Thursday, August 31, 2006

odd cOloRs..

You never know what colors are going to come out of a skein of noro... the colors are getting kind of weird.. hopefully once I get to the toe the colors will turn somewhat nicer again..

more wierd colors.. this is what happens to my tv so many times a day I cant count.. the cable company has been here a minimal of 5 times to fix it.. each time saying that should fixed it.. a day later.. this again.. supposedly there is a signal leakage nearby... maybe I should demand a discount utill it gets fixed.. (^_^)

I'm going to make some booties and hats for Project Cope.. a school for pregnant teens... most of these girls can't afford much.. so anything would be greatly appreciated.. let me know if u are interested
in joining me..25 teenagers are joining the already over crowded program this month.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Where is Ernesto!!! he's coming slowly.. my way.. but seems to have fizzled out.. yay!! In the mean time.. schools are closed and classes canceled .. most people home.. just in case of high wind and lots of rain.. its a good day to stay in .. read a book .. watch a movie.. and yes.. play a little WoW and knit!!!.. have a good storm day everyone.. (^_^)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yes... it's done!!.. cute as can be...I think every baby should have a li'l monkey afghan.!!.. this was a fun project.. when i was working on the edging at first I thought it didn't seem like a good edging for this... but asI got more of the edging done.. I realised it was whimsical.. just like the afghan....
Before the li'l monkey there was the
Puff Dreams baby afghan... well you haven't seen that finished because I ran out of yarn with 12" left to finish on the edging... I finally got to Michael's this weekend to buy one more ball... and yes I was able to finished that afghan too...!!!
I'm very pleased with how both baby afghans turned out...

This Saturday I did make it to the Sip and Knit birthday party... and of course she had sales..and raffles.. and food.. and drinks.. fun fun fun.. and I did come home with yarn.. 0.0
(don't ask why I bought green yarn again)..some how I came home with some classic cashcotton for my knucks.. and some noro kureyon
for the cable footies in Oneskein.. and some fancy kettle dyed pure merino wool from Malabrigo for a felted backlog cover(a microwavable sented pillow that reduces tension and relieves muscle soreness) .. tiny little size 2 dpn..and 2 baby sweater patterns for $1.00..!!...all these projects are for Christmas presents.... I feel like I'm behind on my Christmas knitting this year..hopefully this will get me motivated to get some presents done soon..!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes i feel like i need someone to put a gun to my head so i can get myself to finish up the last part of a project... especially when that part is the sewing and weaving in of all the ends.. yes this is my li'l monkey blanket.. just sitting there... so little left to do to finish it up.. i even prepared a large dose of caffeine for a kick start.... i still haven't moved to that side of the room yet...but.. i have done laundry.. looked through some old photos.. ran around the house for.... i forgot what....

and...!!! i did finish the li'l monkey hat yesterday!!! (^_^)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Projects are just flying off the needles and hooks.. the li'l monkey afghan is working up really fast... all of my blocks are done and i will be working on sewing them all together today... I made one little monkey head and need to make 2 more and embroider the faces on.. tack them on to the choosen blocks and crochet the edging...(one monkey head is for the hat)...

my felted projects are finished.. i re-measured them and there is only 1/2 difference in the size from the pre-felted size.. yet the are definately felted and thicker.. who knows..!? well that's all for now as i get back to finishing up the little monkey heads... today is Saturday and Rudy and I go out for a nice dinner and some drinks.. it's our saturday ritual...and of course i have to bring a purse size project... i usually knit something under the table as we sit and chat and sip our drinks...and wait for dinner.. we will be making a stop at sip and knit today too.. check it out..!!(^_^)

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well this is how my felted clutches turned out...I had heard somewhere through the grape vine of the knitting world that paton's classic merino wool did not shrink as well as other feltable wools.. and i have come to the conclusion that this is correct...BUT... i then put my soaking wet half felted clutches in the dryer to finish the proceess and.. checked them every few minutes until i was satisfied... the crochet clutch needed a bit more time than the knitted one.. and i feel i could have left it in the dryer a bit longer... they both are actually still wet today and i did this all yesterday...
I followed the directions for the crocheted clutch by not sewing it up before felting and.. i wont do that next time.. seems it would be better to sew it up first and let all the seems felt nicely together.. I will sew it up first before felting next time i make this..

