crochet books will go on sale. I have been wanting a book of crochet stitches for a while. I have a small mon tricot crochet magazine with some stitches but I seem to always be looking for more to add as edgings and such. This Super stitches Crochet was on sale for $5.97 and I couldn't pass that up. As far as the sock book.. I looked at that about a year ago and wanted to buy it then  but didn't because of the price. It is now on sale for $7.97 and thank goodness there was a few copies. I can't wait to make the little penguin socks. They are so cute. It was a night full of wonderful things. To add to that, I recently purchased a new kitchen set that if all goes well I should be getting tomorrow. I really needed to replace the old kitchen dinning set a few years ago. So this is way over due. Yes there will be some pictures soon.. (^_^)