Thursday, December 13, 2007

The real deal... I started working with the Debbie Mumm yarn the other day and.... well.. the problems that other people were having with the yarn seemed to be my problem too.. no more fooling around ... I had to go for the real deal.. Noro Kureyon ... to make this scarf.. the yarn fades from dark black tones to olive to purple to blue... I can't wait to start!!! (Oh yeah... I purchased this at Sip and Knit in Maitland the other day)

I also found this in the discount play pen.. I was hoping to use it for the Composed Mitts in the Interweave Knits fall/2007 issue...I didn't have the pattern with me and forgot that I needed 6 colors and not 5 so I'll have to run back there and pick up the aqua..

Progress on my color block cardigans.. I finished the hand knit girls.. and now I'm working on the trim for the machine knit boys version.... I so don't like my hand knit version and if I ever make this again it will definitely be on the machine... It was faster to knit and the texture is nicer..(and of course more even).


Alice @ said...

Oi, that Debbie Mumm yarn makes me cringe just thinking about trying to knit with it again!

I love the Kureyon colorway you chose though, its gorgeous :)

Chrispy said...

wow ok i read your blog and realized that you were in Florida but some how missed what part. Man I wish I had noticed while I was in town with the family this past week. I only know where because I was digging through the play pen and wanted some of that cotlino but could not find the pattern so did not buy the yarn. My husband probably is grateful I did not find it.