Monday, May 09, 2011

such big trees!!

 This week I have been doing a little core spinning.. and I say little because that is all that I seem to have time for. Every skein I spin has been improving. The skein above is from two small little batts of wool, bamboo, tencel and some silver angelina. To that I added some sequence yarn that I had left over from a project. I'm pleased with my progress. Below is another batt called "your full of it". Wonderfully soft wool/tussah silk blend.  This batt will make self striping yarn too. I decided to tear off strips in color progression and as I spin it I have been adding scraps of silk ribbons and threads. I love how this is spinning up. The yarn is really smooth and silky and wraps so nicely around the core thread. This is another batt that hasn't sold on my etsy shop. If the yarn ends up as good as it has started it will end up in my shop. Anyway it is really fun to spin!!

 Many years ago when we had our house built we thought it would be nice to line the very long driveway with palm trees. They were so little who thought they would grow to be the monsters they are now. Every 6 months we have them trimmed and every time they are trimmed they seem to grow even bigger and more difficult to trim. Who's idea was that anyway... 0.0

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