Monday, November 26, 2012

So busy!!

Wow it has been quite awhile since I last blogged. And it seems I have run out of picture storage on google. What to do!. Well I can still blog and post pictures else where and just provide a link. I really do not feel like paying monthly to blog. Anyway I have been working on more chunky scarf/cowls for my etsy shop and all my holiday knitting projects. Lots of family birthdays in November. Jayden turned six today and Micah will be two in 6 days. I survived black Friday. I worked and only went into one shop after work for birthday presents for the kiddies. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My son in law did all the cooking. It was just family and very quite, except of course the little ones running around.
My knitting group Christmas party is coming up, so I'm busy planning some fun games for the evening last minute gifts.
I will try to blog again soon and work out my picture issue. Until then.. the needles will be flying.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Just for Abby

 I finally got back to my Christmas knitting list and spent two days working on this little cardigan.. and... added it to the list of finished projects. Abby had asked for a pink sweater with a blue heart. I had this yarn on hand and it is sort of in the pink family. I hope she likes it. I just have to wash it and block out the cables a little.
 If feels like I haven't worked on my projects for such a long time. I worked on Simple Sprinkle #2 a little also and decided to not use the orange any longer and changed it out for a bright royal blue. I felt the orange next to the dark charcoal would look like I was knitting a halloween scarf. The ladies at my knitting group felt the same. The last time I was at the knitting shop I just happened to see one pretty bright blue ball of yarn and picked it up. My subconsciousness mind was thinking ahead. I like it much better. 
 See!!! I have been working on these socks a little each day and I actually started the heal, but then I saw a little bump in the  short rows and.... in the knit 3tog I had missed one tiny stitch and I have to rip it back. I hope I just have to rip it back to the dropped stitch and not the whole heal. All the wrap stitches can be a bit confusing when trying to put them back on the needles. Wish me luck. The holidays seem to be coming up really fast and for some reason I don't seem to have many items finished yet. Might be time for the super duper knitting machine to come to the rescue!

Friday, November 02, 2012

back to UFO's

 All the baby knitting is finished for now. These quickie baby projects took over a week to complete. The body of the blanket I made on the knitting machine and then hand crocheted the edging using ruffle yarn. Here is my ravelry link with more info.  The little sacque was knit on size 13 needles with Lion Brand homespun yarn and the hat on size 8.. Not my favorite yarn but it is washable and soft for a baby. Did I say that I just finished that today. Anyway it is finished and will be delivered to the expecting parents tomorrow.
 With that out of the way.. it's back to all my UFO's. Working on more scarves for my Etsy shop including one special order and numerous Christmas gifts.
 I worked on the sleeve of the sweater as I was waiting in line to vote yesterday. The line was very long and we were standing in the hot sun. I'm almost to the point where I can add  one full cable pattern repeat on the edge of the sleeve.