Monday, February 26, 2007

I finally finished this skein of gray superwash merino that's been on the spool of my spinning wheel forever... 236 yards of a medium or worsted weight I have to think of a nice project to make with it.. probably something for a guy.. (^_^) .. and there is a lot more of this fleece to spin up.. probably enough for a sweater...

this morning I worked on putting finishing touches on my projects.. I sewed the buttons on my ubernatural pattern by Stefanie Japel... I couldn't find 9 buttons large enough so decided to buy some wood discs and drill holes in them and paint them black.. I did that yesterday..I like how they turned out and they are light so they don't weigh down the front of the sweater.. I used 3 strands of patons classic wool merino held together on a size 17 needle.. which made the sweater soft and spongy feeling... a good way to use up extra yarn.. it fits nice too.. I would make this again..

a weird view of my finished lace tank top.. I used ribbon instead of the crochet ties used in the pattern.. I like it better...I didn't think that the little crochet chain would feel very comfortable around my neck after an hour or so..

when I woke up this morning I noticed this sooty black mark on the rug that no one in the house has any idea how it got there... hummm.. I vacuumed the loose particles up but there is still a black mysterious smudge.. well guess I'll go shampoo the rug now..

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm still here.. hanging out .. knitting .. ripping .. knitting.. ripping.. knitting.. and working on finishing some sitting little Jayden.. yadda yadda..

well something is actually being knit.. hopefully I'll be done sometime today. I'm trying to knit up lots of stash yarn.. and yarn that I have from over buying for projects... this project promised to use up 800 yards of yarn but it hasn't come close yet.. the full scoop in the next post.. (^_^)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A little more than 8 hours later and this project is finished.. this was really fun to knit and really fast.. and look!!! it's a simple lace pattern.. I encountered no problems at all with this pattern.. and what's even better it actually fits and looks nice... the pattern calls for crochet halter straps but I'm going to sew on some tan grosgrain ribbon.. if I make this again ... I will use a size smaller needle for the waist ribbing.. I would have liked it to be a little snugger.. unfortunately I saw this as I was knitting but I didn't have the next size down needle which is a 10 1/2 26" circular.. so I continued on the size 11.....

The pattern is from Interweave Knits spring 2007.. it's the tea rose halter top...the yarn was very old worsted weight cotton from phildar and pingouin yarns one strand of each held together.

Monday, February 19, 2007

some one is happy and warm in a cute knit hat..(^_^)

THis week end I was working on my scarf/shawl and another set of cable wrist warmers... I really like how they turned out even though they look totally different. .. and both are from the same skein of noro silk garden... I might have to get another ball of the same color and make a second set.. so I will have 2 matching pairs.

I wanted to finish them so I could start this... I'm using stash yarn that has to be 100 years old.. but still nice..both are 100% cotton and I'm using one strand of each together... My math tells me I will have more than enough to finish.. we will see.. more on this later.. I'm obsessed with this project right now.. in a knitting frenzy..!!!.. I'm going to walk my dog and get some fresh air .. then back to knitting.. (^_^)*+*+

Thursday, February 15, 2007

(^_^) my yummy valentine... the little rose bouquet is actually a key chain.. so cute..

and I'm so relieved..!!! it's fixed.. I ripped out about 4 rows and carefully picked up the stitches and knitted a few rows and all is right again..

here again is a picture of the finished scarf/shawl.. and the yarn I'm using is feza kid mohair..and hopefully mine will look as lovely when finished..(I purchased this yarn at my LYS)

(u can click on the picture for a larger view)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

riPpLe ...RiPpLe

I've been working little samples of ripple or wave stitch with wilton/kool aid dyed yarn.. there are lots of variations.. I'm still working little samples up for the perfect one..0.0.. this will become a striped scarf...probably out of SWS by patons yarns.

yes.. another pair of cabled fingerless gloves.. for these I'm using noro silk garden color 249.. then some time in the future I wanted to knit another lacy scarf/shawl with this pretty soft yellow mohair.. I don't usually buy yellow yarn except maybe for baby projects.. but it was just so different and pretty.. it called out to me.. buy me .. buy me.. see.. I'm different.. !!!
well this lovely yarn is sitting in the basket until.......>

until... this boo boo is fixed.. it happened right at the knit 2 tog.. one stitch wasn't knit and started to drop down.. and with mohair I didn't catch it until a few rows later and then I had to rescue it and temporarily crochet it up.. I'm thinking of ripping out 4 rows to fix it..
*note to self.. double check fine little mohair stitches after every row :(

