Friday, September 20, 2013

A new beginning

Not such a typical morning in Washington. We had a little warm spell and it was a beautiful sunny morning. This is the Lynnwood bus terminal. The picture below is more typical of the mornings here. Misty fog with a drop of rain here and there. It's usually like this on my way to work on the days that I open and the mist does something that isn't really nice to my hair and I look fuzzy all day at work. 

Finally I am on the last three rows of this cowl. I don't ever remember it taking me so long to knit something so small. Lots of changes lately and finding my way around has left me not a lot of time to knit. We are finally moved into our new apartment with all our meager furnishings set up. Below is a picture of the cozy spot. All my yarn is in the storage boxes in that shelf. ( I like to sit next to it) and of course my new computer that my son set up. It's actually his older one with my hard drive. I left a lot of my stuff in Florida in boxes and have to wait a bit before I can have them mailed here. I miss all my art supplies and spinning wheel and sewing stuff. But they weren't the most important items to ship. I also left a lot of clothing that I could probably use here. It was really hard to know what to bring. 

My little 60" kitchen.. hehe.. There is so much storage that we have only used the bottom shelves in the upper cabinets. There was quite a bit of cleaning to do, to get all the grime off the wood. It actually looks a different color now. I like to sit there in the morning and eat breakfast and look out the window. There are pretty trees and some fancy condos across the street to look at and the cars coming and going, people walking dogs etc.

So of the trees are starting to turn pretty colors. I think it will really feel like autumn here. I haven't experience a real autumn in many years and I'm excited about it. I want to make some  pies and get a little pumpkin haha. Below is a picture of my son working hard to get all the furniture together. It took two days .. poor fellow and then there was a mountain of boxes we had to get rid of, but all is done now except for a few little things. I actually have time to blog and knit today. Up until now it has felt like I have been rushing and rushing to work and to the store and cleaning and unpacking and on and on... Now I can start knitting again. (^_^)

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Knitting this week

 Here is my project of the week. I couldn't wait to work with my latest handspun yarn. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to knit with it. I chose a simple crochet pattern because I thought it would show off the color changes. 
As promised, here is a better picture of my sweater. Not much better, but better.
My progress on Dan's cowl. I haven't really knitted that much since I moved. We are still trying to get situated on an apartment. One that we were trying to get because the location was good, led us on a merry chase and just got rediculous which made us waste a whole week. Hopefully Monday we will secure the other one we were interested in. 

We see this pretty little patch of greenery every day when we take the bus.
I'm still blogging on my phone so it might look a little weird. Until next time.