Wednesday, October 26, 2011

knit'in for the kiddies part II

 Most of the knitting on these projects were finished except for the capelet, but a lot of finishing was left to be done. With all the knitting finished on the Batman hat.. I still had to duplicate stitch the bat design on and tuck in all the ends. I used vanna's choice for this hat and I don't like how it feels. I've used this yarn before but never noticed how stiff and twisty it is. Any way it's done. Check..Finished!!
 This project was started as an after thought. It's the hooded caplet from Loop-d-loop. A few years back I had knit two and never made a not to myself that I should go down a needle size. Duh I should have gone down a needle size. Ok that is said after all the knitting is finished... The stitches look loose and sloppy. I'm hoping that after washing and laying it out to dry it will look a little better. The hood is a big large.. well not really the hood but the neck opening so I will add a button which fixes the issue. And there are a few with this project. Don't ask.....

 Third on the list is the Brobee hoodie. I used two different patterns for this hoodie and it came out better than expected. I'm not a fan of acrylic yarn but the Red Heart soft knitted up so nice and smooth. The yarn lays really flat where the zipper is sewed in and I just love it. So does Micah.. I showed it to him today and he made a big smile.. Check.. Finishe!!

Time to cast on the next project and work my way through my Holiday knitting projects.

Monday, October 24, 2011

getting organized..

 This past week I have been acquiring yarn for projects on my to holiday knitting list. It kind of scares me to see them all laid out like that...haha.. Looks like I'll be putting in some knitting hours. I'm really pleased with the yarn I purchased this year and look forward to knitting every project. My plan is to finish all the kiddie knitting first and work on a mans cowl at the same time. I think the cowl is going to require the most time. If I complete everything in good time I will add a pair of gloves and a pair of socks to that. And yes... I still have to add the finishing touches to the batman hat and brobee hoodie. I have a day off tomorrow.. a good time to get working on everything.

Wip progress. Started on the second row of the fair isle pattern.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

yarn???.. did you say yarn??

 I had the privilege of visiting the Four Purls yarn shop yesterday with one of my knitting friends and I wasn't surprised to find it was a lovely little shop full of friendly knitters and gorgeous yarns. For the first time in a while I actually found perfect yarn for the projects I want to knit. They have a large selection of Cascade yarns and a variety of every kind of yarn.. something for every knitter. I felt at home as soon as I walked in and...... no pressure selling!!! Yay. I work in retail so I appreciate being able to browse without pressure and getting help when I need it. All in all a wonderful day.  Besides all the lovely yarn and one fiber batt, I picked up this handy little tool.
 My wip this week is a pink hoodie for Abby. It's slowly growing. I would be farther along if I could read directions better... 0.O

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The sewing is piling up!!

 With the knitting completed...the sewing and finishing is left. I figured out the instructions for the Batman hat which were a little confusing. I had to read it over a few times and think about it. I also asked someone on ravelry, who had also knit the hat , what she did so now I know what to do. For a little hat there is a lot of finishing.. a partial seam in the back... folding down and sewing the ears and finally duplicate stitching the bat on the front.
 After I had finished all the knitting on the Brobee hoodie I needed to get the zipper. I ended up getting a red zipper because the colors were very basic at Joanns fabric. On this project I have to sew in the zipper and sew on the little points and tuck in a couple of ends. 
All of the knitting was finished on my other projects so until I get the chance to work on all the finishing I started my next project with is a little hooded cape for Abby. The pattern is from Loop-d-Loop. I don't know why but I love knitting with really chunky yarn and I love how the stitches look. This project is knit on size 19 needles. So fun!!
You can find all my projects on ravelry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

knit'in for the kiddies!!

 Progress for the week. Yes I did get the Brobee hoodie finished. Well all the knitting is finished. I just have to go and purchase a separating zipper and sew the little red points on. I tried it on Micah and was happy that it is a good fit. 
Next in line is a Batman hat for Jayden. I started this one a while ago and picked it up again. Jayden is 4 years old and loves superheros. He picked out this Batman hat. He also loves angry birds and gets higher scores than everyone else in the house so I asked him if he wanted an angry bird hat but he choose Batman instead. This is an intarsia design, which I'm not fond of. I used to do a lot of intarsia knitting back in the day but like I said I'm not very fond of it so I decided to do the bat in duplicate stitch. Hopefully that will turn out well.
 The last picture is of my next project to hit the needles. This is a fast knit, which for me is about 2 days if I really sit and work on it. This will be for Abby. She can wear this over a heavy sweater or her coat if it gets too cold this winter. Abby is now 5 years old and just started kindergarten. The family also just moved from Syracuse to New Jersey so winter for them will not be so harsh this year. I am also crocheting Abby a little cat scarf in an off white which will go nice with her new pink coat.
Abby, Cam and Jayden... hehe

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October Fest!!

 I haven't posted in a while because there wasn't much to show you. I kept thinking I'll have more progress tomorrow.. well many tomorrows after I have completed the sleeves and started on the hood yesterday. I had to stop last night because I needed to size up the hood to make sure it was going to fit and Micah was already asleep. So for a few minutes before going to sleep myself started working on the little points that go on the top of the hood. As you can see I made my stripes a little smaller but this is going on a small person so it should look ok. I keep telling myself that anyway. Brit says that she would like a zipper instead of the buttons that this pattern calls for so I'm thinking I might make a crochet edging instead of the knitted edging which would make it easier to sew in a zipper.
 Most Fridays we go to wholefoods to shop and eat. This Friday there was a nice surprise. They were having an October fest. There were 20 beers to sample and a polka band. I just love the accordion.
 After shopping we headed over to Lake Lily to view Art under the stars. This was a judged show with 150 artist.. snacks and wine.. this was a wonderfully cool evening.. one of the first cooler evenings here in Florida and we totally enjoyed ourselves. Good thing because the day after I started feeling sick and am recuperating now. It seems I got a sinus infection from the kiddies.