Thursday, September 20, 2012

1 down..

 More goodies from the kitchen. My son in law made some yummy Flan, chocolate custard and Creme Brulee. Yumm
 Yay my Simple Sprinkle is finished and I love it. The yarn I used is Paton's Classic wool merino. I just happened to have this on hand and didn't need to run out to buy yarn to make this. My daughter saw this and liked it, so this might just end up being a gift for her.

 The one mod I did was grafting the ends together instead of the 3 needle bind off. Not sure if I did it right but there is no seam ridge and it is barely visible. One project down and scores to go. This means tonight I cast on another project.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

crazy knitting

 MMMM did I tell you this week is bread week at Cordon Bleu culinary institute? I don't know which was better or worse.. last week was pastry week. Need I say more.
 On to projects of the day. I have been knitting like crazy this week on both my shawl and holiday gift projects. I fell in love with this scarf on ravelry and wanted to start on it as soon as the pattern came out... foraged around in my stash and found lots of Patons Classic wool merino in all different colors left over from other projects. The pattern is called Simple Sprinkle found on this blog. Once I cast on I was unable to stop knitting. The pattern has this addictive quality to it. I have also been working on my Holden shawlette and I'm almost to the lace part. I can't wait to start the lace.
Yesterday was Tuesday and once again I headed down to Four Purls knit shop for a fun evening of knitting with like minded ladies. Everyone in the room was  working of such beautiful projects. Again there was wine and good chatter and of course lots of yarn to gaze at while knitting and my little mind was swimming in ideas for another Simple Sprinkle scarf and trying to mentally match projects on my queue with all the yarns stuffed in all the shelves. I found the yarn below on sale in perfect colors for another scarf. It is a little lighter weight then the yarn I'm using now but I think going down one needle size will work. I also splurged and bought Berroco Remix for a cardigan on my queue that I fell in love with. Looking at the instructions, it looks a little daunting, but I'll worry about that when I cast on and work it out.

 Another picture of my favorite project of the day. (^_^)

Thursday, September 06, 2012


 Today I have many things planned. Of course the normal house cleaning and laundry. Then I have 2 cowl/scarves that I'm working on that I have to finish today. I will reveal these in a few days. My wip of the week is this shawl. The pattern is the Holden Shawlette. I posted the info on this in my previous post. The yarn I'm using for this is so soft and wonderful.
Time is passing by so fast. Can you believe this is my beautiful granddaughter growing up so fast. She is starting first grade this year.
 Ok... there are no diets in my house right now. My son in law is in culinary school and they are working on pastry. OOOO my is all I have to say. Everyday he is coming home with the most delicious pastries. They look too pretty to eat, but they taste so wonderful you just have to try them. I'll have to cut back on some other carbs so I indulge while they last .. hehe

 Last but not least.. they are finished and as cute as I has hoped for. The little penguin socks. I want to wear these with little booties and right now we are getting in all kinds of cute boots and booties at work. It's so hard to choose. Not sure if I want black or espresso brown. I have my eye on a pair that can be turned down or worn higher on the calf. I hope they are still there in my size tomorrow. (^_^)