Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas knitting

 Yes I have been AFK so to speak.... between Christmas knitting and working retail... I have been busy.
 Top picture is of a potato chip scarf I knit out of some handspun that has been hanging around in the stash for many years. I think this was the perfect project for it. This is a present for my daughter. I'm also behind on getting my presents mailed but this will go out tomorrow.
 And there was snow! I woke up to go to work and saw this. I have to say it felt very cold and my feet got numb. Some people are saying we are going to have snow in January and others are saying no. If we do get snow I will have to invest in some snow boots. I don't like frozen feet... I was very beautiful though.
 I started this scarf back  in October, but I only work on it traveling on the bus and at work on my breaks. It ended up being 6"X66" long. My son really likes the pattern.. yay.
 Some good friends couldn't use their Christmas tree this year and let us borrow it. My first Christmas in Washington. We spent a quiet day watching every Christmas movie there is and some other popular movies. We had our Christmas Breakfast and my son baked a chicken for dinner and we sat around and chatted.
 My daughter and grandsons.. <3
 Walking to work on Saturday I came across a whole row of mossy trees. They are awesome. I could only get a good picture of one with my phone. 
Another cowl for my daughter. This one is crochet. At first I didn't like how it turned out. I had to go down a needle size because that is all I had here. When I finished it, the cowl was stiff so I added a tie. After I washed it, it became very soft and drapes nicely now.
 This is a Hounds tooth hat for my son that didn't quite make it for Christmas day. I'm still working on it and hopefully will finish it this week. The weather warmed up here so I guess he doesn't mind.
Below is a sweater I started for myself on Christmas day. I really dislike the pink color that is right next to the yellow and I think I'm going to rip back to the pink and cut it out. I think I will be happier with the color. The other pink on the needles is a softer color although it doesn't look like it in the picture. More on this sweater next time. I plan on making a few changes to the pattern.
 Hopefully now that the holidays are over I can blog a little more regularly. Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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