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sooooo many yarns... I'm trying to organize my work space a bit.. but there is a whole basket of homespun yarn and I'm not sure what to do with it.. some silk ... some merino.. some a mixture..

the other basket has lots of mohair lace weight yarn.. 0.0.. some noro and lots of SWS.... I see lots of stash knitting in my future.. sadly there is more yarn here than I thought..

on a different note.. Nicole has tagged me for 5 Things Previously Unrevealed! .. and this is what I have to do

Get tagged

List five things that have not been revealed on your blog
Tag five other people
( I don't know about the 5 other people... most of the people I would tag have already been tagged...if I tag them again does it count???)

Well here goes..
5 Things Previously Unrevealed!

1. I'm 4' 11" in height.. and most of the time under 100 lbs.. which means I have to find small clothes.. and sometimes I buy kiddy clothes.. 0.0

2. I'm not married but I'm in a long term relationship.. my bf is drummer in a band which is working on their first recorded album.. so exciting!!

3. I luv big chunky shoes.. preferably platforms... (maybe being so petite has something to do with that)

4.I don't like going to the movies and sitting near lots of people I don't know.. it creeps me out..
(one of the last times I went to the movies some little kids that were sitting in front of us were eating hot dogs and nachos .. then farted through the rest of the movie.. ew.. pewy)

5. A few years back... I skated for a show on TV called Rollerjam.... that was great fun..!!

I tag...amanda ... laurie ... jody...
KattyKatFlash... man everyone else has been tagged. so I tagged 4..

Thursday, February 08, 2007

bAbiEs iN tHe HoUsE*+*

So many days and no posting... 0.0... I have been doing a bit of knitting.. not much progress on my scarf/shawl as u can see.. although what I have knit has been fun..

and.. there are babies in the house..!!! Little Jayden is now 13 lbs.. cute as ever..

Little Abby is visiting and taking a nap right now.. she is a very busy little girl..

here is the frothy lacy shawl that the "guy knitter" has completed.. now it's my turn to add the crochet ruffle on each end.. one side is done and I'm half way through the other side..we kind of winged this and quest-a-mated the whole thing..made it up as we went.. hopefully it will be lovely when finished... which has to be tonight so that it can be blocked overnight and ready for tomorrow.. so much stress.. !!

I finished a pair of cabled wrist warmers being modeled by lil Abby.. see she likes them..the pattern I used is from this knit-a-long... very easy peasy .. (^_^)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

~*LaCe & mOhAiR*~

As u can see .. we are prepping another room for tile.. there was an extremely old ugly moss green run in there 2 days ago.. projects like this tend to slow down ones knitting progress.. but it has to be done.. a little more sanding and some wood sealer and we should be ready to put down some tile by tomorrow.. most of the work is cleaning up dust from sanding.. eww..

this is my WIP.... the pattern is from Victorian lace's the first and easiest project in the book.. It doesn't even have a name... just Scarf or shawl.. the description says "extremely simple"
and its done in faggoting.. the basis of all lace knitting. I have to say it is very easy except that the yarn is so fine which makes it hard to handle and in the areas where it changes to the lightest shade it's hard to see the stitches especially with the mohair fuzz.. so knitting is slow and very careful.. it's very easy to grab 2 stitches instead of one. The yarn is.. Feza kid mohair... this is the second time I use this yarn.. this past spring I had crocheted a shawl with it and it turned out beautiful..If u want to see it.. look in the may and june archive.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

yes.. it's finished.. !! I'll take some more pictures later.. the finished size is pretty big although mine is 3" smaller than the pattern suggests.. but I'm petite so all is good.. I do tend to crochet on the firm side.. if I make this again I might go up a hook size .. I'm not sure that it's necessary though.. the finished diameter of mine is 45" and the model was 48"...

and of course.. I casted on a new project.. this is another stash buster.. I've had this yarn not quite a year.. sitting in a basket.. I bought it for a lace project of some sort and just couldn't decide which project was in my range ..I'm just horrible at keeping track of my stitches and usually mess something up and have to rip..but for some reason it's just with lace.. I don't have problems with other patterns or stitches.. so .. this is the project I choose.. it's the easiest pattern in Victorian Lace today.. and no matter what.. I'm going to try to complete this scarf/shawl..the yarn is so fine also.. it's like knitting with hair.. sometimes it seems to disappear altogether .. or become almost transparent.. yikes.. wish me luck.. !!