Friday, September 18, 2015

A sweater recycled... and a new sweater

 Back in April of 2014 I found this Eddie Bauer sweater at the thrift store. The yarn was a mixture of Linen, cotton and polyester, which gives it a nice drape and sheen.
I unraveled it in to many little balls of yarn after which I moved back to the east coast.

I found a cute little sweater pattern that I thought would look good knit with this yarn. It is the Summer waves pattern. So I cast on in May... knit at the park, at work .. everywhere you can knit and finished it in July.. I added a few rows of the lace pattern on the sleeves  and omitted the garter stitch edging on the neck edge and replace it with one row of single crochet.
The fit is perfect and I plan to wear this to work once the weather gets a little bit cooler. A success story!

A seven month recap...

 After my move, there were a lot of changes and issues to be dealt with. I now help take care of my two grandchildren and still work. That left not much time for blogging. So I give you a short picture view of the happenings for the last seven months..
My car was totaled,, then new cars.. knittng at the park.. more knitting at the park..(still working on some of the same sweaters :( ... Made it to the yarn shop... started making cupcakes and more cupcakes... visits from grand kids and family.. more knitting at the park,, sweater started... sweater finished...painting from my daughter.. refinished an old desk.. and plugging along on the same sweater..
I'm rediscovering Florida and just life I suppose, working through hard times and finding the good times..

More to come.. I have a sweater story for you!