Tuesday, October 31, 2006


enjoy... something to past the time and make u smile while i try to upload 3 pictures!!!!!
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

pReSeNtiNg MiSs BiTtY

Yay!! Bitty has a new sweater.. just in time for the cooler weather of Florida.. She is modeling outside here.. heheheh.. look how perky her ears are.. she has a tendency to run after birds and bugs.. so thats why she is on a leash.. my yard doesn't have a fence.. and for a little dog she can run really fast..

Here is a view of the sweater off bitty.. I used caron simply soft in hot pink and black .. the pattern was from a very old little booklet from beehive yarn co. for bazaar novelties and gifts.. I changed it up a bit and added a crochet ruffle edging around the neck and leg opennings.. and four little crochet flowers down the back...

Here is bitty again modeling.. heheh.. when i first put the sweater on her.. she was so happy.. her little tail was wagging and she ran around in circles for a bit.. I think she likes it!!! (^_^)

This is my current wip.. the harlet scarf #2.. this one is also being knit in patons SWS in shades of blue..
the actual name is natural denim.. I'm hoping to finish this either today or at least by tomorrow.. this scarf is also a christmas present.. I'm trying to bang out some presents really fast because I'm so far behind..

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just a little knitting update.. my SWS scarf is now finished.. and the weather in Florida has finally cooled off.. at least for this week.. last night I had to dig around for a tiny doggy sweater to put on my little chihuahau bitty when I let her outside to do her nightly thing in the grass .. poor little dog had a sweater that I knit for her a few years ago out of left over acrylic yarn.. but for some reason after being wash many times the yarn has gotten hard.. and lost its stretch.. so last night I casted on to make a wee little doggy sweater just for her.. the sweetest dog on earth.. I luv bitty.. (^_^)

Note: if u haven't read this.. take a look.. it's wonderful..

Sunday, October 22, 2006

ScArF sCaRf HaT

I've been having trouble loading pictures and accessing blogger.. I use firefox as my browser and sometimes it gets touchy.. today I used the explorer and yes there are pictures.. maybe that was the problem... so here are my FO and not so FO of the last few days.. a guys hat knit in manos del uruguay and patons SWS.. another one skein scarf crocheted in patons classic wool.. and a not so finished guys scarf also knit in patons SWS.. I really like the texture of this scarf..you ask ooooo what pattern is that.. well I'll tell u.. (^_^)... I have to thank the yarn harlot for the pattern for this pretty textured scarf. She posted her scarf the other day on her blog..( her scarf was made with very beautiful homespun that it seems she spun up either that day or the day before.. my word.. how does she do it..) anyway her scarf looked so warm and cozy.. in autumn colors .. i wanted to make one too... but instead of spinning my yarn.. i just bought 2 balls of SWS and I'm pleased with the colors and texture of both yarn and stitch pattern... thanks Stephanie.!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

nEeDleS n HoOkS

I woke up today and decided that I better start making some Christmas presents... soon!!... so today is going to be dedicated to just that .. I'm armed with both needles and hooks.. fingers flying...yarn lint floating all around me.....on the needles ...a hat that I started knitting with manos del uruguay for the brim and now for the body I changed to patons SWS in tones of grey to browns to black.. I previously used this yarn to make a one skein wonder and fingerless gloves... I really liked how the yarn changed from biege to pink to green... but as I'm knitting this hat... I'm just loving how the how colors are evolving as a knit each row...I think patons hit the jack pot with this yarn... its soft.. has a nice sheen to it and the color combinations are wonderful... everyone on my christmas list is probably going to get an SWS knitted gift.. hehehe. On the hook... a is another one skein scarf.. the pattern is from the Happy Hooker... got to luv one skein projects..!!!

Finished!!! one therapeutic neck roll cover and one WUA block..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yay!! pictures...!!!.. this is the cover i finished for the therapeutic neck roll..which since this picture was taken has been felted in the washer and drying under the fan..

this is the beginning of my block for a WUA blanket .. and that is also finished. now..

and.... a picture of knit-lites in action.. these are so fun.. I might get a few different sizes.. I knit in the car all the time at night and when we watch movies at home.. and everyone always complains about the light being on.. (^_^)

nO pHoToS!!

Well.. for 2 days now ... I've been trying to upload some photo's with no luck.. since then I have finished knitting...

