Saturday, March 31, 2012

oh my.. pie

 I haven't posted in so long... I had a long work week all opening shifts after all closing then an early meeting followed by a baby shower and then furniture shopping after work.. I don't feel like I have had a day of rest at all. The baby blanket was well received at the shower.. there was the most delicious lemon meringue pie that I have ever tasted so I had to take a picture of it.. I actually had two slices!!
 Every person that attended received a little goodie bag... so nice!!
 And more goodies... cupcakes!! I didn't get pictures of the baby gifts only because there was a big window behind where she was opening the presents and the lighting was really bad.. so no pictures. She receive lots of clothing and almost everything she needs but a few items.

So.. what have I been doing? I don't really know.. not much knitting.. I did mend some shirts. As you can see I reinforced some beads on one of my favorite shirts that I wear for work and some buttons on another shirt and  a hole in a little shrug I bought because it was the only one in my size and they sold it to me for like $4.00. I think someone tried it on that was not size small and ripped open the seem. It's so hard to find clothing and shoes in my size and when I do find something that fits someone has either ripped it or soiled it.. so..I have become really good at mending stuff hehe.
 As far as projects.. I really haven't worked on anything since the shower gifts. As I mentioned before I have been running around shopping for furniture and there is a whole story about that.. so in my leisure hours I pretty much have been zoning out and going to sleep haha. I did start this little shrug to go with some sleeveless shirts I have for work and I'm not sure if I want to knit or crochet it, but this will be the crochet version as of now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last minute project..

 Yes I have procrastinated.. I'm going to a baby shower on Saturday and just started the blanket Monday. Well I actually started a different blanket last week and it was taking really long and I noticed a mistake that would have taken even longer to fix so I started over with a simple blanket made with the softest yarn. As you can see I used my knitting machine which makes the nicest little blankets very fast. It took me a while, I use that term loosely, to pick out a crocheted edging and decided on a large picot. The blanket pattern is the colorful baby blanket pattern that I have used many times. I am happy to say that the blanket will be finished, washed and wrapped on time for the shower. I'm also still working on the little socks.
 Thanks to my knitting group, I got a lot of work done on it last night. Adele is learning how to knit...she is an avid crocheter and is expanding. (^_^)
Music to knit by..

Monday, March 19, 2012


music to knit by..

 As you can see not much progress from the other day. I worked a little on the baby socks and did only one row of my shawl. Work and hanging out with man for an afternoon is to blame I guess. Today I have a day off and have been mostly spring cleaning again. Finally I got to sit down and have been checking out blogs and such that I haven't gotten to look at in a while. Here are just two that are so inspiring and beautiful. Take a look. Blue Peninsula is one of my favorite blogs to visit. She always creates such visually beautiful items. PoppyTalk is one of the newer blogs I discovered. Everyday there are wonderfully inspiring projects of all kinds. Thank you both for sharing with us all.

In my endeavor to clean out old clothes and shoes and just stuff... I tend to hang on to stuff for a very long time even though I know I will never wear them or use them again. It seems I do this when there are fond memories attached to them. I finally gave in and decided to get rid of my morbid boots. Can you believe I used to wear these ( I'm under 5ft. tall hehe).. I loved these boots when the man and I used to go clubing back in the day... but now they are just taking up room in the closest. What made it easier for my to finally part with them is that they are so old that the material split when I tried them on one last time before saying goodbye. So goodbye funky red patented leather boots.. On a good note.. I now have room in my closet for new shoes that I can use. (^_^)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

what I have been up too

 A very quick update.... a baby shower coming up soon so I'm knitting baby socks 2 at a time out of white cotton.
Below is a picture of the progress of my Seascape shawl.. I'm creeping along. Just started chart B.
 We went to Old Town Kissimmee where they have a hot sauce shop.. that is a whole lot of hot sause!!
 Last of all I have been drawing silly pictures with my finger on my iphone. Its a game called Draw Something.. if you see my laughing by myself .. this is why.. hehe. Have a good day until next time. (^_^)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

a new project

 Little by little I have been updating my makeup. It helps having a  daughter that is knowledgeable about these things and gives me suggestion on what she finds to be good. I recently bought new makeup but had older powder and this rice powder is supposed to set your foundation really well without adding a color and I just love tinted lip balm. This one is a natural creamy color and has some soothing herbs. I'm all for natural light colors. 
As you can see below I finally decided on a new project. It took me two days to decide. I'm knitting the Seascape stole found here. I usually only use my better yarn for shawls because of the time and work that is put into them but I just love the look of some of the shawls knit with this yarn. I had intended to use this yarn on the knitting machine but I wanted this shawl and there are some stitch combinations that would make it difficult on the machine. So.. I'm knitting it by hand. When I knit lace I like it very light and airy so I usually go up a needle size or two. I went up to a size 6 and I'm hoping the knitting doesn't look too dense. The little bit of halo the yarn has it filling up the holes but I will continue knitting.
 Just thought I would throw this picture in.. I saw this on the way to work the other day..

Saturday, March 03, 2012


 HOrray!!! As you can see the socks are finally finished. I ran out of yarn on the second sock and now that they are both finished I think one sock is like one row wider than the other which could be the reason why. But they are finally done, washed and soon will be mailed out.
Below is what is in my juice today hehe.
 We took a triip to IKEA and of course I want everything in the store. I found these really cute picture frames for .99 cents that I'm going to put pictures of the grandbabies in and display them on top of my new shelf.
 As much as I try not to be a messy crafter... I still am. In an attempt to be more organized I purchased this new shelf and desk at IKEA. Now that I have it full of all my knitting and crochet magazines, yarn and needles I think I should have purchased the next size bigger..0.0.. I still want to get a few more organizing bins and a tray for my desk stuff.
Off to work for now.. have a wonderful day until next time.. (^_^)