Monday, May 27, 2013

Twin lace leaf cardi

 Sweater update... it's finished!!! I used up every bit of yarn from the three skeins of Berroco Weekend. The fit is perfect and the yarn is comfy. I will probably hand wash it and lay it out to dry. (^_^)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

the sweater!

 Recap: Sweater #1.(top) If you remember I ran out of yarn and haven't frogged it yet. Sweater #2.(bottom)  Back, sleeves and front side panels finished.
 Grafting the shoulder seams.
 Oh such a pretty and smooth seam.
 Three pretty wooden crochet hooks, size G, I and J. I treated myself for mothers day.
 Working on the two front seed stitch panels of the sweater which are now finished. The scary part of this was whether or not I was going to run out of yarn. I was able to finish with only one yard of yarn left!
 Another dish cloth finished.
Yay! bubble tea.
 A pretty rainbow taken from the store where I work. It was really dark and bright but didn't show up in the picture that way. 

Next: Sewing up the seams of the sweater and finishing it. (^_^)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's been awhile... lets catch up..

 I have neglected my blog this month. Mainly because of some health issues. I have been having severe pain in my upper thigh and hip and have been to the er twice and 3 different doctors and acupuncture for the pain . All say it is a pulled tendon. I have been in pain for over a month now, but little by little the pain is getting better. The acupuncture really helped me get over the worse pain. When I am able to rest an not walk around much, it starts to feel better.. as soon as I work a few days it gets worse and that's how it has been. Anyway I have been working on my knitting and have finished a few projects. I finished the ruffle scarf a while ago and started on some dish clothes using up the big bag of assorted cotton I have accumulated. This will be and on going project until I get tired of making them.
In the picture above is some delicious Pho that I discovered right in down town Orlando. It is now my favorite place to go.

 I started this cute little scarf quite awhile ago and put the finishing touches on it this week. I just need to take some pictures and list it in my etsy shop.
 As you can see there has been progress on my twin lace leaf cardi. I finished the back, the fronts and on my way to finishing the sleeves. All that is left is the two front panels, but I think I'm going to need one more ball of yarn. That means a trip to the yarn shop very soon.
 This happy little fellow visited our yarn group this week. Say hello to Jackie's little grandson. What a cutie.
 Not much going on here... I worked a little of the right front and put it down to finish the twin lace cardi. There really isn't much left to knit on this... I need to get working on this again.