Wednesday, January 30, 2008

oh my...0.0

Well I've casted on.. and there seems to be trouble already.. I'm going to knit a few more rows and see if the yarn separates and kinks up more.. if so I will have to frog.. >.<.. yes.. yes.. I know.. I've been warned.. quite a few people seem to be having problems with this yarn.. and yet there are those that knit beautifully with it... so I had to give it a try..

btw.. thank u so much for your comments on my composed knits...I wore them last night and I love them.. (^_^)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fiNisHed.. baBy..!!

OMG... I finished... all the finishing.. so much finishing!!! It took about 2 hours to weave in all the ends last night...we watched Wuthering Heights and it me took the entire movie to weave in the ends...but when I finished .. I had a feeling of accomplishment and some pretty fingerless gloves.

Jody has inspired me to finish spinning my sock yarn. She has been spinning some beautiful yarns.. and watching her gave me incentive to drag out my wheel and ply the 2 spools that I had already spun. It only took an evening... This yarn is definitely fingering weight. I have that small bit left to spin and as of now there is 188 yards. I don't think I can get a pair of short socks out of that.. there will probably be enough after I spin the rest of it... So as of now.. 1 project finished.. and quess what.. I'm casting on another one!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

fuN TimEs..

All finished!!!.. well kind of finished.. I finished knitting them last night and started weaving in the ends.. usually I weave in ends once there are 4 ends dangling but since these are knit in the round I would have had to keep turning them inside out.. so I opted to wait and do the weaving after they were all finished... it looks worse than it is.. hehehe... anyway I'm really happy with how they turned out. I used a cotton/linen sport yarn instead of wool... and they are really soft. I'm not sure if they will stretch out terribly after a while .. I keep trying them on and there doesn't seem to be a problem atm.. (^_^)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

composed mitts..

My progress on the composed mitts as of this morning... I'm running off to work and had a minute to share.. (^_^)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

From this..

To this....the carpet is also new.. there used to be a yellow-ish shag carpet there.. the drapes are a gold taffeta with a cross hatch sheer.. the sheers have a scalloped edging with satin embroidery. The curtain rod matches the tie backs.. new furniture will be arriving next there will be more pictures...

My composed mitts are now 50% finished.. that means I have finished one and I have one more to go. I have already casted on and started the bobble edging.. woo hoo..!! I love these btw...!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

so little

Just a little bit of progress.. I've been helping with some decorating... painting ... window treatments etc... Maybe I'll take some pictures.. (^_^)

Friday, January 11, 2008

I had a few days off and was able to finish all my wips.. I then made this fluffy spriped hat with some left over yarn.. I modified the striped hat pattern from the book easy crocheted accessories by Carol Meldrum..It seems I have more left over yarn than new yarn.. time to whip up some beanies or something.. I need to use it all up.. and there is a whole lot of it.

I have wanted to make these mitts the moment I saw them in the fall 2007 issue of Interweave knits.. The pattern is Composed mitts and I'm using a cotton linen blend called queensland collection Cotolino .. instead of wool... I really love it.. I bought it on sale at my LYS but had only bought 5 balls and then realized I needed 6 balls.. the color that was missing was a bright aqua.. which there were 2 giant bags of.. and of course by the time I was able to get back there .. they were all gone.. so the only other color she had that went with what I had was a linen color .. which is the lightest color next to the yellow.. So.. when I started knitting I really didn't know which color to use in place of the aqua.. so this is what I ended up doing.. they looks totally different from what I thought they were going to look like.. but ... I like it..!!. well off to work for me.. (^_^)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

yes.. christmas is over..

Yay for finished projects.. the noro stripy scarf is finally finished along with a another boy beanie made from Bernat cashmere... and another Oversized beret made with lion brand wool-ease thick and quick..I really like how the stripy scarf turned out.. I need to find a nice pin or button for the beret for a finishing touch.. all these projects will be mailed up north to relatives that live in much colder areas than I do..

Now that Christmas is over.. I'm thinking about other stuff besides knitting presents.. working at Michaels craft store has it's perks.. and the stems are 50% off this week so with a little help from the custom floral designer I made these today.. not perfect.. but decent.. (^_^)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

can U believe??

Can you believe that I'm still working on the same scarf???.. well at least I'm almost finished.. there is just a little bit left of my second skein of noro kureyon.. the colors are a little washed out in the picture but in RL they are very manly colors .. dark.. rich..grey , black and brown with a little pop of brighter blue.. hopefully this will be finished today..

and... as a side project I'm crocheting another oversized beret in lion brand wool-ease thick and quick.. this pattern is free on the lion brand web site.. I'm up to the brim of the hat with is a total of 3 rows to go.. and hopefully this will be finished today also... So.... that means I get to start 2 new projects.. one will be the composed mitts from interweave knits mag. fall 2007... and the knit cardi wrap pattern from stitch diva.. I have always wanted to make this and I think it's something that I will actually wear. I just ordered the pattern today and now I have to pick out some yarn.. woohoo!!(^_^)