Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One pair of thick guy socks.. done...

Yarn dyed successfully to match yarn used for shawl.. done..

Now I'm on the final round of the shawl.. actually at the half way mark.. thats about 420 single crochets later...420 single crochet to go..

the guy knitter strikes again.. this is his first lace project... looking good..

we are off to prep a room for tile.. we removed the old rug yesterday and have some clean up and sanding and what not to do.. and hopefully in a day or 2 ..put down the tile.. so much to do...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

iT's A lOnG sToRy...

as I told u before I ran out of yarn on the last 3 rows of my shawl.. and then started dying more yarn.... I thought I had all the colors ( or flavors) that I needed but.. someone must have decided to drink them.. so I thought maybe i could make it work with what i had.. which was black cherry . orange and lemon.. pfft.. that was stupid..

so I went through the whole dying process and ...the results were pretty.. but just didn't work next to the shawl colors without the grape..
here it is... pretty but all wrong..

so...yesterday we headed out to the LYS and I bought another ball of cascade 22o and today I'm doing the whole dye process over again.. this time I hit the grocery store and loaded up with all the flavors..( colors).. that I needed.... the results will be posted tomorrow..
this is the other purchase we made yesterday.. rowan kidsilk night.. it has little bits of glitter in it and will hopefully be a shawl to match the dress in the picture.. My daughter is going to wear the dress to a wedding next month...this yarn is beautiful and I've been looking at this yarn every time I visit the yarn shop..

all that yarn shopping made us hungry.. and the smell drifting out of Pei Wei Asian diner smelled yummy.. if u haven't eaten there u should try it.. the food is as yummy as the smell.. it's in the same parking lot as AC Moore and Target on Colonial Dr.. one block east of the Barnes & Nobles that NYGK meets at ..

well.. back to knitting socks.. I was listening to this.. and knit half a sock without knowing it.. (^_^)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

hehehe.. check this out.. I got if from Nicole.. !!!

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This is called stash busting..!!! I'm knitting up a fast pair of socks with a 2x2 cable ribbed on the leg part..(I'm using the same basic sock pattern I always use and just added the 2x2 cable rib) I think that the yarn is so old it could be an antique !!! I've had it really long...I mean really long.. the thing is.. the yarn still feels new.. it's a 100% superwash wool and has a soft silky feel. It was just waiting around all that time for these socks to be made..

The reason I'm knitting the socks is .. I ran out of my dyed yarn (which I knew was going to happen) and then started using the solid red yarn I had planned to use.. and just didn't like it.. so I have to run out and buy one more skein .. dye it.. dry it.. and then I can continue. I have 3 more rounds to finish... It makes my skin craw to have a project almost finished and not be able to finish it..0.0

here is a close up of the colors..... pretty vibrant

Sunday, January 21, 2007

crazy colors for a shawl..!! for some reason I envisioned this shawl in these colors.. so there it is.. I like this pattern.. it's very straight forward and so far nothing confusing.. although I find working with the chart easier than the written directions.. (click the pic for a larger view)

I'm at the end of my first ball of yarn (about 220 yards).. each ball of yarn is a little different .. I can't wait to see how the next one will look in the pattern.. I don't know how much I'll get done today.. I'm going to help my bf paint his house 0.0

Here are my finished lacy beaded fingerless gloves.. I'm not really liking the yarn and how it worked up..it felt more like cotton string and is acting like cotton string.. rather limp and I guess it was a bad choice for this project.. on the other had I really like these and will make more but with different yarn..

Friday, January 19, 2007

dAniCa.. all dOnE!!

all done..!!! for some reason I just couldn't get a better picture.. I took dozens and these were the best..

call this the after thought inspiration..

along with all the other projects I have planned atm.. I started a crochet-a-long.. check it out here...

woo hoo.. I'm The Empress

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've been working on my lacy fingerless gloves.. I finished the knitting part and started the beaded crochet border.. the instructions say to string the beads onto the yarn before hand but I choose to used a teeny tiny crochet hook to pull the yarn through the beads.. I don't even know what size this crochet hook is.. many year ago my ex's great aunt passed away and left a ton of crochet needles and patterns behind.. I was the only person in the family that did any kind of needle work so it was all given to me.. and this crochet hook came from there.. it's a little tarnished but it's super tiny and it fits through the holes in the beads..

anyway .. first I put the bead on the crochet hook.. then

I pulled my working yarn through the bead pulling up a loop..

I put that loop on the crochet hook I'm using for my project

and then I chained 1 and finished the group of stitches that the pattern called for.. pretty simple ... a bit time consuming.. but fun.

. I was able to finish one glove last night and will work on the second one after I finish the last pattern repeat of my Danica..which is so close to being finished .. then finish up the other glove some time in between work.. tonight I get to teach circular knitting on both dpn and 2 circular needles.. fun fun.. a prelude to making socks.. or any other seamless item one would make.. I'm posting pictures of the blocked finished Danica tomorrow ..!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is what I saw when I looked out my back window yesterday.. my neighbor standing in the top of a tree... he was trimming it.. but wow .. that looked a little scary .. the whole tree was shaking.. and then.......

yesterday was the release day for WoW's Burning Crusade... and we had to run out and get copies.... I had to reinstall my game and then install BC .. it took about an hour or so.. in the mean time I finished the knitting part of my lacy beaded fingerless gloves from Knitting Loves crochet.. and today I'm going to work on the crochet trim with the beads... yay..so exciting!!(yes I'm that boring that crocheting with beads is exciting to me.) that's pretty sad..

