Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday... time to blog!

Lots of finished projects this past week.(Well two.. that's a lot) Above is the finished painting. This was painted from a photo I took of my sister in the Cayman Islands. I was afraid of ruining the painting because it was hard to paint that tiny little head with a face and not make it look like a blob. It's not perfect but its visually ok.
Below is my almost finished scarf neck sweater. At the neck edge I picked up the stitches and just kept knitting back and forth adding decreases on each end as needed to taper the scarf down to almost a point. . The original pattern is called Idlewood and can be found on Ravelry.
 Finally finished and I love it. I did a few mods besides the neck like the ribbing at the bottom and knitting the sleeves long and adding a thumb hole. This ended up being a warm cozy sweater.

 Yes... I started another sweater... and got some nice warm new boots on sale at work. These boot are so comfy and warm too!
 This little sweater is already coming along. This has been on my knitting queue for awhile and I really have been wanting to make it. I just didn't want to use this yarn. Things are tight this year so rather than not knit the sweater I bought Lion Brand wool-ease in a pleasing soft grey. Maybe some day in the near future I will knit another in some pretty cotton yarn. This pattern is called Miette and can also be found on Ravelry. What attracted me to this sweater are the darts and I already like the fit and I'm excited about the outcome. I guess this year will be the year of knitting sweaters!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

almost there...

 A happy boy and girl. It always makes me feel good to see the people I knit for wearing and liking what I knit for them.
 This sweater is progressing little by little. It has become my travel knitting project even though it has gotten a little too big for my back pack. I have been knitting on the bus to and from work and in the break room. I'm working on the neck now and plan to do something weird. More to come on that.

 Break room knitting (^_^) I love knitting on my break, it seems to relax me and then I'm ready for the rest of the work day.
My wonderful sister bought us a couch for our new apartment. It took awhile to get here but it was worth the wait. Our apartment now feels like home, plus it is gorgeous. Thank you sis!

 In between knitting and work there has been time for a little painting. I still have to add something to this painting of the ocean. This is from a picture I took when I went to the Cayman islands. My son painted the bottom two in his unique style. They look pretty awesome hanging in the living room.  He actually paints them in little color series.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

A new year...

 Here are the last of our Christmas presents that arrived in the mail. My grandkids picked out all my presents this year and they were so thoughtful. I got a necklace the color of the ocean and some warm fleece pj's to keep me warm. My daughter canned some yummy pear and apple sauce. There were some canned pears but they broke. :(
 Progress on my sweater.. The length is perfect and all that is left are five rows of garter stitch. Today I hope to start the sleeves or the cowl neck. I'm using three different colors of Lion Brand Amazing yarn starting with the lightest color at the top to the darkest color at the bottom. I will do the same with the sleeves and the cowl. I want to make the sleeves long enough to make thumb holes so that they will be like fingerless gloves. This sweater will be my at home cozy warm sweater.
 A picture of my beautiful granddaughter. She is getting so big and lovely. <3
This little fox is something I whipped up as a present for my niece for Christmas. The pattern for this will be available soon. I will let you know when I publish it.