  1. a sleeve for the neck roll ( another Christmas present done). there is a picture in a previous post..
  2. a block for WUA ..out of yarn left over yarn from the yarn event at Michael's this past Sunday
  3. just a picture of knit lites in action.. so cool..
But since I can't seem to upload any pictures... u can'tsee how cool they are..
If you are interested in WUA .. the pattern is on their website and there are free leaflets at Michaels and other craft stores with the instructions on how to make blocks.... supplies are simple.. worsted weight acrylic yarn and size 7 or 8 needles ... if u crochet size G crochet hook.. I knitted my block in a short evening of knitting and plan to make a few more.. they go fast.. when done .. drop it off in the boxes at the front of a Michaels or other craft stores in your area that is participating... if u feel like donating a little more time..check for the dates that the store will be sewing them into blankets.. thats a fun day too..

So.. since i have no pictures today ..I will tell u what's on the needles...
  1. a hat on size 9 circulars.. the pattern is from last minute knitted gifts.. the yarn I'm using is manos del uruguay and patons SWS
  1. the one skein scarf from the happy hooker..the yarn is patons classic wool and regency is the color
I am going to try again later to upload some pictures... hopefully I will have some success.. (^_^)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


vest and scarf are finished!!!! u can kind of get the idea of what they look like together (even laying on the coffee table.. flat ) In rl ( real life) the scarf is a bit too creamy in color for the vest.. but they still look okay together. I think it's a wearable set...yay!! knit and crochet together.. I like that.. knit and crochet can be friends.. buddies..they go well together... while knit is streamline and very exact in its look... crochet can be on the wild side.. exotic looking stitches..loads of texture... they compliment each other... i guess opposites attract..

And as i promised..here is another painting that i finished a few years ago.. this is actually only part of it.. its a full size wall mural on my bedroom wall.. I'll have to take another picture of it someday...the lighting is low in my bedroom so it's hard to get a good picture... you ask.. "well what is it a picture of" ..... I'ts my rendition of the birth of venus by Sandro Botticelli... and again u will notice the cartoony look about it.. this was also painted with acrylic paint..

speaking of art .. here is a nice link to look at.. it's a friends.. I think the pictures are beautiful.. take a look.. and enjoy.. (^_^)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Project update... my scarf is coming along... I did'nt realize that u have to finish one side of the scarf and then pick up the one stitch left on the foundation chain and start the whole process all over again.. even so.. the scarf is small and works up fast.. so now I'm on part 2 of the scarf... maybe I will finish it by tomorrow..

It's always nice to see a happy little face... makes me smile.. (^_^)

Monday, October 09, 2006

a LiTtLe tHiS a LiTtLe ThAt

One project finished..!!! and one project started.. I finished my pebbles vest and started a little lace scarf... this is working up very fast.. first the body of the scarf is crocheted and then the ruffle edging is added later. This pattern was a free insert that was in one of the knitting magazines I bought last fall.. as soon as I saw the pattern I ran to the store to look for the yarn that was used in the pattern
.. I thought it was a bit pricey and didn't want to purchase it at the time.. (I have told this story before...bear with me) I believe each ball of yarn was $5.99.. and 7 balls were needed.. so i put the pattern to the side for awhile..... and then...that same yarn turned up at the dollar store a few months later.. woot!!! (this word is gaming terminology when one gains a lvl or completes any kind of hard task) how could i resist.. I dug out the pattern and pulled out my needles .. played with the gauge.. and u know the rest.. ... I'm pleased with how the vest turned out.. the yarn was kind of difficult to knit with (maybe thats why the yarn is discontinued now and can be found at the dollar store)...the wierd part is the yarn was a bit itchy while i was knitting with it.. but in vest form its not itchy.. it's actually nice and warm and soft.. go figure.. It does make me look a few pounds heavier.. but I think I'll wear it anyway when the weather cools off..

Back to art.. anyone who paints usually has a picture like this... some object floating in a sky with clouds.. this is mine.. floating lips.. I've seen some tomatoes.. an eye.. dogs.. cats.. all floating in a pretty sky with clouds.. I didn't want to add a frame so I painted an edging kind of frame right on the picture..It kind of hurts your eyes to look at.. 0.0

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yes.. I've been MIA for a few days... and yes I do, do other things sometimes beside knitting.. this is the project of the week.. I've been painting my bed which has been in the garage for .. cough.. um.. awhile... and ... ( please excuse the messy garage.. we are in the midst of a big clean out).. I am now 3 coats of paint into the process.. one coat of primer.. two coats of paint... the bed was originally a dark cherry color... and I'm not a fan of dark furniture... I finished applying the last coat of paint last night just about dusk.. and I thought it was good to go... ready to start on the varish today.. but in day light.. eh.. there are still a few areas where u can see that something darker lurks beneath.. so on to another coat of paint.. sigh.. every coat takes about 3 hours to apply because of the posts and the detail...I'm a picky painter and don't like to see brush strokes.. so it takes a while to get it just right..

