Wednesday, July 11, 2012

projects of the day..

 Most of the time when you purchase inexpensive costume jewelry they kind of get funky pretty fast. Especially down here in Florida with the humidity and heat. Anyway I bought this really cute feather necklace and the chain got to the point where it is just plain ugly and I wont wear the necklace anymore and I just loved it with a couple of shirts that I have. Soooooo I decided to make a new chain.. a crochet chain with gold thread. I really didn't know if it would work or not and if it didn't look good I was going to make earrings instead. But as you can see it worked just fine and I have my pretty necklace back. The closure is just a crochet loop with a gold button and every place that I ended and cut the thread I made a half hitch knot around the chain and clipped the thread and added a little tiny dot of fray check.

 The last few days I have actually make some progress on these socks. Maybe the reason is my car is still not working and I have been waiting for rides to and from work which equals extra knitting time.
 Last night I started on the lace edging of my Gingko shawl and I just happened to have these pretty glass beads that I'm going to add closer to the bottom edge. I like using bead on the bottom of shawls, especially little ones as they add a little more drape and weight not to mention that they are pretty too.

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