Wednesday, October 28, 2009

machine magic

I just felt inspired to whip up something on my knitting machine and in my basket was this beautiful yellow louet kid mohair and pure silk. I casted on 66 stitches with the crochet cast on and knit 2 rows with the silk and then 14 rows with the mohair until almost all the yarn was gone. I had enough of the silk to add a little crochet border at each end. I really like how this turned out. It was very simple but so soft and has a wonderful drape and took all of 2 1/2 hours to knit up.. that didn't include the crochet edging though. I think I want to experiment with the machine again.. maybe change my tensions when using different yarns. Oh and the miracle about this is.. the machine has been in the garage in the heat of many Florida summers and when I plugged it in.. IT WORKED!!

What can I say.. I have knitting machine fever all of a sudden. I dug my light gauge machine out of the garage and took it apart and cleaned and oiled all of the 200 needles and set it up knit a few rows. It still knits very smoothly. I'm actually looking forward to learning to knit some socks on this. At one time I did know how to knit socks and Christmas stocking on the machine but that was so long ago I forgot how.. Hopefully soon I will be using up all my sock stash.. or at least some of it..

Monday, October 26, 2009

just playing around..

I was experimenting a little on my knitting machine . This was my attempt at the squiggle scarf. Unfortunately the yarn was supper delicate and broke at the point where I added the thicker yarn. But it can be done although there is more hand manipulating than actually machine knitting.. might as well hand knit the whole thing.. Now I'm about to go and playing around with the knitting machine somemore.. (^_^)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby gifts.

All the baby gifts were finished and wrapped and given away yesterday. She doesn't know if she is having a boy or a girl.. so after the baby is born I wanted to make something pink or blue. I think she is having a boy.. !!.. I wasn't very happy with how my little bear cocoon turned out only because that was really the wrong yarn to use for a baby gift. It felt so soft in the ball but as I was crocheting with it .. it started to feel a little itchy. I even washed it because sometimes the itchy goes away after a washing or 2. It did feel softer but the itch factor was still there. I don't think it will be so good for a new baby. So... I will make another in pink or blue in a cashmere blend.. I just didn't have time to make a second one before the shower. The other thing that bothered me was that you can see the russian join on the front. It looks like a little lump.. :(
So now it is back to the Christmas knitting list and preparing for all my company to arrive in a few weeks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

almost there..

Shew .. almost there.. I have one more bear paw to finish, then I have to wash it all and hopefully it will dry over night. I'm going to have to finish the paw tonight after work and wash everything tomorrow after work. The sweater and blanket are finished and just need to be washed also. For some reason it seems like I'm crocheting way slower than I used to and this little bear cocoon is taking me forever, but... at least it's the right size and of course so cute.!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

projects .. projects.. projects..!!

I've been looking for just the right top down raglan sweater to knit for Abby and everything is either for infants or adults or the wrong gauge. With computer technology I sometimes forget to look in my closet. Sitting there right on the shelf I found this book that has every type of one piece knit you could want.. all sizes.. all gauges both in knit and crochet. It's not exactly top down but just as good. The hunt is over. I have the yarn, the pattern and now I just need to finish up all the projects I'm working on to start the sweater.

I decided to make a fall wreath with what I had on hand. Most of which was from my daughters fall wedding last year. The woven arch was in the garage for... forever. The only things I purchased were the little picks that were all on sale at Michaels. Now I think it still needs maybe a rafia bow or something.

Another baby project. I just couldn't resist making this. It's so cute. I had a few problems in the beginning that are now worked out thanks to the designer who so kindly helped me asap. I couldn't get the right gauge and had to use thicker yarn and a larger crochet hook. I must crochet tight or something. The other problem was.. I didn't know how big or how small it was supposed to be and I really didn't want to start it over again. Did I say this is the result after 2 previous attempts. It ends up I'm right where I'm supposed to be at 12" long and 10" wide. Shew.

Please excuse the sideways picture. I'm about to run and get ready for work and didn't want to reload it. I finished the baby sweater yesterday morning and have 3 sides left of the last row of crochet edging to finish. For the last row I'm using what looks and feels like a very soft terry cloth. It adds a little fluff to the edge of the blanket. I was originally going to add this on the edge of the sweater also.. Now I'm not so sure about it. Did I say that the baby shower is this Saturday!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

so many baby knits..

So at the moment I'm making 3 baby items at the same time. I completed the body of the blanket and sweater on the knitting machine and finished the base row of the single crochet around the blanket and did as much ribbing as I could with what was left of that one ball of yarn.
Then I remembered that I really liked these little crochet baby cocoons that I saw on so I ordered the pattern and picked out some Bernat soy natural blends from my stash and started that this morning. Hopefully I can complete all the projects asap. The baby shower is on the 24th!! Besides all my projects.. all my kids and their kids will be visiting in November and we are having an early Thanksgiving while they are all here. Now I just have to find places for everyone to sleep and clean up a bit upstairs.. omy..!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

so productive

I felt so productive yesterday. Maybe because I pulled out the knitting machine and whipped up 2 baby blankets and a baby sweater in an afternoon. All the items need finishing. The 2 blankets need a pretty crochet edging and I'm knitting the ribbed edge of the sweater by hand. The green set is for a co-worker. Her and her husband didn't want to know if the baby will be a girl or a boy so she picked light green for the nursery. The green is a more yellow green in person. The yellow blanket is for a friend of my daughters that is have a baby girl and she doesn't like pink. My daughter is going to add the crochet edging to that one. I think she is going to make some booties and a hat also. Both of these babies are going to be born in December. After I run some errands today I'm going to try to get these finished off. I already have my movies picked out for the day.

Friday, October 09, 2009

from cast on to hat in one day!!

From cast on to hat in one day.
Pattern: Thorpe
Yarn: Vannas Choice, navy
Needles: size 9.
My first choice of yarn was wool, but for some reason there is no wool in the weight that I needed in navy blue. So I had to settle for acrylic. I'm still keeping my eye out for navy blue wool in the weight needed for this pattern and if I find some I will knit it again in the wool.
The hat is for one of my online gaming friends. He recently joined the Air Force and moved to Colorado from Texas and is not used to the cold. We have been through many dungeons and have quested together... killed horrible monsters and evil twisted rulers. Saved each others lives and raised each other from the dead so many times...I told him I would knit him a hat a few weeks ago for again helping me out.. and then he went and actually bought me Aion so I could play it..!! I hope it fits and and keeps him warm. (^_^)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My toasty topper was finished yesterday which means one more check off my Christmas knitting list and on to the next project. I have a few hats and smaller items to knit and crochet. Not sure if I want to get them all out of the way or start one of the bigger projects. And the socks..!! can't forget about the socks!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

simply natural

Nothing fancy today. Just natural corriedale top. I was spinning this with a project in mind and hoping for a worsted or medium weight yarn. I ended up with 10wpi which is a little lighter than I had hoped for but I think I can still use it for the project, Lush button-up Cowl. There is a total of 244 yards that will hopefully be enough.