Wednesday, January 30, 2008

oh my...0.0

Well I've casted on.. and there seems to be trouble already.. I'm going to knit a few more rows and see if the yarn separates and kinks up more.. if so I will have to frog.. >.<.. yes.. yes.. I know.. I've been warned.. quite a few people seem to be having problems with this yarn.. and yet there are those that knit beautifully with it... so I had to give it a try..

btw.. thank u so much for your comments on my composed knits...I wore them last night and I love them.. (^_^)


Alice said...

Ahhh... it's so sad about that yarn! My only advice is to knit loose. I found that even just trying to keep some tension it bunched up more and more as I went. I had to give up. I hope it goes better for you though!

Anonymous said...

you can still make beautiful things with the yarn. you just have to spend extra time fighting the kinks and un-twisting. i made a scarf with it and was able to keep tension.