Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The answer to that question is yes!!! I was able to finish the edging on my suprising knitting project with a bit left over for a crochet flower... For those that attended the NYGK group last night.. they know what my suprise project is... something fishy about the knitting being so smooth... so even..
could it BE............

Ummm.. yes.. I totally cheated and used a knitting machine for the project.The body took about 30 minutes to complete.. the edging was crochet so of course that was done by hand and took a bit longer.
OOO what is the project?.....

A baby blanket !!(more like a throw size)for meg(a)knits. Her baby should be arriving some time next week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of the finished blanket. This is a picture of it almost finished... There could be more to this story.. (o.0)`

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

dAnGEr wiLL rObiNsOn!!!

Nothing like a little danger once in a while... will this small ball of knitpicks shine be enought to finish the edging of my surprising project!!!! (this is a sneak preview).. more will follow....(0.0)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

some times the baby comes before the knitting is done.... but it will get done eventually..
...and sometimes the knitting gets done first.. this is a very simple but pretty garter stitch wrap baby sweater ... I'm on the last bit of the front ... hoping to finish this sometime today and move on to my next very surprising project.. stay tune..(^_^)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

aNd mOrE...*+*

another dishcloth... I like this has little ridges (good for washing dishes)and was fun to make.. if you would like to make it look here!!
Some more favorite dishcloth
ruffle edge dishcloth
and the festive DC cloth

Monday, June 19, 2006

miSS dAshWoOd...

Miss Dashwood is finished..!!!(well im sewing on the ties as i write this...I only used one ball of the yarn.. so naturally little booties were made with the extra..what is a pretty hat without matching booties!!!...on to the next project......I think some lace knitting is needed..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

tO bE or NoT tO bE...(opps wrong story)

Question:.. can this end up being this ? I shall know in about an hour or so...I was reading some posts on some possitive and some negative about this baby hat... my oun opinion is that the directions were written very well..the execution was a bit tricky... lots of knit 4s tog, cast on sts and bind them off.. and so on...(u need knitting needles with a good point) "if" i make another miss dashwood..I will know what to expect.. as far as the yarn I'm using.... its soft but not droopy.. just right for the hat..

Friday, June 16, 2006

nOt HaPPy...HaPPy

More booties!!! I'm not that happy with the finished result. I'm not sure if it was the pattern or the yarn.. maybe both.. I probably wont be making these again....

My short 'n sweet from Happy Hooker all finished. I decided to block it so the pattern shows up a little better. Right off the hook it looked a little crunched up until I put it on. I like it closed under the bustline so I crocheted a little flower pin to fasten it.. I'm happy with the finished result..(^_^)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

tOO cUtE..!!!

This is just tooo cute.!! The sweater abigail is wearing is from a bernat cotton tots booklet made before she was born.. ok oogling over baby time is over.. back to work...(^_^)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday, June 11, 2006

HaPPy BiRthDaY...!!

A happy birthday cup cake for my bf..the icing was a bit drippy..but it still tasted good.. (^_^)

ShOrT N' sWeeT

Another crochet project on the way...this is what I did yesterday in stead of..this
I was unable to make it due to car problems.. sorry I missed it..looks like everyone had a good time.
Yes I actually do knit.. I seem to be on a crochet binge right now + a shrug thing..I can't seem to stop making shrugs. I realised that I go through knitting (crochet) themes.. like the sock theme and the hat and scarf theme and the sweater theme.. now I'm in the shrug theme.. wonder what will be next..(besides baby booties)(0.o)!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Wow.. I was unable to post for a bit because of internet issues and then blogger had some problems and was down for a bit...soooo
.. I took a trip to my LYS (local yarn shop) and this is what I came home with...lots of cotton for baby booties and a baby sweater.. the last skein of lorna's laces which I can probably squeeze a short pair of socks out of...and some sock patterns. (if u want a closer look just click on the picture for the full size)
and.. who can leave a yarn shop without some kid mohair (0.0)!!

moving right alone... I'm adding the fringe on my sweet pea shawl..this one is made with..Feza Kid Mohair..its light as a feather..and I luv it!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

OOO haPPy Day!!

I see lace!!!! This will work..The yarn is some (old) phildar alpaca that has been in my stash forever... it was dyed pink with kool-aid a while ago.. then was moved from the closet to a basket...and yesterday i decided to over-dye it with some violet wilton icing color and red kool-aid.. which made a blackish concoction...when added over the pink.. ended up this pretty color.. I think we are a team again.. (^_^)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

a sad state of affairs

I don't see lace..(>.<)...this yarn looked nice in the ball.. but it's not for i have 3 balls of yarn that I'm probably not ever going to use... and no yarn for my lace project.. back to the drawing board..(shhhhh.. this yarn might end up in the christmas yarn exchange)!!! I still want to make the flower basket shawl.. so I'm going to shop around online for more yarn.. I was considering spinning some gray alpace fleece that is sitting in a basket in the corner..but that would delay my project even more..I'll keep that in mind for the next project(a more ambitious project)...(^_^)