Friday, January 25, 2013

wip progress of the day..

 Little by little the multidiagonal scarf is growing. I never noticed that it almost matches my couch. 
Below are some new yarns for up coming projects. The greenish cotton yarn is for a pretty little vest.. here.. The camera does not want to pick up the true color which is a very bright blue green. Very bright. I'm still not sure about the color.. I'm thinking on it. The yarn was just so pretty. There was also a very light shade of grey that I also liked. I may exchange it.
 More yarn for another Simple Sprinkle infinity scarf. This one will be for a guy. The yarn I purchased yesterday are the five on the bottom. I need one more color. I was hoping for a deep red but there was non in this weight yarn so one of the top three colors will be added. I'm also thinking on this too.
 Last but not least are my little woodsy mitts that I totally messed up. Don't knit projects that call for thinking when you don't feel well. I wanted a mixed pair, one raccoon and one badger. That part was fine but the placement of the badger isn't the same as the raccoon.. and when did I notice this... right now when I took the picture. It is not worth ripping out 2 days of duplicate stitch. It would be less work just to make another one. More on this story later. Anyway I hope to finish the badger face today and sew them up possibly later this evening after work and then start the little dangles.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I feel like knitting...

 Being sick for awhile and slowly recovering as are many right now. I do feel a lot better but still have a cough. Lots of down time means I feel like knitting. I fell in love with this pattern because it is just too cute and just had to make some mitts. I knit the little mitt on my standard gauge knitting machine. It took me an afternoon and I don't know why. I guess it was being fiddly. I do not use my standard gauge machine that much and had to set it up and oil it. It is very old, so old I don't even remember how old it is hehe. Anyway I knit the mitts flat and now I'm working on the duplicate stitch faces. As always I did not want to wait another week to order the yarn the pattern called for so I used yarn that I had left over from other socks and smaller projects. The brown yarn I used for the mitts was purchased at least three years ago at a yarn shop and the label is long gone. I remember asking for this yarn and the only color she had was this brown. I purchased it and when I got home thought... ok why did I buy this shade of brown. Well it finally has project. Did I say I totally love the raccoon mitt so far. If you want to make one for yourself you can find it on or ravelry.
I know this looks like the same picture I posted in the last post, but this time it is finished and ready to be mail out to my son. In the picture it looks a lot brighter than it does in person. It almost looks pinkish in the picture but it is deep red in real life.
Well back to stitching and movies. (^_^)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is a test...

Ok... I'm testing to see if I can load pictures from flickr. I wasn't able to do it the last time I tried. I was getting a weird error. So here we go.

Ok.. what ever problem blogger was having seems to be fixed. Maybe it was my browser. I just did a fresh install of both browser and java. Seems that everything is back in order. I did not have to link the photo. As you can see.. this hat is ready to come off the needles. I just need to bind off and graft the top. The pattern was a little tricky but worth the outcome. Basically you had to follow the written directions for each and every row. Never had to do that before for a hat. Anyway.. photos are back!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm still here

Yes I'm still here. Believe it or not on New Years eve I was standing out side and started to loose my voice. Well I have been sick on and off since and it has been an effort just to get my self to work and find time for rest in between. But... I have still been knitting. The projects I'm working on right now are.. a hat called Den Arend which I started before Christmas and put it down to finish other projects and then kind of got lost in the pattern.. since then I have found my way and have progressed. Here is a picture of the hat as of today. Next is the Mulitdirectional scarf..(pattern here).. (picture here) I'm knitting this on my new harmony knitting needles. (^_^).
 A few days ago I was looking at some knitting patterns on Esty and I have had my eye on a couple of them and just looking at them again when one of the shop owners was  having a sale and I couldn't resist. The lace leaf cardi was so cute I cast it on the day I received the pattern. Here is my progress on the cardi. I haven't gotten that far yet. I have been switching back and forth from the cardi to the hat. My knitting looks irregular and I think it is the yarn needle combo. The yarn is bamboo wool and I'm using metal needles which are slippery. I like it anyway and I love the pattern. More pictures will follow when I get farther along. 

Oh and here is a happy little fellow.