Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm so Rude!!

I'm still working on the same projects... a baby blanket .. a pair of booties and my icarus shawl.. actually I haven't touched my icarus shawl in a week or so...I really have no pictures today and it is raining an a little dark... I'll have to wait for another day for pictures. In the mean time.. I have been looking at some new patterns to put on my already very large knitting queue... well compared to some people my queue on ravelry is kind of small.. I have 127 items in my queue..It would probably take me 2 years to knit all that.. but it is doable... I notice some people on ravelry have gigantic queues.. I saw one with 4800+ items.. I can't see that I could ever knit all that in a lifetime.. heheh...I sometimes wonder who has the largest queue on ravelry.. and if they plan to someday knit all those items..
Anyway here are some new items I would like to knit..(not on my queue yet!!)... I love these leg warmers.. these are knit with sock yarn from lion brand.. there was another pair that I also liked that I had previously posted and they were knit with worsted weight yarn.. lion brand wool-ease to be exact.. those might be kind of heavy for florida even in would be the scarf from Tahki Stacy Charles,Inc. for the Loop-d-Loop fall winter.... and finally the little green sweater I found in the magazine Living Crafts.. I wanted to make that for Abby... so much knitting.. so little time..

A lot of changes at work lately... a new dress code will be implemented this monday which ment going out to buy new clothes last night... I really didn't have extra money for this but will not be able to work unless I show up properly dress.. khaki pants and black polo shirts with a new black half apron.. so starting this Monday all Michaels employees will be dressed like this... being rather petite... I went to 7 stores before we ended up in JCPenney juniors dept. where I finally found what I needed in sizes that actually fit...
Since I'm already talking about work.. I was a little rude to a customer the other day and I feel bad about it.. the words were out of my mouth before I had time to think or stop them.. well here is the story... this week Michaels has discounted some clearence merchandize to 90% off the orginal price.. pretty great when some decor items are now selling for $2 and less.. well.. we also had our croc look-a-likes in a big display for 90% off.. so they were selling for .79 cents.. all sizes.. let me tell you they were flying out of the store.. so anyway this customer comes to my register and she buy 2 pairs of croc look a likes for .79 cents each .. after the transaction was complete asked me what the orginal price of the shoes were.. so I told her $4.99 which I remember them selling for.. she then said ( and not too nicely)"well thats not 90% off" and .. here comes the rude part.. I asked her .. "your arguing when you just bought those for .79 cents?!".. she then turned stiff... gave me a nasty look and went straight to the front end supervisor and complained about me.... ooo well.. I guess I'm not perfect.. and in actuallity they were on sale for somewhere inbetween 85% and 90%.. who knows.. I just wouldn't have caused a fuss about something that was .79 cents.. and if I didn't have enough money to purchase an item.. well I just wouldn't buy them... but thats me..
The End...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

can U believe??

Can you believe that my razor cami is actually finished.!!! I finished the straps and tucked in the ends yesterday (more pictures coming soon)... and then........

I immediately started adding a crochet border to this machine knit blanket (pattern here) that I had already finished a while ago... I know a young girl that is having a baby very soon.. her due date is October 1st. She is not married and her bf said he didn't want anything to do with her now.. he said he would pay for child support at least.. so nice of him.. anyway she also lost her job when they found out she was expecting and I heard she is not having a baby shower.... so... I wanted to make a few items for her.. she knows she is having a little girl.. there are a few other patterns I have my eye on that are fast .. some booties and a little lacy hat..hopefully I will have a little extra cash to buy some diapers and a few other necessities when I finish the knitting.

omy ... how do they know how to do these things so young.. (^_^)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

stoRm effEcts

This is the 3rd day in a row that I will try to finish my razor cami.. on the first of the 3 days... it seems there was more ripping back then knitting.. I would knit 5 rows.. see a funny looking stitch down below and undo a few stitches to see if I could fix it.. and would end up making it look worse.. so thenI would rip out what I had just knitted.. that went on throughout the day so by the end of the day I was actually on the same row as I had started out that morning.. On the second day of the 3 days.. there was more of the same ridiculous knitting and ripping of rows.. except that I had actually finished a few rows ahead of where I had started that day.. on day 3 of the 3 days ( which was yesterday).. I was determined to finish this razor cami... I did rip out what I had knit the day before but from that point on I actually stopped ripping so that last night.. I was above the arm holes and moving up the front.. Today I am starting in the middle of the front and have to finish the back and add staps.. I'm sure I will finish this by this evening... I'm sure!!

In the midst of all my knitting and ripping we were having the effects of Fay.. no major damage to my home this time.. a few minor leaks sprung yesterday.. the last few outer bands of the storm dropped quite a bit of water all at once to an already rain saturated ground...
Some other minor things occurred that were basically storm related as follows..
The lawn maintainance man couldn't mow the lawn Wednesday because of all the rain and in some places it is now almost 12" high and the ground is still very wet..
The garbage pick up was canceled for Tuesday because of the storm.. and I didn't put the garbage out yesterday because of the wind.. I'm sure it would have blown all over the neighborhood.. so now I have a garage full of garbage bags and have to wait for Tuesday pick up to come around again... ew
Then last night we sprung some leaks... one was on the carpet next to my computer and is a little damp today... and it doesn't smell very nice .. so today I'm going to shampoo the carpet and hope that it will dry ok..
Here are some pictures of my very lush high grass and my un-manicured front lawn.. and driveway in need of repairs.. (-.-);

Thursday, August 21, 2008

stress and worry

After finishing my Ravelympics project .. it's back to finishing projects that were on the needles. I was knitting these little angora booties and was at the half way finished point when I started my ravelympic project.. so I just wanted to finish them up and knew they would go fast.. these are knit with a small ball of angora hand spun.. that I spun just for them... I think I could have added a little more angora to the wool fleece.. but they still feel really soft and fluffy anyway.