Just so u don't get bored looking at knitting everyday.. (I never get tired of looking at knitting but I'm obsessed with it).. sometime's but notvery often I do a little painting here and there.. this is a picture I painted of my dad when he was about 20yrs. old.. it was painted with acrylic paints... I guess my style leans towards a cartoony look... for some reason everything i paint has that look to it... maybe I'll show u more paintings tomorrow..

Knitting news....
I have had a little time to work on my vest and I'm adding the last armhole edging and sewing up the side seams today.. so maybe there will be a FO tomorrow.. (^_^)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wow.. October 1st came and went... where was I !!! .. Well... 2 days late... I have casted on my sock for socktoberfest.. I decided on Knitty's Thuja .. the yarn I'm using is mountain colors which I bought at least a year ago...and I'm liking this.. it's very soft and the colors are deep and range from green gold to teal and purple..These will end up as a Christmas present for someone..

This was fun to cast on.. I use the magic cast on.. the same cast on u would use on 2 circular needles if u were making a toe up socks.. it was fun and easy and makes a virtually seamless bottom. OOO.. I haven't mentioned what it is.. I'm knitting a sleeve for a neckwarmer thing that u can heat in the microwave to relieve sore stiff muscles. This will get felted later.. . Malabrigo kettle dyed pure merino wool in a worsted weight is the yarn that I'm using for this. ( if u look at the link.. scroll down to the lime blue)..this project is also from my list of things to be knit for Christmas..
Hummmm.. that makes 3 projects on needles at the same time.. scary...I usually work on one project at a time.. ( with the exception of socks that i keep in my purse for knitting at odd times in odd places)..I feel I get my projects finished faster if I only knit one project at a time..I'm thinking at this point that..I am definately behind on my christmas knitting.. boo hoo..

Monday, October 02, 2006

My halley's comet hat is finished...and I'm pleased with how it turned out.. mano del uruguay is the yarn i used.. which has that homespun thick and thin texture.. all in all you can still see the lace patterns... so I'm happy with it..

And here is my knitting progress of the day.. there seems to be a color trend going on here.. I'm stuck in the pink... but I like it.. I like all things pink.. I just can't have enough pink.. !!

I will leave u with a little pixie knitting tip of the day.. in PINK..
When I do the bind off for the armholes of a sweater.. after i finish casting off the required amount of stitches on the first row.. I knit to the middle of that row and place a stitch marker through a stitch.. I continue knitting to the end of the row.... I complete the rest of my armhole bind offs according to the pattern..now I can measure my armhole lenght from the center of the sweater by using my stitch marker as a guide instead of trying to measure along the actual armhole opening on the side of the sweater... which can be inaccurate because of the curve of the armhole.. (^_^)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today was a quiet day of knitting...did some errands.. helped with a school project...
my fridge decided it was tired of making ice and hasn't produced any at all today.. quess I'll have to call the appliance repair guy tomorrow... sigh.. well here is what I accomplished on my knitting so far today.. I'm knitting a vest with patons pebbles yarn... this is the 3rd try..and it seems to be working this time.. I kept changing my needles size .. first it was too big .. then it was too tight and had a rubbery feel to it .. and now its just about right.. you are probably saying .. omg didn't u do a gauge swatch.. well yes i did.. and it was pretty much right on the mark.. but.. I'm rather petite and the smallest size of this vest is a bit large for me .. so I went to smaller needles..which made my knitted fabric rather hard .. I had knit a good 12" before I decided to stop... rip and start again.... so.. this is the point I'm at right now.... but the story doesn't end there... the history of this yarn is.... I found it at the dollar store a while back... and had originally seen it at joanns at a much higher price... So how could i pass that up...!!!.. the thing is.. the yarn looks so soft and fluffy...is one of my favorite colors... but.. and there is a big but... it has a little tiny bit of wool in it... only 9% but dang it has to be the most itchy scratchy wool in the world .. how could only 9% of wool be so prickly...but.. I knit on.. !!!!

....and lil Abigail is looking so cute!!