Saturday, February 02, 2008

chocolate is good

So much chocolate.. go to keep the knitting going..this was a very nice belated Christmas present.
Chocolate from around the world.. what could be better than that!!

I decided to continue to knit on... and it's not bad.. every once in a while I have to pull lightly on each end of the yarn so the kinks smooth out... this is pre drop stitch.. (this it the cardi- wrap pattern from stitch diva studios)

Two little people are getting bigger. (^_^)


craftywho said...

oh i love that yarn.. are you making something similar to sunday market shawl? wil lyou drop the stitches vertically in between cables? i know so many questions, sorry for that, but it looks so nice...

Alice said...

Wow, it is really looking great! I commend you for continuing on :)