Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Sunday blog..

A recap of the last few weeks.
 We got snow...again.. but then it melted the next day and rained.
A tragic event.. my needle broke. I was knitting next to my son and got up for a second and my needle fell on the floor.. he moved his chair unfortunately right on my needle and it broke. I ran out to Joann's fabrics to see if the interchangeable needles they sell there would work on my cables and they do! I was so happy because this all happened on my day off.. the day I had planned to finish my sweater. I ran back home and was still able to get some knitting done. Eventually I will replace the broken harmony needle so that I have a complete set. 
 On the way home from work I lost my hat in the mall some where. I went back to trace my steps and asked in the two stores I walked in but no one had found it.. so the next day I whipped up this hat.
 Poor little snow man melted by the afternoon after the snow..
Another Sunday walk to Trader Joes. I love trees and greenery here. It smells so fresh.
 Finally I finished my Miette sweater! It fits perfect, I just haven't been able to get a good picture of it.
 Another walk to the bus on a beautiful Washington day. Cool, crisp and sunny.
 Yay... a new project. This is the Halo cowl by Grace Mcewen. This pattern can be found on ravelry. The yarn I'm using is Patons Lace with sequins. It is so pretty.
 The Sister hat.. My sister saw my hat and wants one just like it! Well she is lucky because I just lost my hat yesterday somewhere at work. I has to be in the building somewhere. No one could find it. I really do not feel like making the same hat again. I'm thinking I may just purchase a hat on sale. I saw some at JC Penny's. This way if I loose that one I wont mind as much.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

just knitting

For some reason I am working on one project right now... the Miette sweater. I love the simple design of this sweater. It reminds me of sweaters back in the 60's. I did a gauge swatch and for some reason I think I'm knitting a little tighter than I did for my swatch. The size small is 34" and I measure 32" in the bust. So hopefully all will be ok. I should be starting on the sleeves some time today or tomorrow.
I have started and early morning shift one day a week to work on shipping shoes from the store. I have to be at the bus stop at 7am. Here is a picture of the dark early morning.. hopefullly spring will bring some early morning sunshine.