Monday, October 18, 2010

the Shower!!

 Yesterday we had a small family baby shower at the house for my daughter. Brooke and her husband cooked a delicious autumn dinner of roast pork, squash, green beans and brussel spouts and cornbread stuffing. Brooke also made a the cutest little onesie cake that she decorated. The cake it self was rich chocolate with homemade cherry jam filling. I really didn't get a chance to take a lot pictures. I was busy helping with the food and cleaning up. The day was fun and my daughter received lots of presents for the new little one.
 The chair was a last minute thing I whipped up the night before. She kept telling us she didn't want a chair and her hubby came to me and asked if we could decorate a chair anyway. It was 8pm the night before the shower and I didn't think we could go to the store and get the chair and stuff to decorate. So I ran up the closet and remembered I had bought a bolt of light blue fabric a while ago for curtains but the color just didn't look right in the room. I grabbed a dinning room chair and started cutting. I made a loose cover by just measuring width and length and basically making sleeves. When I was finished there was a perfect size square of fabric from the scraps for a little pillow and then a long strip of fabric left over from the hem to make the bows. She really liked it because it was understated and she  didn't want to sit in a frilly ruffly chair. The total process took about 3 hours. I was really surprised at how fast it was to make and that there was no measuring except for the the back and seat of the chair.  (^_^)


Bonnie said...

The chair came our perfect, and that's the cutest baby shower cake I've ever seen!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks Bonnie. The cake was so yummy too! I'm just happy that she really liked her baby shower because it was small.

Nana Mary said...

You should win the Mom of the Year award for resourcefulness!! Congrats on the fine chair for Brooke and yes the cake is gorgeous.

I am stamping and assembly baby shower invitation for a woman that volunteers with me at NLI. Funny/sad that I couldn't be at my daughter's shower but I have this opportunity to bless another.

It has been a great time with all these babies coming! Chat with you again, Super Grandma!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks so much Mary. You also win the MOM on the year award!! I wasn't able to make it to Brooke's baby shower either, but have been to both of Brittanys.