Sunday, March 10, 2013

knitting shenanigans

This week I got to go to the parks with the family. The garden show just started and we got to see butterflys  and pretty flower displays. The little ones really liked the butterflys. Jayden posed for pictures in the new Disney film Oz posters. These were pretty cute. All he needs is a little top hat.
 On to knitting... I had to decide which color to use for the next striped short row section of my Simple Sprinkle scarf. The orange was supposed to be the next color and would be knit with the black. I just didn't want it to look like halloween colors so I decided to go with the yellow yarn instead. This will be color number 7. I had also added and extra color in the last simple sprinkle scarf that I had knit which worked out well . More pictures of this in a few days when I get more of the next section knit.
 Remember this sweater... well... I love the color and the pattern but I ran out of yarn. I had two other yarns in the same color but they were not all exactly the same. I got to the point where I just needed to knit the last front edge and that's where I ran out of the main yarn. I tried knitting the sleeves with one of the other yarns but the color was way off. Well I didn't just try to knit the sleeves I actually finished them in the other yarn. At that point I rolled the sweater up and stuffed it in a bag and put it in the closet. On my last trip to the yarn shop I made the decision to purchase a completed new yarn and bought more than enough to make a whole new sweater. As you can see in the picture the yarn is the exact same color as the main yarn... but I am not tempted to just knit the sleeves and the front edge... I will start fresh... I'm really not temped.
More unfinished projects that I hope to work on this week. All I have to do is finish the heart in duplicate stitch on this baby blanket. I think I can do it... and below is a chunky sweater I started when we had a little cold spell here. This sweater was on my ravelry queue for this winter and I had purchased the yarn in the fall but the weather got so warm I really didn't want to knit it until last week. As of now I almost have the body finished to the point where I separate it for the arm holes. Our weather has been so crazy... cold then hot and then cold again. I started to feel a little sick again today and hopefully a good nights rest will make me feel better tomorrow.

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