So much yarn left over from Christmas.. planned projects that just didn't make it... I'm sure I'm not the only one that this happens to .. project overload.. and there is absolutely no way that all the planned projects could ever get done in the allotted amount of time given..so I think there will be lots of felted clogs.. pink felted clogs.. maybe wierd color combo felted clogs.. and lots of warm happy feet.. this will be my first time making these.. I've been looking at the pattern in the LYS for a while now.. just never picked it up.. and then.. this
There is a serious yarn overload problem in my house.. yarn flowing out of baskets and bins and just everywhere.. I need to stick to my yarn diet.... I'm devising a plan to use up some of the over load.. one possible solution is to get out my knitting machine again and work up some baby blanket for project cope.. I think it's a good idea..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A trip to the LYS.. and this is what happened.. 0.0.. I had the kid mohair in my stash but picked up a skein of Elsebeth lavold Silky Wool yesterday for the lacy beaded fingerless gloves.. and started working up a gauge swatch that is looking good.. with the kid mohair I was thinking of a very simple lace stole .. something light and airy.. there is enough of the plum color in the mohair to complement the plum color for the fingerless gloves .... I will be able to actually wear this in florida.. yay..!!

I also needed one more skein of Noro to finish my entrelac scarf which is knitting up a bit slowly.. it's getting there.. maybe 2 to 3 more days of knitting on and off to finish it..(^_^)


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lil Jayden progress report.. here his is taking a little nap ... all 10 1/2 lbs. of him.. so cute..

I've been a lazy blogger lately...and a lazy knitter.. This is my Danica scarf atm...I haven't gotten very far.. I hope to work on it today on the trip to the LYS.. 2 skeins is definitely not going to be enough yarn to finish it.. I'm on the second skein already and the scarf isn't very big.. so back to the yarn shop..

THis is the next project I think I want to make.. cute cute.. but with all the yarn I have in my closet.. I have nothing the weight I need to make these..0.0.. I might have to buy something.. I was thinking that patons brilliant might work.. and would make the fingerless gloves all glittery.. that's not a bad thing..This pattern is from the book "Knitting loves crochet"it was a Christmas present. I have to hurry up and finish my scarf so I can start these..In the mean time.. welcome to a new knitter..!! (^_^)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not too much on the needles atm..I had a house full of family and of course we had to see the sights in Florida..I finished all my projects.. the caplet and fingerless gloves and a scarf that I totally forgot to take a picture of ... I bought some Noro Kureyon at the LYS the other day with this in mind and I couldn't wait to cast on.!!!..It's so much fun..I never tried Entrelac before because I didn't want to make a sweater or hat or afghan.. but a scarf is just right..I didn't know all that green and turquoise was inside the skein of noro.. I thought it was going to be more neutral colors ... gray.. brown ...black..with just a little bit of color.. It was a bit surprising..u just never know what colors are going to come out of a skein of noro.. my books came today that I got for Christmas.. I had gotten 2 of the same book and had to exchange one and was able to get 2 more from my BF.. he's so nice..!!

We had a good turn out at NYGK last night..My family came and took up a whole table!!!.. Lots of knitting and chatting going on.. what could be better than that!!! I worked on my Entrelac scarf and Amanda ( in the bright green sweat shirt) was also working on a very large entrelac project..the lady eleanor wrap..

And then... ooo no... look who is crawling!!! here comes trouble..(^_^)

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Yay.. finished!! finally.. I wasn't paying attention and messed up the thumb gusset and had to rip down to the ribbing and do it over... but all is fixed now..I'm thinking I might add a little crochet someplace..not sure where though..

the guy knitter strikes again..!!.. he is making "my so called scarf" with Magallanes 100% wool.. pretty nice for a 3rd project..

new knitters in the house.. there is a house full of new knitters now.. my 2 nieces are visiting and both wanted to learn how to knit.. this called for a run to the LYS.. here is a picture of yarn shop booty..they both liked the same yarn.. it might have had something to do with this girl following us around the store suggesting this yarn over and over and repeatedly bringing them to the front of the store and showing it to them..kind of over kill selling tactics.. ooo how did that noro get there.. ???..hummm

well we are off to the beach.. bbl.. (^_^)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

fun fun fun

See...my fingerless gloves are coming alone...these work up really fast.. and are really easy... I think I'm going to make a few more pairs.. as after Christmas .. gifts..

THis picture is for Nicole.. see it fits..( I don't know what I was doing with my hand.. 0.0)

.. this is where my family and I were yesterday with the lovely Eve.. she treated us to a wonderful day at the magic kingdom.. we had the greatest time..and went on many rides..watched the fire works.. eat lots of food..and.... basically just had a lot of fun..(I worked on my fingerless gloves too while waiting on lines)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yay.. and it's about time.. I finished my capelet from Loop-d-loop.. I substituted Rowan's Big Wool for Lion brand wool-ease thick and quick... I know...big quality difference.. but..I actually had enough yarn in my stash for this and didn't have to purchase any to complete it.. I'm so happy with how this turned out.. it's perfect for a chilly Florida evening..

This is a stray skein of Manos del Uruguay.. it started out as this color.. and I just didn't like it.. so yesterday I dyed it with kool-aid and some wilton icing colors.. and this is what it ended up as..I'm pretty happy with this also and can't wait to knit it up.. I just haven't made up my mind on the project yet.. maybe some fingerless gloves or something..

This is the beginning of a scarf that I'm not that happy with.. I had one skein of yarn to make a scarf.. but it's knitting up a bit light and I'm not really liking it..

and.. the beginning of another fingerless glove.. this time without the finger openings at all... more like a hand warmer... with a thumb..

I'm starting out the new year trying to use up all the yarn that I have in my stash (this could take a few years!!)and my homespun..So basically I'm on a major yarn diet..I guess u could call this my new years resolution..!!!