Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here and there.. this and that

 This is what happens when you take pictures from a moving car. My son is visiting this week and we visited the Orlando museum of art. The exhibits were really enjoyable. They had American artist and some ancient artifacts, and beautiful crystal on display. After all the viewing we got hungry and stopped at Wholefoods for some yummy food, wine and deserts.
 One day we decided to have a painting day. We had an inspiration picture and decided to do our thing using the same color paints. He used the paint thicker and applied it with a knife, and I used my paint thinner and applied it with brushes. This was really fun and we had great day ending with a yummy dinner made by my son-in-law and daughter. We topped that off with a night of game playing. We have been playing Dominion which is a card game just about every evening. You should try it !!

My life seems to be full of shoes lately. I picked these up at the outlets.. very inexpensive and very different. I haven't seen them before and they are comfy as a bonus.
 Last but not least... my progress on my Diamond Rib Lace Shrug. It's growing a little. We have been busying this week and I have been mostly knitting in the car on our outings. Knitting with black yarn is a little challenging especially in the evenings but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I really wanted to knit a black shawl awhile ago but decided against it because I have always had a hard time knitting with black yarn. I have only had to rip back the usual amount of times.. heheh.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with lots of shoes. The more the better in my opinion. I have a similar pair of Converse One-Star slides, that I purchased who knows how long ago. :)

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

One star converse are getting popular again. I've never seen the slides though.