Monday, April 30, 2012

knitting update..

 I actually thought that I would knit more when in NY, but obviously that didn't happen. There was lots of visiting and traveling to see my Mom and going out at night. Good stuff.  My sock grew a little and I am now up to the boomerang heal. Never having made this kind of heal before is going to take a little bit of figuring out. Hopefully before I go to my knitting group tomorrow night I will be able to work it out. My poor Seascape shawl has seen very little progress. At this rate I will have this finished by the fall of this year.. sigh.
Today all I have done is catch up on cleaning and deleting emails and doing laundry. Tomorrow it is back to work and then knit group in the evening. Tonight my son in law is cooking up a storm.. MMMM smells good. He recently started to attend a culinary school. Looking forward to all the practice cooking. (^_^)

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