Saturday, April 20, 2013

project updates.

 Lots of stuff has been happening since my trip to Seattle. Four days after my trip my little dog passed away. She was part of our family for 15 years. I took it pretty hard and developed a horrible nerve pain in my leg. A trip to the ER and now I'm on anti spasm meds. I also went for acupuncture and she is treating me for shingles. It's been a rough 10 days.
Anyway I have been working on my knitting which relaxes me and playing some games with Jayden. He won that round.  Hopefully I will get better soon and can stop the medication. 
 Here is the lace cardi which is almost at the point where I start the armholes and the ruffle scarf below that I started in Seattle. I only work on it here and knitting about two or three rows a time. As you can see from the ball of yarn that is left, it is almost finished. I hope I can still wear this with short sleeves. I love the color.

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