Monday, December 29, 2008

the knit after Christmas... cont...

This is one of the presents I received for Christmas.. it's hand dyed possum lace yarn. I don't think I have every felt anything softer.. so now , of course I have been looking at some patterns that I would like to knit with this ... of which I found many. I did narrow it down to 2 patterns one is Ring of lace.. and the other is Futter Scarf.. I'm kind of leaning towards the flutter scarf but I would like it to be wider rather than longer so I would have to adjust it. I can't really tell if the yarn will knit up in a random multicolor pattern or in strips... probably more of a multicolor pattern.

More quick gifts were finished in the last 2 days. A Grr washcloth from knitty. This was super fun to knit.. just a bit time consuming..When I have more time I would like to make somemore. I think they would make nice baby wash clothes in baby colors... along side the grr is a mug cozy from Debbie Bliss knitting magazine and some dish scrubbies.. Below are some wool place mats. They all knit up pretty fast and look kind of festive to me. Now I just have to pack it all up and mail it out.. 0.0

Sunday, December 28, 2008

the knit after Christmas...

The knit after Christmas and all throught house
needles were clicking
and it wasn't a mouse,
all the present were opened,
and I still sit in my chair,
hoping that completion would soon be there.. ..

Yes I'm sorry to say that I'm still knitting Christmas presents. Working 2 retail jobs during the Christmas season and getting the flu really cut into my knitting time. Even though I'm behind and presents will be late...I feel good today .. I finally finished one project that just needed a little embellishing and made some progress on my flame socks. I was so tired when I started the socks that I was trying to read the graft upside down and kept making mistakes and ripped them out about 3 times.. I put them to the side for a bit and realized what I was doing and ripped them out yet again and fixed the problem and finally made some progress.. having no budget for more yarn I'm using yarn from my stash for the fire colors. I am actually using my handspun hand dyed yarn that I used for my zig zag socks and it just so happened that there is a good amount of yellow and orange left over. I didn't have any red and bought a rusty striped yarn and didn't know how that would work.. but it looks like logs.. so now it looks like fire burning on logs.. and I'm ok with that.

I finished my hello kitty set finally.. now I can ship them off.. a little late.. it's the thought that counts.. right?

Monday, December 22, 2008

last minute..

I gave the mutant gloves a nice washing and they are drying.. I felt I had to wash them because I was sick with the flu when I finished knitting the second one... I don't want to give the flu to my son as part of his Christmas present..

Speaking of the flu.. I still have it.. I still have low energy and stomach pains when I eat.. I have now passed it on to Rudy.. so we are both weak in the knees... I really needed 3 days of bed rest and lots of fluid.. I only got 2 and tried to eat sooner than I was able and ended up not being able to eat at all.. plus working on the 3rd day in a sick kind of stuper... one day off in which I had to do Christmas shopping which consisted of 3 items... We actually went to toys R us yesterday and found what we wanted and paid in less than 30 minutes. I was really impressed as to how fast the line moved..I was also impressed at how nice and friendly and helpful the cashier was.. I would rate them as A+ for my visit yesterday... Good customer service...Then it was off to IKEA for a kiddy easel and paper... it seems we got there right on time.. everyone seemed to be there for the same item.. after 15 minutes there were only 2 easels left.. so there again we picked up the item and left.. there was only one person in front of us in line but that was a little slower and we waited for quite a while... we left finally and picked up some food.. I ate what I could and then.. we picked up a couple books at Borders Books and drove home.. we were in the car longer than in the stores but it was still more than my body wanted to do... anyway with all that sitting in the car I was able to almost finish some toddler mittens to go with the Hello Kitty hat..I'm almost out of the off white and have a full ball of the pink.. so I think I'm going to make little kitty faces on the mittens too..

I want to ask a favor of anyone who reads this blog. 2 days ago my brothers companion and and best friend fell off of a 20 foot ladder and she is now in critical condition. She had to be air lifted to the hospital.. Would you send your prayers and thoughts to them.. Like everyone else these day life has been a bit hard for them lately and now this.. The doctors don't know if she will make it. She has internal injuries and a fractured skull. Thank you..

