Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Holidays are over .. it's a new year

 There were cookies and presents and children and food and just good times this holiday season. There were also a lot of shoppers and extra hours and not too much knitting time. This is the first year I only finished 3 knitted gifts. I lost my knitting mojo!! Fortunately I purchases a few more than usual.. not to many though. Well the holidays are over and business hours have returned to normal and I'm hoping for energy to finish up a few more knitted gifts. I have some beautiful batts I would like to spin up and some beautiful knitting patterns that have been calling me.. after a small rest period I plan to jump in and start creating again. I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday and will have an even better New Year. I still can't believe it's 2011!!

One of my recently finished gifts is a Jayne Cobb hat for my son. He loved the first one I made him but wanted it in different colors without a pom pom so he could wear it under a hood. A pretty simple project that took me longer than it should have.. but hey it's finished.

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