Friday, July 12, 2013

one the needles

 There is another baby coming to the family in February. I'm getting an early start on gifts because the Christmas knitting crunch is right around the corner. This is going to be the Owlie Sleep sack. The ravelry pattern link.
 Yay... yarn!! Knit picks is having a sale. I have a couple of sweater patterns in my queue that I have been wanting to knit, but each one needs over 900 yards of yarn. I bought the Wool of the Andes but the color does not look like that. It is very bright teal. No matter where I take the picture the green tones do not show up and the color looks like a blue. In real life the color looks like bright kelly green with a little blue in it. Anyway I now have to decide which cardigan to knit. Here are the links. Cardi #1 is #112 The Dramatic Lace Wrap. Cardi #2 is #102 Drap Front Lace cardi. I like both patterns I just have to make up my mind. That is the hardest part for me it seems. 
Below I'm casting off a my One Skein Wonder which I add a lace border to. I'm using Jens Surprising stretchy bind off so the lace will be stretchy. I used a rib lace. This yarn has lots of drap and not too much stretch. It is bamboo and has been sitting in my stash forever. Not one of my favorite yarns but I wanted a little white shrug to wear to work over some pretty sleeveless shirts. That is it for today. I'm off to work soon, the AC is on the frits and facing the usual mayhem that exists in my daily life. 


Debbie Minerva said...

I am ordering from Knit Picks too! In fact, the exact same yarn you got - Wool of the Andes. Only mine will be for, you guessed it, another lap blanket. So I'm buying a bunch of different colors.

That being said, I love the color you picked.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I'll bring my yarn to the next meeting.