Friday, December 19, 2008

mutant glove/mitts

Well here is the almost finished pair of convertible gloves.. I was hoping to have these finished by now but a little stomach virus put me down for the count yesterday.. and it was all I could do to lay on the couch and watch movies.. I have to say they are the weirdest looking mittens I have ever made .. and yes there is something very mutant looking about them.. but.. they will keep my son warm with the option of the fingerless gloves for when he goes indoors.. maybe he will be less likely to loose them.. (^_^)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oooo.. yarn..

First I want to answer Chez Plums question as to where I got this fiber. It's a mill end close out that I purchased it on ebay... here is the link.. I hope is works.. I have purchased with this seller before and she ships out your winnings very fast.

Tonight was our first Christmas yarn exchange at INOKissimmee.. we had decided that it could be new yarn or stash yarn .. this is what I got.. wow.. it's so beautiful..thanks Elaine.. I hope everyone was happy with what they ended up with..!!..

Ok.. here is my current project.. I'm starting to call these the mutant gloves... I followed the pattern exactly and all I can say is that these gloves look weird to me.. They are suppose to be mens convertible mitten gloves.. I finished the glove part and now I'm working on the mitten top..hopefully once that part is finished they will look better..

Not a very good picture of my Christmas stick arrangement.. but its actually pretty.... really..

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wouldn't you like to find this in your mail box!!.. Berroco is having a drawing to win one of 4 different baskets full of yarn and patterns..!!! Take a look..!!

Woooo.. fingers.. I bought one more ball of yarn yesterday so I have enough to finish these convertible gloves... the knitting is going slow.. and I have to face the fact that 95% of the knitted presents I wanted to make will not get done this year before Christmas.. I'm going to try to fit in a few more last minute mittens if I can..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a white Christmas...0.0

Not much knitting going on here atm..I did a little tree decorating.. white and silver is the theme this year.. Michaels craft store is having a big Christmas blow out sale.. I think they will sell out of all the Christmas inventory before December 24th... I mean stuff is dirt cheap and flying out the door.

This is the about all the knitting I have gotten done this week.. Most of it on my breaks at work and a little at home when I had a few moments.. What is it you ask??.. it's a weird kind of man fingerless glove/mitten.. well hopefully it will become that shortly..

I bid on one pound of mill ends on ebay and actually won.. yay!!.. I love the black and white mix.. not sure if I want to blend it or stripe it yet.. I can't think about that until after Christmas... the white fiber has 15% mohair.. I'm excited about spinning this up.. I will have to put it to the side for a bit thought.. I have been wanting some grey fiber.. something nice.. something different. (^_^)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chococat .. the Hat..

Finally after making and remaking the eyes 3 times .. Chococat Hat is finished.. I now have a little family of critter hats to give as gifts.. (^-^)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

so is the new black!!

I dont know why .. but everything I'm knitting right now is black..!! and I love back knits but black is the only color I don't like knitting with.. I have to have good light or I just can't seem to see what I'm doing. Anyway the first is the Hot rod socks which will be the yearly Christmas socks I knit for my bf ( I don't know if I will even finish them before Christmas).. I'm using Patons Kroy in black and some left over handspun for these on a US size 1 needle. The needles are.. my knit pick fixed circular ... Because of the flame design, I decided to knit one at a time..

This is my chococat hat.. or what I have knit of the chococat hat so far. I'm having a bit of a set back for the eyes.. I tried crocheting them and I didn't really like how they looked so I am going try knitting them this time and see if I like them better.. This was knit with some old Phildar lenox superwash wool on a size 8 circular... and I'm using what ever I can find in the stash for the ears, eyes and nose.
I don't know when I will get to blog next.. I'm trying to fit it in here and there.. I don't have a day off for a while.. so when ever I have a free moment of time I'll squeese in some blogging and knitting... (^_^)