Fay caused a lot of concern in the last few days... they kept emphasizing the fact that there was a great chance for tornadoes to develop in the red highlighted areas.. as you can see.. Kissimmee was also highlighted in red.. so in fear of flooding and other disasters I called out from work.. and sat at home with my hurricane supplies (you know the usual water, flashlights, candles, dry food snacks etc.) and watched the news.. I knitted most of the day.. and waited .. realized at 5pm that nothing really was going on and I could have gone to work.. and not missed a shift... I continued to watch the news... I finally fell asleep at like 2 am watching the news... kept waking up every time I heard the wind.. (nothing but wind) woke up real late the next day.. to nothing more than wind and rain.. a waisted day of stress and worry and a missed work day...

Here is what Fay looked like from my front door.. just some wind and rain..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the Podium!!

As of 4 pm.. est.. my Zig Zag socks were finished.!! I was up on the podium and have received my medals for Sock put and Hand spun Heptathlon.. was offered a complimentary pair of shoes to walk away with... hehe..

hourly update..!!

Yay.. at the toes.. one more row... and then grafting off.. I see the finish line!!

just the toes!!

Just the toes of these socks are left...and soon to be finished today... After 4 closing shifts in a row.. I'm moving slow today... but these WILL get finished..!!.. The air-conditioner is supposed to be fixed.. for the final time today.. there is a leak somewhere.. I don't know how hot its going to get in here during the process.. hopefully not very hot...If you have been watching the news.. there is the chance of a hurricane / tropical storm heading this way .. and we will start feeling the effects.. rain and wind starting Monday or Tuesday.. The second meeting of INOKissimmee is scheduled for this Tuesday.. if the weather is bad it is very unlikely that there will be a meeting... I'll send a notice out if that is the case.. Gratz to all you ravelympics medal winners..!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We have heals.. yay.. as you can see these socks do not look like a pair.. but I like them any way. They are very fitted which is not the norm for me.. most of my socks are a little big because my feet are small.. but these are going to fit just right... I also made them a little shorter because I looked up the yardage that other people used and I have about 30yards less.. at this point it seems I have a lot of yarn left though.. thats the benefit of toe up socks.. you can use up all your yarn and alway have enough.. no guess work... not the case in leg down socks..I think I might have yarn left overs..

What have you been doing as you knit your ravelympic projects... I've been watching the olympics of course.. I love the gymnastics, synchronized diving, swimming .. well just about everything.. and when they aren't on.. I've been watching some movies.. here are a few that I have watched and enjoyed in between the stitches.. Starter for ten, Lars and the Real Girl and the other Boleyn Girl.

You Are Apple Green

You are almost super-humanly upbeat. You have a very positive energy that surrounds you.

And while you are happy go lucky, you're also charmingly assertive.

You get what you want, even if you have to persuade those against you to see things your way.

Reflective and thoughtful, you know yourself well - and you know that you want out of life.

I got this from Yarnish.. we are both knitting the Icarus shawl.. and thanks to Jackie I'm on ravelry.. (^_^)..!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

pretty sock.. ugly sock..!!!

This was my progress as of yesterday morning on my zig zag socks for the ravelympics....

This is where I left off last night... there is no resemblance from one sock to the other.. all I can say at this point is .. ugly sock.. pretty sock... this is handspun yarn and there is some variance it the thickness here and there and obviously the colors... but.. they feel really soft... I hope soon they will look a little more like a pair..

Friday, August 08, 2008

on your mark.. get set.. go!!!

All was set and ready for today..

Ready.. get set... go...!! the cast on was giving me some trouble I twisted one sock and had to start it over again.. the second time all went well and now that the cuff is finished all is going smoothly.. these socks are not going to match .. at all.. and I would have preferred the toe up version .. the cuff down version is definitely the harder way to cast on.. so many stitches and yarn coming from all directions and getting all tangled up on the was careful going there for a bit.. hopefully smooth sailing from this point on.. I'm sprinting to the store.. for some food then I'll be working on these again later in the day..

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm getting all my supplies together.. needles .. yarn.. pattern.. getting a good nights rest...
My project is Zig Zag socks..
My yarn is Candy stripes handspun sock yarn.
My needles are knitpicks fixed circulars size 2..

So exciting.. good luck to all you ravelers that are participating.. (^_^)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

bit by bit..

Projects are moving along bit by bit.. to the left is my razor cami.. I only work on it during my breaks at work and sometimes they are only 15 minutes..I have 10 more eyelet rows to knit to the armhole divide to the right is my icarus shawl.. I spend an evening here and there working on it.. any time I find the time... and I worked on it at the last OKW meeting.. the colors are changing so prettily.. right now I'm in the middle of the 4th repeat of chart 1... it looks small..

I spun some soft angora/wool dk yarn specifically to make these baby booties... the pattern is in LMKG... more about these later..