Sunday, May 26, 2013

the sweater!

 Recap: Sweater #1.(top) If you remember I ran out of yarn and haven't frogged it yet. Sweater #2.(bottom)  Back, sleeves and front side panels finished.
 Grafting the shoulder seams.
 Oh such a pretty and smooth seam.
 Three pretty wooden crochet hooks, size G, I and J. I treated myself for mothers day.
 Working on the two front seed stitch panels of the sweater which are now finished. The scary part of this was whether or not I was going to run out of yarn. I was able to finish with only one yard of yarn left!
 Another dish cloth finished.
Yay! bubble tea.
 A pretty rainbow taken from the store where I work. It was really dark and bright but didn't show up in the picture that way. 

Next: Sewing up the seams of the sweater and finishing it. (^_^)

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