Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello friends...

 Yes it has been a while. I think I was really exhausted from my NY trip and then lots of changes in my work schedule... I just couldn't catch up on my sleep. Anyway I feel a bit better today after a day off and a trip to wholefoods. I ran right to the juice bar and had the juice of the day. The beautiful tomatoes were the first thing I saw as I walked in the door.. so pretty and picture worthy. 
Yes this is what is in my juice... kale, celery, cilantro, carrots apples and some super green powder. Yummy.
 As you can see I have been working on my Burning stripes sock. Can I say that I love this yarn. LOVE!!! I think I only want to knit socks with this yarn from now on. After I fixed the tangling problem.. I love it.. Oh I said that already..As for the sock.. this is the first time I knit a boomerang heal and although it is really easy, it took me a day to work it out... sigh... but once figured out it is pretty easy and fun. I think my tired state had something to do with that.
 I picked up the new Vogue and I'm hoping to pick up the new Vogue crochet that should be on the shelf by now and I have always wanted the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I never seemed to have the money on hand for it but at that discounted price I purchased it also. I still love the book and want to make a few items in it already.
 Another view of my sock.. I think the short row stitches are twisted even though I reset them on the needles.. who knows.. I have another sock to work it out on. Running off to work now.. Happy knitting.
If you look in the background.. Yoko Ono is crocheting.. (^_^)


Bonnie said...

Your socks and your juice match! Very cool.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Omy I didn't even notice that they matched. Thanks for pointing that out Bonnie.