Monday, August 31, 2009

wips of the week..

Progress on the socks is slow. I have only been knitting a few rows here and there so it takes a while to add up... but it has added up to the point where I start the heal gusset.. ( I keep saying that) Anyway I might work on them a little today. We are still experiencing AC issues here and yesterday when I got home from work it was 90 degrees in the house. I seems we have a leak somewhere probably under the ground. The AC guy recharge the AC until he can come back on Saturday to fix it. After sitting in the house for 4 hours until he was able to come.. I felt really drained from the heat.. I still feel a bit fatigued today.
A few days ago I started the Leaf Motif Jacket(this link isn't that good. The picture is in the private lives section at the end) that is in the fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. I started out thinking I was going to use up all my left over yarn, but once I started knitting it I decided just to go out and purchase enough yarn to finish it in the plum and black. I'll make something else with the other 2 colors I have left. This will hopefully be my winter jacket this season. DSW has some beautiful boots and shoes in just that color plum.. huummm...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

noro silk garden striped scarf.

The noro striped scarf is finished. It just needs a little washing and drying and it will be off to it's new owner... and of course I started a new project yesterday which I'll take a picture of in the next couple days when it looks like something. I'm still working on the toe up socks a row here and a row there. One more inch to go until the heal gusset.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

just socks..

I saw these items online and would like to knit something similar for the grand-babies... I think I can make a cardigan like that one from the neck down without a pattern.. and probably the hats also. I just need a gauge swatch and a head measurement and I should be good to go. I already have some really nice chocolate yarn in the weight that I would need. This year I'm working on Christmas gifts already and have added these items to my list in hopes of finishing before Christmas eve!!.

WIP's of the week. I'm almost to the point of starting the heal gusset on the socks and already attached the second ball of noro yarn which means I'm over the halfway mark on the noro striped scarf. (^_^)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

so many colors!!

I got to put in some knitting time on the noro striped scarf yesterday. It was my first Friday off in months. Rudy and I haven't had a day off together in a few months also.. We made good use of the day and treated ourselves to a wonderful relaxing day. He drove me to the yarn shop and waited patiently while I browsed and picked out yarn. I was hoping for some noro sock yarn but there just wasn't the right shades of blue that I was looking for. I'm starting my Christmas knitting and was looking for deap ocean colors... my son said these are the colors he likes. Well I didn't find those colors in the noro sock yarns but I did find 2 gorgeous Flat Feet and one has all the colors of the ocean. Did I tell you that these were on sale too. The purplish one is for me..!! Now I can't wait to start knitting with them just to see what the colors are going to do. I have wanted to try the Flat Feet ever since I first saw them ... probably a couple of years ago when they first came out.
On with my story.. after the yarn shop .. we were very hungry from all the yarn shopping and he treated us both to sushi which was so yummy. Then it was on to Down Town Disney for a strole .. we haven't been there in a while and wanted to see what they were doing there since they closed all the clubs in Pleasure Island and the Virgin Record store closed. The place was really crowded but not much going on there. There were a few musicians set up here and there and music was very enjoyable.. I felt bad that they were outside because this time of year it is super humid outside and stuffy. After all that we were tired and went home just in time for Rudy to watch the news. He loves watching the news everynight. Me.. I played catch up on facebook.. (^_^)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally finished....

Can you believe I actually finished these socks. I started knitting them on June 12th. That seems like such a long time ago. These were actually my take along project. I either keep them in my purse or in a little bag that I bring with me to work and what not and try to squeeze in a row of knitting on my breaks at work and waiting in line at the bank and such. All those little knitting opportunities start to add up and one day ... they are finished. This pattern is very easy and I was able to memorize it after a while which is unusual for me.
The pattern: Salis Socks by Julia Riede (sorry no link I couldn't open her page for some reason today.. slow internet or something)
The yarn: Yarn Treehouse - Melody, color Y23
Needles: knitpicks fixed circular size 1, 47"
Knit: magic loop style.

And as always new projects follow the completed projects. I started a basic toe up sock on size 2 needles magic loop style. The yarn I have had for a long time. I was hording it for probably just these socks. It's Zwerger Garn Opal southwest. It's a self patterning yarn with purple, aqua black, white and brown. This will be my first Christmas knitting project this year. I'm trying to start early this year because I ran out of time in a major way last year. Hopefully that wont happen this year. The other new project is the Noro striped scarf from Jared Flood, Brookly Tweed which I am knitting for one of the managers at DSW. (^_^)

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Ishbel is finished..
Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda
yarn: Bloom by Yarn Treehouse .. ebay store
Ravelry link
I used the yarn double throughout the project which would give me half the amount of yardage which ended up being 440yards. That was more than enough to finish this with quite a bit left over. I had originally wanted to knit the st. st part of the shawl in the smaller size and then the lace part in the larger size. ( the pattern gives both directions for a small and large size) but after reading project info on ravelry , it seemed that people needed more yardage to knit the larger lace portion. So I decided to be safe and just knit the smaller lace part. After finishing the shawl and having so much yarn left over.. I realized that there was most definetly enough yarn to knit the larger lace portion... so my only regret is that I didn't go for it. I love it anyway.. it is so light and airy and bright and the beads at the edge give it just enough wieght for a real pretty drape.

Speaking of ravelry.. maybe we should all be a little more accurate with posting yardage amounts and other info. Also , off the subject.. how did my queue get so large. There is no way I could knit all those projects in this life time. I went through it a little yesterday on my day off and cleaned it up, removing some projects that I no long think I want to knit. I can always add them again later if I want. (^_^)

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

lace and beads..

I decided to add a few beads to Chard D in stitch between the yo. I looked in both Joann's and Michael's for beads and the best match were the clear. It will add a little sparkle at the bottom of the shawl. I like this shawl pattern because it's very easy and actually is fast to knit. I haven't really been working on it that much and when I do it's just work a few rows here and there when I get the time. I think I'm going to knit it again with different yarn.

I finished one skein of the Chai merino/tussah silk top a couple of days ago when I had a day off. I decided to try navajo plying . This is my first navajo plied skein . I was a little scared to try it on such nice fiber but was brave and plunged in. I think it was a success..!!