I am now at the half way point on my Li'l Monkey afghan from the Happy Hooker. I would have gotten a bit farther along yesterday .. but i had a machanic working on my car in the garage and was running back and forth.. only to find out many hours later ( car still isn't working) that my transmission was still good... >.<...
So what do u do when your car doesnt want to ever leave the garage again no matter how kind u are to it and no matter how many machanics think they know whats wrong with it and attempt to fix it..!!!! ( it must have heard my mind waves when i said it was a stupid car).... well this is what u do.. prepare for the worst and --->

hunt online for pretty patterns to work up while u listen to another machanic decide what is wrong with your car that u think will never run again but that your bf says is a good car don't get rid of it..`(~.~;):`... sigh.. i think ill go make a yummy cappuccino while i think of all the things i could have spent all that money on that i just sunk into my non running car..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CluTch ..CluTch

Here is a bad picture of my before felting is crochet and one is knit.. I used paton's classic wool merino.. 2 balls made both clutches and flowers with some left overs....I'm curious to see how the crochet clutch will felt compared to the knit clutch... the measurements are as follows.. the knit clutch..9 1/2" X 6".. the crochet clutch..8 1/2" X 7 t" be continued.......

Sunday, August 20, 2006

jUst a muRdEr & a DouBle LaTTe

Some times a little reading is in order strictly for the purpose of entertainment... I just finished reading this book.... and then found out that there is a sequel.. so I'm off to find a copy.. the book was fun and i liked the characters...
as u can see (if u look real close) im on the last row of my second baby sock...YaY!!..
and of course there is that yummy yarn ... just arrived at michael's craft store...called SWS which stands for soy wool stripes...the gauge is 17 sts.. = 4.. and a 110 yds per ball.... im off to find a pattern to knit it up into something soft and pretty.. (^_^)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

sO... tiNy....

I've been wanting to make some socks for a while now.. but needed to finish up some more baby gifts... so... socks + baby gifts = teenie tiny baby socks!!!... if u haven't made any of these yet and u like making socks...and u need to make a baby gift or 2.. u should definately make a few... they knit up really fast.. instant sock gratification.. i've made the smallest size... which uses up exactly one pattern repeat of the yarn so my second sock will look almost like the first..I think..(this is the yarn I took home from the yarn swap the other night) the colors fit in perfect with the other baby items that I'm working on... blue and yellow seem to be the theme..

woo hoo..!! my yarn arrived yesterday for the sock monkey blanket featured in the Happy Hooker... this is my next project in the baby knit line up.. I'll start this right after i finish my second sock and finish the edging on my Puff Dreams baby afghan.
(my grocery bag yarn project has been abandoned for the moment.. but will be continued.. man it just takes so long to cut up all those bags...i think i can actually spin yarn faster then i can cut up bags and roll it into yarn) >.<

Monday, August 14, 2006

wHy woUlD i dO tHiS...???

With all the yarn i have in my house... why would i want to do this!!?.. cut up grocery bags to make yarn.. to then crochet the bag yarn into a purse...hummm. 65 grocery bags to be exact... i guess I'm doing my part to recycle.. but still.. 65 bags..!!!
well this is where i found this idea that seemed so wonderful at the time.. and here is the purse i hope to make after all this bag cutting and winding is done...

Yesterday I posted the crochet puff baby blanket that I'm working on... but didn't give my pattern source....the pattern came from "Easy Knit & Crochet ideas".. a magazine by woman's day.. I think u can purchase it from the lion brand website.. (^_^)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

puFFs aNd MoRe PuFfs..

The BAby kNitter strikes again....Here is the begining of my Puff Dreams baby afghan.. I'm using lion brand velvetspun in pastel yellow and white... its so soft like cotton puffs... I have made this before and i wouldn't call it an afghan but more of a carriage cover...this works up really fast... it would be good as a last minute shower gift...u just need to keep track of your puffs ... on alternate puff rows there are 10 puffs and then on the next puff row 11 puffs.. otherwise a very easy pattern.. of lots of puffs

well... last night i went to a yarn swap hosted by megaknits of NYGK... and this is what i took home... some bolero 100% wool..(maybe i can felt a purse).. and some very nice opal sock yarn...and look what i found!!... more baby stuffs!!! ....for those of u that don't know what a yarn swap is.. very simple.. u bring yarn that u haven't used or left overs from projects that u haven't figured out what to do with.. and u swap it with other peoples left over "don't know what to do with" yarn...

