Friday, December 26, 2014

A change in plans

 Good bye Washington state. Yes I had to move back to Florida for family matters. I will miss Washington.
 Back home.....and with the family again. We celebrated the boys birthdays playing mini golf. They grew so much in a year.

 So this is what I have been knitting since the day I left Washington. Because of the move and other issues I really have not knitted for a month. Just a few rows here and there.  This sweater was supposed to be a Christmas present for my 6 yr. old grandson but now that it is almost finished it fits the 4yr. old perfect. So I have to think of something different last minute. Toys are always a good substitute.

 Christmas is here already. No knitting was done this year. This is a first in many that I have not had a pile of knitted gifts for family. This year there were more pressing matters to take care of which left no time for knitting.
A vision from the past. I knit this sweater for one of my sons and it is in such good condition and has almost come back in style hahah. It fits Jayden perfectly!

I wish you all a wonderful New Year. I hope to post a little more this year.