Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sugar in progress.

My progress with Sugar. I am now up to 16". This is where I need to be to start the first armhole. This is what I have done to date. If you have checked out the pattern it is in Spanish. My Spanish if very limited so I used the google translating tool and entered the URL into the space and translated from Spanish to English. It's not perfect but it works. So now I will work dc , sk1, ch 1 for 4 inches which equaled 10 dc and 10 spaces (not counting turning chain) then chain 18 and and skip ti the 18th dc (not counting the turning chain) and dc in the 18th dc. Now I continue in pattern stitch for 18 inches from the armhole across back and will repeat one more armhole. So off I go to crochet and relax on my day off. I'll blog again when I get to the last front panel. (^_^)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


For some reason lately I just can't seem to get myself to knit. I have been in the crochet mode. After finishing the crochet cardi and actually wearing it.. It made me want to make another summer cardi. So I went to my queue on ravelry and found the pattern for Brown Sugar. The directions are in spanish of which I could only read a work here and there. I had the bf read some but he said.. " I don't know what this stuff is.. so I copied it onto the google translator and was able to translate most of it into English. The only problem is some of the words didn't translate correctly for the pattern. So between the translation and the very good pictures I'm attempting to make it. I really shouldn't have a problem.. [fingers crossed].

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

finished and nice

Well this is finished, blocked and ready to wear. It fits very nice even with all the crochet hook changes . I did have to fill in areas of the sleeves to look right for some reason. They looked find on the pattern picture. I think I will get a lot of use out of this and plan to wear it over tank tops for the summer. Now I have to work on my Gail shawl again. I haven't touched it since I flew back from New Mexico.. Maybe it's the summer heat for some reason I haven't been knitting as much lately. Even at my knitting group last night .. we talked more than knitted. I knit half a row. 0.0

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so relieved

Yay!!.. completion... finally. No more ripping! It has been washed and lightly blocked. I redid the sleeves I don't know how many times and they are decent so that's how they will stay. I added little button loops and I'm going to look through my buttons to see if I have anything that will look good on it. If not I'll have to make a trip to Joanns. Now back to my shawl.. what a relief to have this finished. (^_^)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the everlasting unfinished cardi

OK.. is there a limit to how many times you should rip out on one project. I think this project wins for the most I have ever ripped out on one project. The cap sleeve is just not working probably due to the fact that I had to add some extra rows to the length. I tried using the directions.. ripping that out... then adding a few stitches here and there.. ripping that out... filling in areas of the sleeve with double treble which looked a lot better but still did not look right. Now I'm thinking of just remaking the sleeves.. somehow. At this point I'm a bit tired of working on this project but it is so close to being finished that I want to finish it. Everyday I say yay today I will finish this sweater and then... rip rip.. sigh...

To take a break from the unfinishable sweater I started spinning the roving I bought in New Mexico at Fiber Chicks. It's called New Mexico Sunset. I like that because now as I spin it and eventually use the yarn I will remember my time spent with my Dad and family in New Mexico.. (^_^)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Home again...

Wow I have been home almost a week!! Where did the time go. I spent one day cleaning after my trip and then I worked 4 days. I was off yesterday and did some spring cleaning and organizing. I haven't touched my shawl since my flight back and I think I only knitted a couple of rows. I'm on the 5th repeat and maybe I'll work on it a little today. I had wanted to do the June KAL in the scary lace knitters on ravelry but I'm way behind. Also bluepeninsula just published a beautiful summer shawl that I would also like to knit. I better start knitting a little faster!!
I have been working on this crochet cardigan . I'm determined to finish it. I had to rip out quit a few times because of sizing issues. I seem to crochet some stitches way tighter than others so I had to keep ripping out and going up hook sizes. It still seems a little small so I added a few rows to the length. Now all that is left is the left from and the edging. My goal is to finished this today and be done with it. The last time I ripped this out I was talking to my parents and forgot where I was and ripped out way too much and had to re work more than I had planned. I think I could have crochet this about 3 times over already. It isn't a hard pattern but I'm not using the yarn used for the model and after I did the gauge it seemed to be right on the mark. But that was in double crochet not a chain mesh stitch. If I were ever to crochet this again I would just use the larger size crochet hook for the whole thing.