and..yes... just a day hanging out on WoW.. with Muunin...she is a night elf druid and I'm a lil gnome warrior..... we are lvl 5 atm... running in the forrest.. killing beasts and monsters... oooo my!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

gEtTiNg fAnCy!!

ooo so fancy..!!!This is my mage lilpook.. At level 60... in WoW... its all about the armor...and of course your reputation.. I'm not there yet.. working at it slowly... and yes I started a new character to help a friend just starting out..( a little gnome warrior).. ooo so fun..!!

my most recent finished project to date is.. a baby sweater and hat knit in caron simply soft shadows... and little booties in a soft cashmere blend..

some friends come bearing gifts.....i received this pretty purple fleece from eve the other day.... I haven't spun for a while (not that i haven't wanted to..) baby items have been taking up a lot of my time.... but this could be the inspiration to get on the wheel.. and spin spin spin... im thinking .. thin thin thin.... thanks eve.. (^_^)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yes.. more baby sweaters and stuff.... this is for a baby boy.....

these are for a baby girl...
I'm going to make a hat to match the little boy sweater in the same yarn and then some soft socks or booties with the cashmere blend.. its very soft.
but right now I'm going to cast on some lace with the beautiful yarn i bought the other day at my lys.. .(^_^)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its amazing what u can find when u start digging in the closet...I quess not getting rid of yarn or fabric or any other craft supply when u think your not going to ever use it again can have some benefits.. It can also create the problem of where to store it.... well anyway.. i discovered that on a shelf full of cone yarns dating back to... cough.. i don't know when.. there was some mohair blend lace weight yarn in an offwhite and there must be a gazillion yards of it.. the picture doesn't do the size of the cone justice.... and then ... the smaller pink yarn... which seems to be a nylon or rayon tiny boucle' type yarn with a good amount of yardage..... i see a lot of lace projects.. without ever having to leave the house ( except for food .. and NYGK.) not even having to go to the yarn store....0.0... wait.. that's not good...!!!

panic hit me and i had to make a fast run to the yarn store.... shew relief....nothing like a run to your LYS to lift your spirits and calm the panic....... you would think after finding that giant cone of lace wieght yarn that i would never have to buy lace yarn ever again... but... in a basket right near the register there was the most beautiful mohair lace yarn from colinette..colourway..( just arrived!!) that some how made it into my bag.. with more small stitch markers, size 7 short dbl needles and some cascade 220 in deap pinks with a bit of green....sigh..

and here is the lovely Abagail getting prettier every day... (i tried to post this picture the other day when i finished her sweater but blogger had gas or something.....

Friday, August 04, 2006

mOviNg.. fOrWaRd..bAbY

OMG more baby stuff.. I have become the baby knitter...>.<... well there is one good thing about knitting baby items.. they are small and work up really fast... (makes me think i'm knitting more than i really am) and babies seem to like what ever u make for them.. well they never complain..
This is the baby bolero from One skein. There are such cute projects in this book.. I have my eye on a few other projects in it that im thinking of making for Christmas presents...

and... here is another.. baby sweater... on the needles... i'm using caron simply soft u knit... it goes through soft color changes.... very nice.. i think i like it...

to continue... i haven't given up on my black lace... i ripped back 2 more rows last night very carefully and i think i am back on track.... the right amount of stitches are on the needles now inbetween each marker and i think i know which row i'm on.. i ripped back a whole pattern repeat (10 rows).. but oooo well.... it's still at this point ---> .

there is a mystery brewing...a search.. a discovery....a question... all in my next post.. `0.0`

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

iT's FiNisHeD!!!

Well I'm finished and my baby pinwheel sweater is off the needles...and all the ends are tucked away.... this completes my first christmas present.. one of many...This sweater is for Abigail..
I have 2 more baby sweaters on the needles and will take pictures either later or tomorrow... I had an eye exam today and they put drops in my eyes and i can't see all the well .. so who knows if those pictures are blurry or not. 0.0 .. yes i can see well enough to keep knitting Yay!!